Unmasking Masks

It would seem that, with exceptions, masks have become optional. Maybe, soon, they will be history.

It does not surprise me. If there was a reason to wear masks, they have had two years to prove it. No one did. On the contrary, I have heard reports of studies disproving their effectiveness.

I guess that was the reason for the judge’s ruling. I guess that is the reason the decision was not contested. I would suspect it won’t be long most of us will be maskless henceforth.

Next, hopefully, the mandatory vaccines will fade into obscurity. Then, maybe they will start allowing effective treatments. Seems to me that there are a few we already know of that work. There are even a couple inexpensive ones.

Joe Should Try Something New

So far , Joe has yet to own up to one of his many blunders. Something bad happens and Joe sticks his head up and looks around to see where he can affix the blame.

Maybe, perhaps, for a change he could try admitting his mistake.

Then again, this might be risky. People will wonder. Perhaps he’s an imposter. Maybe, someone is figuratively holding a gun on him. (It wouldn’t be a cannon. As he said, they are illegal. )

Incidentally , Joe can’t be a good leader. Good leaders own their mistakes. They don’t blame others. Now, it would seem others blame him. This is obvious from the more recent polls. It would seem he will leave a reputation of being an alibi Ike.

Best/Worst Choice

I used to doubt Joe’s intel. I used to doubt his ability to figure out the right choice. I would suspect that before he makes a choice, he spends hours, maybe days figuring things. Then when he knows which thing is right, he turns and does the exact opposite.

It might seem a farfetched idea but think of it. Givin a true false test, the law of averages say we can get half or near half of them right by guessing. So, the only way he can get it wrong 100% of the time is if he knows all the right choices. …and then Joe blames everyone but the man in the moon. He might still do that.

Worthless Laws

A number of years ago, we, as a nation made it illegal to make or drink alcoholic beverages. That did not work out so well. The fact of the matter is, it caused far more problems than it fixed. Moreover, the only ones that stopped drinking were those who obeyed the law. The rest, those who had little or no regard for the law kept drinking.

To make matters worse, the criminal element started making money from the law. Some made the alcohol. Some smuggled it, in some cases in rowboats. Guess what, those guys with the little boats ended up making a fortune. It seemed they could still make the stuff in Canada, but only for export. In other words, the Canadians were making a bundle of money off the law, and I am sure it was not by accident.

It was a well-meaning law. If they had managed to dry up the country, it likely would have done a lot of good. However, good or bad, the law was worthless.

And now Joe wants to pass another useless law. He wants to outlaw ghost guns. Certainly, it is well-meaning, just as prohibition. However, it is just as useless; maybe less. Nowadays, we have the internet. Anyone who knows how to surf the web and has a few machinic skills can quickly start making guns in his basement, just as those who made gin in bathtubs.

Moreover, there is nothing stopping people from making them in Canada, Mexico or South America and smuggling them, maybe in rowboats or sailboats. I don’t think I am suggesting anything new. Indeed, there are likely those waiting for the opportunity. Then they can make their money off the ghost gun law just as effectively as the mobs made their money off the booze.

I do have two real suggestions that just might work better than the useless laws. First, and most important, enforce the laws they currently have. May I remind one and all, this means those who murder with or without guns. You might note, some have used hammers or baseball bats.

Secondly, don’t make it so hard to buy and use guns in self-defense.

It is not a perfect solution. Nothing ever is. However, making guns illegal is going to only ensure that us regular citizens will have no defense when those who do have guns show up in our Living rooms uninvited.

Incidentally, do we really want to spend all our tax dollars trying to enforce a worthless law?

Biden’s One Very Smart Decision

Right out of the gate, Joe made one very bad decision after the next. Among the many other things, he opened the border and closed shut down the oil industry. However, maybe his smartest decision was made before he took office.

At the time I thought it was dumb, but the more I think it over, it was wise. By selecting Kamala Harris as his running mate, he insured that they would make him immune to the 25th amendment. No one in their right mind would want Kamala in the oval office. Can you imagine listing to her cackle most every day.

So, at least for the first two years, he’s safe. On the other hand, with a republican speaker, it is plausible to talk them both into resigning. Then, we would have a republican congress and president.

It is not impossible. The dems came very close when they attacked Agnew and then Nixon. Before the middle of his second term, we had a man in the oval office that was not elected. They might not have put a dem in office, but it was the next thing to it. Being as he was not elected, he had little or no mandate.

If the dems can do it, why can’t the republicans?

Debris !

After our recent snow, our trees lost several limbs. In itself this wasn’t the half. Some of them, some of the biggest ones landed on my storage shed. What a mess. Oh, yes, a couple of them totally mutilated my gate, which cost me me $200 and a couple of afternoons.

