Give Me Freedom or Give Me Death

It was a long time ago when those words of inspiration were spoken. Then too, Franklin, I think, said something to the effect of, He who prefers security over liberty deserves neither.

The problem with Biden is that he provides no security while he steals our freedom. He does not want us to have freedom of speech or religion. He wants to take our guns and he wants to federalize our voting laws.

At the same time he has done all he can to give our advisories every advantage he can.

As the aside, he opened the border and gave illegal immigrants more privileges than American citizens.

Personally, I must somewhat disagree with old Ben. I believe in both freedom and security. In the US, The two should not be mutually exclusive. As for Patrick Henry’s words, I totally agree. The question is, in this country, why should we have to choose?

To be sure, many have had to choose between a useless inoculation or a loss of employment. But then why should we have anything to say about our own personal health?

It would appear that Joe is trying to make our founding fathers roll over in their graves. The real tragedy is that good brave men fought and, in some cases, died to provide our liberty and folks like Joe keep coming along and try to take them, as if they have been given a special privilege. Among men, no should have any such privilege.

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