Who Bought the Paintings?

To be sure, there are likely a few ways to determine who bought the paintings that were painted by Joe’s son. It could be a long tedious task. After all, Joe isn’t so much a good public servant, but he does know how to cover his sins.

You find out who initially laid the money down at the auction. Then, regardless of who does what with the so-called art works, there is likely a stack or two or three of money, may gold, maybe bit coin coming from others: the real sources of the bribes. These might be, but not limited to the communists, the Chicoms, the going green outfits and particularly those who build electric cars.

On the other hand, we could just ask Joe. He knows. It just is; he’s not going to say. However, it’s still simple. Just look at who is receiving the checks. I mean that is sort-of the object of the bribe. Also, you notice how quickly the crude oil spigots were shut down and the border was open. Do you suppose the cartels had something to do with the so-called purchase of the so-called art.

As the aside for today: I wonder just how many of those grand works are being displayed on a wall in some millionaire’s home and how many have found their way to the local garbage heap. Can you imagine some pennyless bum pulling out a half million painting… then learning it’s not worth a cup of capuchino. Then to, I suppose some could have been gifted the fabulous works of art. I mean it isn’t everyone who can claim they have a painting worth 500 grand hanging on their living room wall.

The Tragedy of Bribes

I wish I could remember Bible verses some do but even when I practice repeatedly, my memory fails me. At any rate, after reading the Bible a number of times, I still don’t remember much of it. Hence, when it came to mind that I came across several passages concerning bribery, I did a web search on bribery. Quickly, 27 verses popped up, which is more than I remembered.

As to why I did the search, it just is that I have noted a few, well, my first thought was to say ingenious ways to accomplish bribery. However, it’s just simple methods to bypass the law and appearances.

In the past the government officials wrote worthless books and the bribe was in the form of book sales. Then, the worthless books get stacked in some big warehouse and no one ever reads them.

Biden has essentially used the same method but for two twists. First, his son does all the selling. Second, it’s ridiculous paintings instead of books. Whoever purchased those paintings paid the bribes and Joe did their wishes, all of them. I’m sure they got all they paid for. I’m also sure the FOCs will do all they can to keep the public from finding out the source of the bribery.

Now, as for the verses. You can look them up yourself. That way you’re less likely to doubt what I say. Just Google Bible verses with bribe.

The one verse that seems especially apropos was prov. 29:4. Joe is sure doing what he can to destroy the USA. Regardless, Joe ought to read the verses. That way he’ll have a good idea of what is in his future… and those who take part in the corruption.

Latest With Kamala

Can you believe the latest about Kamala? Effectively, The New York Times is pitching her off the proverbial locomotive. Or maybe you prefer to use the “under the bus,” term. I just found out this morning. It would seem they no longer believe the woman, whom they used to idolize, is anywhere near able to perform presidential tasks. Moreover, if she had to run for a disabled Joe, she would likely fall flat on her face. (Let me clarify, figuratively lest the dems misunderstand my text.)

My guess is there will be a scramble for a replacement. Naturally, she will have to be a black, or at least half back woman, or perhaps someone, woman or man identifying as female. I mean, if a man can identify as a woman at pull side, why not at an election.

And, oh yes, I guess he, she, it could also have fair skin and blonde hair. I mean, what real difference does that make. It does seem to work for some getting into college.

Wonderful, Wonderful Gold

If gold is such a wonderful investment, why is the man who created Microsoft investing his billions in farm land.

Maybe he has some gold stashed away but think of it. No thief can walk off with a few acres of corn producing land. As long as he pays taxes, he makes money from the corn and realizes a healthy return on the increase in the value of the land.

Moreover, if some really bad disaster comes along, the gold could become worthless. Land, and the food grown on it, will always have value.

Checkbook Aps

One of my hopes after I got my first PC was that I could use it with my checking account. Altogether, I had 3 very nice products over the years that did work nicely.

