Two Experts

I have been told a time or two that an expert is someone who knows a great deal about very little.

My first thought was that Biden and Fauci are excellent examples of such experts. Then again, what is their field of expertise. Biden said he has expertise in foreign relations and we are told that Fauci’s field is in viruses.

I might be wrong. I have been a time or two. However, Biden has not been doing too well in diplomacy and I’m not sure Fauci knows much about viruses. Maybe what they are really expert at is really messing things up. They are doing so much of it that I have a tendency to think it is intentional. If so, that would mean that is their field of great knowledge.

It is a shame. Things were going along so well before they figuratively got their hands on things. Now we will spend decades getting things right again, if ever. As for going green, forget it. If we have to go back to the stone age, we will have to burn wood to stay warm and ride horses to get around. Wood will pollute our air and deplete our forests. The horses will pollute our streets and they will need megatons of hay.

Just saying, it is where we will go if those two experts have their way. Just think of where Fauci will take medicine. Instead of curing diseases, he will invent new ones.

(Anyone know where I can get a deal on a wood burning stove?)

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