Credits & Responsibilities

I did watch a few small parts of the state of the union. It was all I could stomach. The current occupier of the Oval Office was taking credit for what President Trump did, and refusing to take responsibility for all the disasters and death he authored.

This is a quick reminder of some of what he is responsible for.

  1. Loss of jobs, especially those lost in the oil industry the day he took his oath. And by the way, also the day he began ignoring that oath.
  2. The loss of 90,000 lives to due to drugs imported over his open border.
  3. No one, even Joe can honestly deny the disasters in Afghanistan at his hand. By the way, you will note, he did not mention any part of it during his speech, which will likely be little remembered. I suspect Afghanistan is one event he trying his best to forget.
  4. He took total credit for all that President Trump did to fight the China virus while trying implicate his predecessor in its rapid spread. Then he immediately began making it worse.

I’m sure many are well able to add a few points I left out. Let’s face it, if Joe gets his way, the future state of the union is very questionable. It seems a good reason to keep him from having his way. At the least, let’s give him a strongly republican congress so he will be on a short leash. Also, by the way, they just might undo some of the disasters Joe caused. Unfortunately, no one but the Lord can do anything about the lives his decisions cost.

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