However, oddly, the one method that I found to work the best for me was a multi-page spreadsheet. Each page was for a calendar month. Each line was for a check and started with the date, then check number. Naturally, this was a D or A for deposit or ATM. The next column was for payee or payer.

Finally, I had several columns for catagory. These might be, household, car, utilities (possibly included in household) etc. You get the idea. Sums can be at the right and across the bottom. These can be set to automatically update.

The right most column would carry the balance, which could be carried from one page to the next. A separate page would be a year summery and would be updated from the bottom of the month pages. Finally, charts could be developed from bottom of page sheets. Chart could be on month pages as well as the year pages.

I actually used mine for a number of years and balancing my checkbook rarely took more than a few minutes. I suppose that a database program could be used the same way but I could never figure a way to carry a balance from one item to the next.

Naturally, I didn’t go into great detail here. Among other things, everyone would have their own preferences. Moreover, it is not my purpose to go into details. After all you might not have any interest in it.

Besides all that, if you’re like most, you likely don’t even bother balancing your checkbook. In fact, nowadays most don’t write checks. The other day, I was in a restaurant and another customer set his phone next to card reader. A few seconds later, not only was the transaction done, but the guy also knew his up-to-date balance. Sorta makes a person wonder, what’s the point?

What Cost Progress

One day, I saw a quip that I found particularly humorous. As with most things humorous, there was a kernel of truth in it. Perhaps some of you already laughed at it, maybe even experienced the little bit of truth encapsulated in the few words: “The hurrier go, the behinder I get.”

The first PC compatible computer I bought ran on a 16 MHz clock, had 1 MB of memory and a 40 MB hard drive. Some might wonder just how I managed to get anything done on it. Yet, it took less than 30 seconds to boot. It took roughly 30 minutes to completely reload Windows 3.1 using floppies. Otherwise, I rarely waited for it to do anything. It was genuinely fast.

Now I have three computers. They are all incredibly fast with enormous amounts of memory and a hard disk that can store most of the printed word in 1900. I don’t know. Conceivably twice that.

However, I would never think about reloading Windows. My guess is it would take two or three DVDs and maybe as much as 4 hours. Then, I would need to connect to the Internet and upload software patches for the next few days, or weeks.

With all that, I must upgrade about once a week. On top of all that, every time I start an ap, I wait. Sometimes, it’s 5 or 10 seconds. Some apps take a minute or more.

They’ve come up with a sleep mode. That’s where you can turn your computer and it restarts where you turned it off. It became somewhat mandatory. If they didn’t give us the option, it takes 15 seconds to turn one of these new speeders off and a good 2 or 3 minutes to bring it back up.

It seems every since we past Windows 98, these software engineers are doing all they can to make sure we spend as much time as possible sitting on our hands. More than that, they are doing all they can to squeeze us amateur hobbyists out. I used to be pretty good at programming. Now they don’t allow VB 6.0 or any version of Delphi. Not sure about Pascal. So frustrated at losing my Delphi I haven’t tried.

Also, they keep demanding more and more of everything: speed, memory and disk. Now these brilliant guys want me to store my books on the cloud. I can understand that for the big guys, but it’s just little ol me. I suspect there are others who have a similar point of view.

In addition, they have turned, perhaps 1000 dollars of programs of mine into useless junk. I have a copy of Word Perfect that I can no longer use. The bad thing about that is that I much prefer it to MS Word. Tried pro version of Word a few years ago and removed it the same day I installed it. It ran slower than my old Vic-20.

Mostly, I’ve been using the bargain brands. They aren’t fast, but at least they work. Mostly, I use my little Samsung pad I got from T-mobile to write my post. It’s a little awkward, but I can mostly finish the post on the Tablet by the time I start typing on my computer. On the other hand, the computer version is better at finding my errers.

Oh, and by the way, the taplet is considerably more green. Even my laptop uses more power, far more power.

