Informed Consent

Even though I had a 100 % blockage of one of my heart arteries, the doctor required what is called an informed consent. It means he has to tell me what he was going to do, the reasons and the risks.

Though my chest felt very badly after the 4 bypasses, he did me a great service. Considering it was over 15 years ago, I’d likely be pushing up daisies today if I did not have the procedure.

It was not the only time I had such conversations with doctors. Indeed, before a person can have a tooth filled, the dentist needs a signed consent form, technically, an informed consent form.

In addition, the doctor is responsible for maintaining a safe environment for any procedure he will undertake. Finally, all responsible doctors provide proper follow-up to make sure there are no complications.

On the other hand, none of these things were required for the abortionists. 12 and 13 year-olds were rushed to hospitals by parents not having a clue what was wrong. Then, the parents end up paying out a small fortune for complications from the abortion done a week ago.

Many of the states have recently changed this. Some have not. For those who have young daughters, I’d strongly suggest you move to a state where this sort of thing won’t happen. It would be best to avoid states that allow abortions. At least move to a state that require true informed consents and parental consent for minors. Maybe we can hope and pray for the rest of the states.

Really, you might ask yourself. Can a 12 year-old truly provide an informed consent. It is the least that should be required before an abortionist stops a beating heart. It is the least that should be required in light of true dangerous complications that are possible.

Finally, is it too much to require proper clinical environments and follow up.

The Good Guys Always Win!

I was brought up in the era of Roy Rodgers, Gene Autry and The Cisco Kid. The good guy always won; the bad guys were caught and thrown into jail always. Naturally, the guy wearing a white hat eventually won the fight, though the bad guys never fought fair.

You can imagine my disappointment when my idealism faded over the years. I started seeing bad guys pick on good guys and they even started winning the fights. Indeed, fairness did not always prevail. Repeatedly, I saw big bully types win.

Many a time, I saw and heard of evil winning the day. Can you believe it, I have even heard of babies, 2 or 3 getting killed by stray bullets or sometimes by their own parents. Then there are the respected women who pay doctors to have their unborn children torn into pieces for convenience or little more.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were someone, somebody who is really good who could set it all straight? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was someone around who can and will take vengeance against those who wear black hats and force their will on those of us not as strong.

It would be oh so horrible if the ruler of the universe wore a black hat, figuratively. We certainly don’t need a villain in charge of everything.

Isn’t it a good thing that God is perfectly good, perfectly merciful and loves us all enough to send His Son to die for us.

What a shame it is that we ignore him.

However, in the end, there will be a judgment. The villains and the bullies, the Hitlers, the Stalins and the Maos will stand and be given one last chance to defend their actions. Most of us know what will happen to them then.

THEN, THE GOOD GUYS WILL WIN AND THE BAD GUYS WILL LOSE. The bad guys will wish that they were going to jail. The conditions in American prisons are far more bearable.

I would like to say that, forewarned, the bad guys will change their ways. However, experience has taught me otherwise.

As an aside, I wonder what Joe’s defense will be. I wonder what Obama will have to say about hope and change. I wonder if Adam Schiff will still be saying he has proof of collusion.

The Inevitable Result of the Pipeline

It is one of those old laws so to speak of the pipeline. If what you put in is bad, most likely what you get out the other end will be bad. So let’s take a quick look at the pipeline and what we are putting in and just what is coming out.

We put in children from broken Godless homes. We send them through schools where no one can say anyting about God, or even speak the truth about good and evil without someone losing his job. We teach that mankind has no greater importance than a whale, porpoise or ape, and the kids come out believing all things they are taught.

If a person is no more than an animal, but more intelligent and with apposing thumbs: if all man is doing is destroying plants, animals and the climate, then why not believe he has improved the world by destroying some of the horrible human inhabitants?

Don’t all animals go around killing others, even of their own type? Why shouldn’t men kill other men? We are only soulless animals as all the others.

Indeed, as a society, we kill even the youngest and most innocent. Joe speaks as if it is our duty kill babies before they have a chance to breathe the air we breath, to be sure, before they are protected by law.

If there are any statistics, I suspect they would prove at least 8 out of 10 killers come from broken homes where the Bible was never read.

And so it would seem that I’m blaming broken homes for all the shootings. Nothing could be farther from the truth. God tells us we each are responsible for our own actions.

After all, Eve blamed the snake. Adam blamed Eve and even implied God was guilty because He made Eve for him.

Mankind always looks for excuses, a way out. Yet, when we do we always make things worse. So, Joe tries to blame the weapon instead of the shooter. That makes about as much sense as Cain blaming the rock for his killing Able. You notice even Cain was not that dumb.

I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it till the day I die. The time to pray is before the disasters. Afterwards is too late. But then, the government won’t let us pray beforehand, only after.

So, the pipeline made up of broken homes and atheist schools keeps turning out kids who know not the difference between good and evil. To that degree, society is guilty. How can they know right from wrong when no one is permitted to teach them.

It’s Not All About Choice

I don’t know why I was so slow on the uptake. As with most, I thought the argument was between pro life and pro choice. The fact is that there are at least 3, possibly 4 factions.

Whenever it is suggested that someone considering an abortion there is an element out there that absolutely objects to any consuling. If the suggestion is made to have an ultrasound, those that belong to the pro abotion group start going apoplectic. They will accept nothing less than a choice of death for the child.

Those that are truly pro choice would be in favor of the woman making an informed decision as with any other medical decision. However, when a woman visits an abortionist, he says, sign on the line and we will quickly resolve this little problem.

I don’t believe any so-called doctor making his living by killing can properly consule a 14 or 15-year-old. He has too much of a personal interest in it as do those who run the clinics.

