Doing Business With the Enemy

Trading with the enemy is not new. Until Japan dropped bombs on our Navy, we were selling oil to them. Their ships were built from steel we sold them, even though they were performing atrocious activities against other Asian countries at the time.

During the bombings of London, we were doing business with Germany. I suppose we were selling things to Hitler even while he was killing Jews.

I suspect most historians will say it’s likely a big reason there were so many against declaring war. It was just so outright profitable to sell things to our enemies rather than fighting them.

To be sure, they were not yet our declared enemies. However, everyone knows that they considered us their enemy. They already had plans to conquer us.

Now, here we go again. We do business with an enemy, a known mass killer. We buy crude from him while he goes about his business of subduing the world nation by nation.

This is made all the worse being as we have more oil and natural gas gas under our feet than we need. And…by the way, our oil produces less pollution – while drilling for it, during refining it, and while putting it to use.

However, the real tragedy is that we are doing more than doing business with the enemy. We are financing him. We are helping him to conquer an ally.

Does this mean, in the future, we continue to buy oil from Russia and finance him as he conquers the Baltics, one by one; or maybe Poland.

Let’s face it. It’s far less expensive to watch than to fight. In this case, fighting is not necessary. All we need do is drill and stop doing business with the enemy.

As an aside, it just might be that Putin isn’t Joe’s enemy. Joe and Putin just might be best of buddies. It does sort-of look that way.

Two Experts

I have been told a time or two that an expert is someone who knows a great deal about very little.

My first thought was that Biden and Fauci are excellent examples of such experts. Then again, what is their field of expertise. Biden said he has expertise in foreign relations and we are told that Fauci’s field is in viruses.

I might be wrong. I have been a time or two. However, Biden has not been doing too well in diplomacy and I’m not sure Fauci knows much about viruses. Maybe what they are really expert at is really messing things up. They are doing so much of it that I have a tendency to think it is intentional. If so, that would mean that is their field of great knowledge.

It is a shame. Things were going along so well before they figuratively got their hands on things. Now we will spend decades getting things right again, if ever. As for going green, forget it. If we have to go back to the stone age, we will have to burn wood to stay warm and ride horses to get around. Wood will pollute our air and deplete our forests. The horses will pollute our streets and they will need megatons of hay.

Just saying, it is where we will go if those two experts have their way. Just think of where Fauci will take medicine. Instead of curing diseases, he will invent new ones.

(Anyone know where I can get a deal on a wood burning stove?)

A Matter of the Right Direction

For those unable to remember, all trends were to the good during President Trump’s term. Ever since Joe took over, it’s all been heading south. People have lost jobs. People have died. Inflation and crime seem to be the only things going up, which, by the way is not good.

All those, men, women and dead who voted for Joe really should be ashamed of themselves. Then again, I wonder if it’s possible for anything to make them ashamed, especially the dead.


They say war happens when diplomacy fails.

Well, guess what. Diplomacy failed.

It failed during Obama’s term now there is no more country of Crimea.

Diplomacy did not fail during Trump’s term. We know this because there was no war.

Diplomacy failed during Biden’s term…just a short time after his first year.

I wonder. Just how many more of these diplomacy failures are we going to have before Biden’s term is over? Maybe the next one will be that little island off the coast of China. Even now, Xi is likely making preparations.

As usual, I have an aside. While China is busy adding to their real estate, Putin just might go after one or two of the Bulkens or maybe Poland. Do you think Biden can actually deal with two diplomacy failures, or maybe three. Iran just might like the idea of making Biden juggle three disasters at once. It is not likely, but it’s possible, some would say probable.

Let’s All Park Our Cars

The newsman asked, “What happens if gas goes upto 8 or 10 dollars a gallon?”

The man replied, “I guess I park my car walk or take the bus or train. “

That would seem to be the answer for most of us. To be sure, that is certainly the desire of the FOCs. They have said as much.

On the hand, you know the FOCs won’t park theirs. I would suspect they won’t park their planes or yachts either. They are privileged by power and wealth.

So, how will you feel when they ride while we walk?

As usual, here is my side note. Good luck selling your car while everyone else is selling theirs.

2nd note. When people park their cars, less cars will be built. That is bad news for those that build cars.

Before or After?

That would seem to be the question. Some say start the sanctions before any attack. Some say withhold sanctions till after an attack.

I have heard both arguments and I see the reason behind both. I would hate to have the decision dropped in my lap. However, these two facts I know. The reason we’re in this fix is because of Biden’s weak and dumb leadership. If we still had a surpus of energy, Russia would not be a problem. Also, if we wait, hundreds, maybe tens of thousands of lives will be lost within hours of any assault.

Then again, why should this suddenly start making a difference to Biden or any FOC? The only lives that matter to them are their own. (Contrary to their mantras, they certainly don’t care about Black lives. Else they would protect the Black lives in Chicago. )

Just Something About Tantrums

You ever been out in public and see a toddler yelling, kicking and flailing his arms wildly… in other words throwing a tantrum. Though I have no memory of it, I likely threw my share of them. It’s natural for a child. They must be taught to behave themselves or the parent will have real problems as he gets older.

Normally, I keep myself out of the business of other states and certainly other nations.

However, in this case I must record my observations. The Canadian truckers start a demonstration and the PM decided to throw an outright tantrum.

Mind you, I am not trying to tell them who should run their country, especially considering who is running ours. I mean it is their choice. If they want a toddler for a leader, that’s their choice. It’s just an observation. Apparently his parents never taught him that it makes him and those who voted for him look childish.

Giving Thanks

Ever since my mid-thirties, I have had serious digestive problems. I have seen a few doctors, even specialists, to no avail.

A number of years ago, I became determined to to say a word of thanks to God every time before I ate. As near as I can tell, it didn’t help the digestion at all. Even so, I still give thanks, though I must admit I have forgotten a few times. I do it because I feel it is the right thing to do. It is not nearly as much as my Lord deserves. Moreover, I think it has helped to change my frame of mind. I have learned a few things.

I no longer have such a tendency to take things for granted. I am thankful also to the farmers, the truck drivers and the grocers. I am careful to thank the crew in every restaurant I visit and I make sure they know I mean it. I am even more thankful for the police that provide us protection and I am even thankful when I am ticketed, just maybe not as much. After all, they do have a thankless job, which in a way, isolates them from the rest of us…almost as much as a preacher.

However, one day, seemingly out of the blue, my doctor told me to start taking Tums. Considering my digestive problems are now almost gone, I wonder just how much one thing has to do with the other. Just maybe I need to thank God for what that doctor told me. I don’t know. Sometimes God does things for us and we don’t even know it.

Just maybe one of the most important things we can learn is giving thanks, first to God and then to others.