The steel shed, though it is now useless, did protect everything inside from physical damage. I am now considering 3 or 4 options to replace it. The thing is, no matter, I must first remove the ton, literally, of debris on and around it.

I looked here and there for some assistance, but it is to small a disaster to call FEMA. It’s one of those in between things. It’d be, maybe better had it been worse. (Now figure that irony)

So, every now and then, when I feel like it and weather permits, I take my rake, shovel and electric chainsaw out and work until I can’t. At 72, that’s not long.

For those that think I’m complaining, I’m not.

I saw a middle-aged man shoveling debris in Ukraine. He has every right to complain. He has a right to complain about Putin and his army. He has a right to complain about politicians who can and should have helped, but are more concerned about climate change. He had a lot to complain about.

Instead, he goes about his task. He is possibly feeling the pains of loss of loved ones and/or friends. He might possibly be wishing someone had sent more weapons and planes. It is not likely, but possible he wished the dems hadn’t cheated on our election. Even he likely knows that there wouldn’t be a war if Trump had been in the Oval Office. He would know that because Putin waited for Biden. Only then was there war.

No, I don’t complain about a little weather. There are many things that are far worse.

Who Was That Lady?

It is the name of an old film, or close to it. I saw it at the theater. I had a pretty good laugh at it, as did those who went with me.

I was reminded of the film when, for the thousandth or so time I saw Joe and his son apparently going through a line in a cafe. Most of us I guess pay little attention to the woman behind the counter in the light green shirt.

Then, tonight, as I saw the picture again, a number of questions occurred to me. Who is she? Does she know Joe? Does Joe or his son know her and how well? Did she have to sign some kind of release?

Then, I wonder about how it affected her life. Did she get more dates? Less dates? Or maybe she is/was married. For that matter, did she get married as a result of the photo. (Her future husband says, “Hey you’re the one in that photo.”) Then again, maybe Joe’s son asked her out.

On the other hand, maybe they were dating before the photo. In a way, she does seem to have some recognition for them.

Then there is the matter of politics. Is she a democrat or republican. Maybe neither.

At any rate, I did try to find the photo on the internet. No luck. Not one bit. So, I would suspect along with many others, I will never know the answers to any of the questions. I will forever wonder, “Who Was That Lady?” Moreover, I doubt that Joe or his son would be able to help me.

A Question for the Future Associate Supreme Court Justice

I really would not want her to answer. but the question should be asked, for her benefit as well as Joe’s and the other senators.

“How does it feel to be the most qualified black woman in the US for the Supreme Court?”

Being a woman, she is best of 50% of all possible candidates. maybe. That assumes that there are as many men as women candidates. Then of course, being black. she is best qualified 13 % of those in the US. Altogether that makes her the best qualified of about 4 % of the population of the country. Maybe that makes her feel well qualified. I don’t know. If that makes makes her feel good about her appointment, it does make me wonder a little about her intelligence. The stats just don’t speak well for her.

It’s okay though. Joe will have his pick. Unless she really steps on her own toes, for instance in the are of child pornography, she will be the next justice. Given her thoughts on crime, she just may embarrass herself and those who leveraged her in. Also, she just might embarrass a few of those who share the color of her skin and her gender. Next time a democrat appoints a justice, he, or she, just might loot at the qualifications first… then the color of the skin.

Joe’s 2 Fears

As I watch and listen, it’s becoming clearer by the day that Joe and his FOCs have a big fear of losing to Biden. However, Joe’s far bigger fear is that Ukraine just might win.

I wonder if this has anything to do with his son’s history. The world just might find out how close it is to his own.

Red Herring

I decided to look up the word to make sure I have been using it right. One meaning has to do with smoked fish. The other somewhat has to do with deception. The following words are are considered to mean the same or nearly the same thing as the second meaning.

Ruse, blind, feint, deception, subterfuge, hoax, smokescreen, trick, ploy, sham, pretense, and distraction.

Whenever anyone representing Joe says that there are 9,000 leases already approved, we can honestly, say that every one of the above words applies, especially ruse, deception, hoax and smokescreen. Their purpose is to hide the truth and deceive. It is all part of a big hoax. Bottom line, it is dishonest.

Then again why should anyone expect anything else from any FOC, especially ol’ Joe.

Many of those leases have no oil. Anyone who would do the research would know it is sort dumb to drill where there is no oil. Moreover, the FOCs have been blocking the oil people every place they are able using super red tape.

In essence, the FOCs have declared war on oil long before Joe took office. They prefer to buy the oil from enemies and terrorist than to pump it out from under our own feet. There is but one reason I can think of for that. They are also friends of the enemy as well as the criminals.

Can anyone give me another reason?

Speaking of criminals, anyone see hide nor hair of that criminal #1, Fauci. He seems to be hiding these days. Maybe he is getting ready to take off for China, where I am sure they will richly reward him.