The Flaw in the Logic

The PSA announced that a third of fatal auto accidents are caused by drunk drivers.

To be sure, one needs to take care not to draw the wrong conclusion from this statistic. After all, that does mean that 2 thirds of all fatal accidents are caused by drivers who are sober. Hence, we need to keep those sober drivers off the road.

I would hope I don’t need to explain the giant hole in that piece of logic.

Yet, there is another piece of logic with a far worse piece of logic that totally unerwhelmes me. We are told by the abortion lovers that the vast number of Americans prefer the right to kill babies. Yet they are afraid to let the decision to fall back into the hands of the elected. It would seem that those who claim the majority are afraid it will be voted down.

Actually, it has been voted down at least three times I know of.

The abortion lovers have overlooked 2 things. 1st, abortion, especially on demand, especially as a means birth control, is wrong and they know it. Worse, they do not like it when they are reminded of it, just as the drunk drivers don’t like to be reminded of the deaths they caused.

2nd , they don’t want anything to get in the way of their fortunes and their power.

Also, to a lesser degree, it is a way to decrease the minority population, especially the African Americans. It is a carry over from the days of Margaret Sanger.

Just as driving drunk is wrong, so is killing defenseless babies. Some people just don’t like being reminded of it. Certainly the abortionist, himself would never want to be faced with the fact that he is actually a mass murderer.

It is the characteristic of a sinner. The last thing he wants is to be confronted with his sin. And so it is that he twists the logic into knots almost as bad as the example with which I began.

If it Were Only True

There is a lie being spread, of course by the party of liars, that the overturn of Roe v Wade would make abortion instantly illegal.

I wish it were so but it is not. It simply puts the matter back in in the hands of the legislators, where it belonged in the first place. There is, naturally, a reason those in favor of the death of babies fear the legislators. In spite of the claim that one and are in favor of abortion, they do realize that the vast majority are not in favor of it as a form of birth control or gender selection.

Moreover, many states just might come up with some real logical restrictions. For instance:

  1. Time restrictions, as only in the first trimester.
  2. Safety restrictions. Today there are virtually no requirements for clinics. There are no follow-up requirements. In some cases, parents only find out about a daughter’s abortion after complications.
  3. Maybe a week or so delay should be in order. It is an important decision that will likely change things forever. It is not like taking the wrong exit from the interstate.
  4. A true conversation should take place with the one having the abortion. She should be well aware of possible complications and possibly life long problems.
  5. Some say a sonogram should be reqired. Is it so wrong to require the patient to realize just what she is about to take part in.
  6. Would it be so bad to require at least one parent’s permission or at least notice. First, post op problems can occur. Second, all other medicines and procedures require patient’s consent.
  7. Finally, the abotionists should be subject to malpractice lawsuits as any other doctor.

Currently, none of the above requirements are in effect. Perhaps, maybe, just possibly, some good can come out of this, even though the killing will likely continue.

Maybe parents will not be blind sided by a botched abortion. Is that so horrible?

The Side Effect

To be sure, abortion is the industry of death. Without killing, the so-called doctors would have to actually save lives for a change.

However, even pro life people are apt to overlook what should be casual to the most obvious observer. Abortion, the killing of the most innocent of humans, cheapens life. If it is okay to kill babies, then it’s okay to kill anyone for any reason.

Those of us that would like to teach the sanctity of human life are hampered by Planned Parenthood who is trying to convince that a new life has no importance. Worse yet, the life is a nuisance to be tossed out with the trash or used in research.

Thing is, if we could ask the baby about it, what would he or she say?