Did Someone Say Something About Home made Guns?

Actually, I did, years ago.

Now, I’m hearing reports that the former premier of Japan was killed by one. I hate that. Mostly, as a pro-life person, I always hate such horrble things. In this case, it is especially horrid. I would not have been so upset if it had happened to the likes of Putin or that no-account who treats all those in China so badly. Then again, if either of them were to begin experiencing the after life, he most certainly would be replaced with someone worse.

Regardless, that aside, the man proved my point. In a country where gun control is the norm, the culprit either made his weapon or he bought it from someone who knows his gunsmithing. I neither wanted nor welcome the proof, but all must accept it when it becomes obvious.

Now that we are in a society that wants to take guns from lawful citizenry, we must face the fact that the criminals will be carrying homemade guns, perhaps fully automatic. This is especially noteworthy considering that the next mistake the FOCs will make is to remove the guns from the police.

By the way, when no one but criminals have guns, every gun becomes an effective assault weapon. It’s precisely what the libs want: a nation ruled by criminals. It is a world they can fix into a nation like China.

An Odd Statement by Joe

Joe said that it was Trump’s fault. I’m sure he meant it to be derogatory. I’m sure he meant to cast desperation on the former president.

While I don’t speak for the former president, I am tempted to say that he might be tempted to smile and say, “Thanks.” To be sure President Trump would be glad to own his historic accomplishment. He did work for it very hard. It is a shame he will never receive the accolades he deserves, though he will get the blame. (Now, figure that out.)

As an aside I think we all should be thankful for President Biden’s plead to remain peaceful. After all, women can still have their children killed, though they might need to travel a little.

Some Need to be Reminded

Some forget the day when Obama said it would do no good in responce to the cry of the people to drill baby drill. However, I remember it well.

Today, we know he was wrong. President Trump turned the oil industry loose and they drove oil down to 30 dollars a barrel. At one point, the price was even driven negative for a few days.

Then Joe stepped into the Oval Office and declared war on fossil fuel and the price has more than doubled. It was no accident. It was by design and Joe will only be happy when American oil ceases.

He claims he wants the price of gasoline go down while he and his cohorts do all they can to drive the prices up and out of sight.

To get the price to receed is simple for those of us who remember, DRILL, BABY, DRILL!!

As an aside, do you notice how Joe blames the little guy running gas stations, Putin and the oil companies.

Some station owners are loosing money on gas sales. Putin is thrilled that Joe drove the price up. It is virtually financing his attack on Ukraine. And, of course, the oil companies would do much better if Joe would simply step out of the way.

A Question About Safety

I hear all these suggestions to improve safety, AFTER all the shootings. It brings to mind my question, just how many of these victims would still be alive if we continued to have Christian prayer in our schools?

Just 1 minute of prayer daily might have saved, maybe half those killed. Who knows? It might have even saved some of the killers.

You may emphatically said no. The truth is that none of us knows this side of infinity. Still, how horrible it would be to find out that 2 minutes of sincere prayer each day would have saved them all.

I just wish we didn’t have to die to realize the truth.

Then another question comes to mind. What if we did find out? What if somehow God told us. Would it make a difference? Would we begin prayer in our schools? I mean some folks are very defiant. Some folks pretend they care but their only interest is power. They feign interest in saving lives while their real interest is in taking our guns and other Constitutional rights.

As an aside, I find it interesting that the same people who are in favor of gun control for the safety of our children are also in favor of open borders. I mean they want to allow killers, people carrying deadly diseases, deadly drugs and human slavery to stream south to north at rates none of us know.

One aspect we can and do measure are the deaths from fentenyl. Let’s face it. The loss of life due to all shootings is horrible but it is miniscule as compared to those killed by drugs.

Example of Impossible

Convicting a dem in Washington, D.C

Still, most everyone has now figured out the source of Russia, Russia, Russia. I mean, you have to put on a blindfold, cover your eyes with your hands and intentionally look away to miss this one.

Besides, a few other things are now on the record such as, the whole thing was a fraud authorized and likely thought of by Clinton, the one who claimed that no one is above the law. I guess she proved her own quote wrong.