I suspect that at least half those who are truly presented all the risks and facts woul chose life.

As an aside, all the babies, regardless of age, would choose life. On the other hand, the pro abotion person would always choose death, especially when the mother is Black.

Why Should I Vote for a pro Life Candidate?

Many discourage the idea of voting based on one issue, especially abortion.

While there are some valid reasons for the logic, I would suggest that there is also good logic in voting for a pro life candidate.

First, it is the right thing to do. Abortion is literally the taking of human life. According to Fox News there have been 63 million abortions since 1974. That’s just wrong. Moreover, it has been intentionally racist. By a wide margin, most of those killed were minorities. With African Americans accounting for about 13 percent of those in the US, they account for roughly 60 percent of the abortions. The abortionists killed far more black children than the KKK ever hoped. And, ironically, the abortionists are held in high esteem…unlike the KKK, not that they deserve any respect.

Secondly, it is an indicator. It takes honesty, courage and integrity for a candidate to declare himself pro life. These are traits we should all demand of all of our leaders. In today’s society, it takes nothing to declare pro choice.

Finally, a person who is pro life most probably have the right perspective on most of the other issues. Therefore, the candidate who declares to be pro life is likely the true good mult-issue candidate, the one who is more believable. Case in point, can you ever believe anything Joe has said and look at all Trump did, true to his words.

An Odd Statement by Joe

Joe said that it was Trump’s fault. I’m sure he meant it to be derogatory. I’m sure he meant to cast desperation on the former president.

While I don’t speak for the former president, I am tempted to say that he might be tempted to smile and say, “Thanks.” To be sure President Trump would be glad to own his historic accomplishment. He did work for it very hard. It is a shame he will never receive the accolades he deserves, though he will get the blame. (Now, figure that out.)

As an aside I think we all should be thankful for President Biden’s plead to remain peaceful. After all, women can still have their children killed, though they might need to travel a little.

Wind and Whirlwind?

The Senate leader apparently was attempting a refinance to the Biblical passage of Hosea 8:7 when he started spouting off about whirlwinds. Just maybe he should read his references before he refers to them.

For that matter, it would do us all good to read or re-read the passage as I did with a few of the verses that follow. I will say this much. It in no way refers to the judgment by men but rather by God.

I do find it somewhat ironic that the passage refers far more to the senator than to the justices of which he spoke.

3 Seconds

I have heard the definition of a millisecond as the time from when the traffic light turns green to the time when the person behind you honks.

Perhaps that is a little exaggeration, but to many of us it seems a small one.

Today I would like to provide you with an illustration of three seconds: the time between a shooting and when the FOCs start talking about gun control.

To be sure, I don’t like the idea of bringing up the subject within a day. I’d prefer to keep my trap shut for a week or so. First, it gives time for those affected to recover a tad. There is no since hitting them with a one, two blow. First it is the loss of loved ones and then the onslaught of the media. Then of course, the occupier of the Oval Office speaks only a few words of comfort while he starts spewing the importance of imprisoning firearms.

I didn’t watch all of his speech, but I would suspect that little was said about the man that did the shooting, only about the gun he used. It is getting to the point I don’t like listening to Joe’s speeches. In the first place, they aren’t his words or even his thoughts. someone else is pulling the strings and making the man’s mouth move.

In the second place, the words are very predictable. Finally, the man doesn’t care when people die. He proved that a long time ago when he opened the border permitting the poisoning of over 100 thousand. His purpose is to control us and taking our guns is one of the requirements toward that goal.

3 seconds tells me that they have no empathy for any of the victims or their relatives. The tragedy is just an event to take full advantage of… short and long term. No doubt, we will be reminded of it every time someone else does any shooting, unless of course it is in Chicago or New York and it is black on black or brown on brown. Then, it will be totally ignored.

Finally, let’s remember one thing. Those who do the shooting do not respect life. If they did, they would not shoot people. Indeed, they’d not kill with any weapon. Therefore, let us teach respect for life in our homes, in our schools, in the media and from our governments of every level. Let’s make sure that everyone knows that people are more than just another form of animal life.

As an aside, let’s stop talking politics within 3 seconds of the next shooting, please. We really don’t need or want that. Let’s let the grieving families grieve a minute or two. This, in its own way shows respect too.

The Flaw in the Logic

The PSA announced that a third of fatal auto accidents are caused by drunk drivers.

To be sure, one needs to take care not to draw the wrong conclusion from this statistic. After all, that does mean that 2 thirds of all fatal accidents are caused by drivers who are sober. Hence, we need to keep those sober drivers off the road.

I would hope I don’t need to explain the giant hole in that piece of logic.

Yet, there is another piece of logic with a far worse piece of logic that totally unerwhelmes me. We are told by the abortion lovers that the vast number of Americans prefer the right to kill babies. Yet they are afraid to let the decision to fall back into the hands of the elected. It would seem that those who claim the majority are afraid it will be voted down.

Actually, it has been voted down at least three times I know of.

The abortion lovers have overlooked 2 things. 1st, abortion, especially on demand, especially as a means birth control, is wrong and they know it. Worse, they do not like it when they are reminded of it, just as the drunk drivers don’t like to be reminded of the deaths they caused.

2nd , they don’t want anything to get in the way of their fortunes and their power.

Also, to a lesser degree, it is a way to decrease the minority population, especially the African Americans. It is a carry over from the days of Margaret Sanger.

Just as driving drunk is wrong, so is killing defenseless babies. Some people just don’t like being reminded of it. Certainly the abortionist, himself would never want to be faced with the fact that he is actually a mass murderer.

It is the characteristic of a sinner. The last thing he wants is to be confronted with his sin. And so it is that he twists the logic into knots almost as bad as the example with which I began.