Doing Business With the Enemy

Trading with the enemy is not new. Until Japan dropped bombs on our Navy, we were selling oil to them. Their ships were built from steel we sold them, even though they were performing atrocious activities against other Asian countries at the time.

During the bombings of London, we were doing business with Germany. I suppose we were selling things to Hitler even while he was killing Jews.

I suspect most historians will say it’s likely a big reason there were so many against declaring war. It was just so outright profitable to sell things to our enemies rather than fighting them.

To be sure, they were not yet our declared enemies. However, everyone knows that they considered us their enemy. They already had plans to conquer us.

Now, here we go again. We do business with an enemy, a known mass killer. We buy crude from him while he goes about his business of subduing the world nation by nation.

This is made all the worse being as we have more oil and natural gas gas under our feet than we need. And…by the way, our oil produces less pollution – while drilling for it, during refining it, and while putting it to use.

However, the real tragedy is that we are doing more than doing business with the enemy. We are financing him. We are helping him to conquer an ally.

Does this mean, in the future, we continue to buy oil from Russia and finance him as he conquers the Baltics, one by one; or maybe Poland.

Let’s face it. It’s far less expensive to watch than to fight. In this case, fighting is not necessary. All we need do is drill and stop doing business with the enemy.

As an aside, it just might be that Putin isn’t Joe’s enemy. Joe and Putin just might be best of buddies. It does sort-of look that way.

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