If it Were Only True

There is a lie being spread, of course by the party of liars, that the overturn of Roe v Wade would make abortion instantly illegal.

I wish it were so but it is not. It simply puts the matter back in in the hands of the legislators, where it belonged in the first place. There is, naturally, a reason those in favor of the death of babies fear the legislators. In spite of the claim that one and are in favor of abortion, they do realize that the vast majority are not in favor of it as a form of birth control or gender selection.

Moreover, many states just might come up with some real logical restrictions. For instance:

  1. Time restrictions, as only in the first trimester.
  2. Safety restrictions. Today there are virtually no requirements for clinics. There are no follow-up requirements. In some cases, parents only find out about a daughter’s abortion after complications.
  3. Maybe a week or so delay should be in order. It is an important decision that will likely change things forever. It is not like taking the wrong exit from the interstate.
  4. A true conversation should take place with the one having the abortion. She should be well aware of possible complications and possibly life long problems.
  5. Some say a sonogram should be reqired. Is it so wrong to require the patient to realize just what she is about to take part in.
  6. Would it be so bad to require at least one parent’s permission or at least notice. First, post op problems can occur. Second, all other medicines and procedures require patient’s consent.
  7. Finally, the abotionists should be subject to malpractice lawsuits as any other doctor.

Currently, none of the above requirements are in effect. Perhaps, maybe, just possibly, some good can come out of this, even though the killing will likely continue.

Maybe parents will not be blind sided by a botched abortion. Is that so horrible?

The Hated

As I was looking for another quote, I came across this by George Orwell.

“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.”

If the above is true, and I believe it is, maybe it is a good thing to be hated by some people in some societies.

As for the quote I was looking, I have a slight vague recollection of it being about a crew that refuses to see the truth that they are about to sail on a ship infested with termites. I guess that skipper should have listened to that exterminator.

The truth is that this world is full of folks who hate the truth and refuse to listen, no matter how obvious it is,

Example: With today’s equipment, a doctor can easily determine the gender of a baby months before the birth. Then again, after he spends a few years in our government run schools….

Joe Should Try Something New

So far , Joe has yet to own up to one of his many blunders. Something bad happens and Joe sticks his head up and looks around to see where he can affix the blame.

Maybe, perhaps, for a change he could try admitting his mistake.

Then again, this might be risky. People will wonder. Perhaps he’s an imposter. Maybe, someone is figuratively holding a gun on him. (It wouldn’t be a cannon. As he said, they are illegal. )

Incidentally , Joe can’t be a good leader. Good leaders own their mistakes. They don’t blame others. Now, it would seem others blame him. This is obvious from the more recent polls. It would seem he will leave a reputation of being an alibi Ike.

Definition of a Woman

No matter what else we know, Judge Brown Jackson is a liar and most certainly lied under oath. She said she did not know the definition of a woman. We might not be able to prove it but i am quite sure that she could have come up with 4 or 5 definitions, all valid.

I know it. She knows it. Most of us know it.

Saying she couldn’t was her way of dodging the very simple, unexpected question. She was in dread fear of being attacked by the woke bunch.

There is no doubt she will be voted in. Also, there will be no doubt there will be a dishonest justice on the Court for a while.

For the Dems, i am sure they will considerably comfort.

Dumber Than Dirt, Figuratively

I like Jen Psaki. I do. I have the feeling that we could actually carry on a reasonable conversation face to face. Moreover, I realize that her job is to protect her brainless boss. However, this time she just went over the line.

When asked if starting up the pipeline would help relieve the oil shortage faster than going green, she calmly replied, “No.”

Now, let’s see. The pipeline would relieve the oil shortage in what? 4 or 5 months. Going green? Maybe 30; maybe 40 years. Possibly never.

That either makes her dumber than dirt or a person who tells big fat ones. I prefer to think she’s lying. If not that makes the woman less intelligent than the pet rocks I spoke of in an earlier post.

Then again, she just might prefer to pay for Putin’s war by buying oil that pollutes far far more than Canadian oil. Might it be possible that she, her boss and her friends are far more friendly with the Russians than they accused of President Trump.

Then again, it just might be all of the above.