Most important, I don’t think one person in the hierarchy of Microsoft cares one iota about me or the likes of me. They are too busy keeping people from using their software without licensing.

Oddly, it might have the reverse effect. More & more of us just might go to the little tablets. My tablet is on the instant I press the button and rarely needs updating.

TheOverlooked Commandment

If you ask the thief why he stole the 35 dollars from the woman, most times, if he’s honest, he will say, “I wanted it.” Naturally, many murders are committed why? For robbery. If you ask the politician why he accepted the bribe, he’ll admit he wanted that 100 grand, or that really nice car, or that really big boat. If we were able to ask Hitler why he took Austria and Poland; if he replied honestly, he’d say he wanted them and the power. He coveted the material and the power.

I don’t offhand remember the name of the Babylonian king, but the Bible makes it clear his motivation for capturing Judah was to take gold. History is full of folks who wanted things, power and fame; so they took them.

I think we can safely say that many horrible, major and minor world events began with lust. In the Tenth Commandment, “Thou shalt not covet.”

Most of us pay do not pay proper attention to the Commandment. Well, it is sort of difficult to measure or punish by humans. I mean, just how many folks are thrown in the county jail because he wanted someone’s really beautiful black stallion. On the other hand, in the old west, if a person took a man’s mount from him, he could end up at the end of a rope.

If somehow, I could wave the proverbial magic stick and rid the minds of all mankind of all covetousness, the world would suddenly become a pretty nice place.

The problem is that we cannot rid the world of coveting. So we must also put up the results: robbery, murder, adultery and wars.

Even so, teaching our youth would likely be a good idea. This by parents, from the pulpits and in the schools. At least I can’t see how it would hurt.

Please permit me this short afterthought. Maybe someone should have told Joe, his family and his friends the virtues of the obedience of The Tenth Commandment.

Joe Being “Fully Cooperative”

If I heard it once, I’ve heard it 50 times. Joe’s being fully cooperative. I might, just might be more likely to believe him if he permitted the authorities access to the tons of docs at his former alma mater, where they are tightly locked down.

If, by mistake, he had classified documents in his garage, just maybe, by mistake, he’s got some at the University of Delaware.

Then again, just maybe he wants a team to thoroughly comb through the papers there first. The thing is, with tons of papers, that is a job that might outlast ol Joe.

The Search Before the Search

Don’t you think they had a crew go into Joe’s abode before they did this last search of Joe’s property? They knew it would look bad if the FBI found something worse than the other locations.

So, before the FBI went through the premises I would suspect they first had a team go through paper-by-paper. Some pages would get removed, some shredded and some went up in smoke.

After going through it all for over two months, it doesn’t really surprise me the FBI found nothing. That was the plan. Indeed, they would have been surprised if they they found so much as one questionable page.

Then again, any lawman would know it was likely a big waste of time to put on the big show for the public. NOTHING HERE TO SEE, NOTHING AT ALL!

The Tenth Amendment

Many know not what it says or what it is for. Frequently, it is ignored. In some cases, methods are invented to get around it. When politicians in DC wanted to make all the states set a 55-mph speed limit, they were well aware that it would not get by the Tenth Amendment. No problem. the used the power of highway funding. Any state that would not drop the limit to 55, would lose the federal highway funding. So much for the spirit of the tenth amendment. It would seem that any time they want to nullify the amendment, they just make the appropriate threats. The feds, specifically the dems get around the tenth to control our schools. That’s a bad idea. The feds should have very limited control over schools.

Today, the Tenth Amendment has become the least effective amendment and it should be one of the most enforced. Today, our federal system is on the brink of collapse because most people just simply don’t know how important the amendment is. More and more, power is being transferred to the feds. it is just exactly what the founding fathers feared and for good reason.

For those who have no problem with the feds (effectively the dems) running everything, consider these two questions. How has it worked so far? How well will it work in the foreseeable future?

Well, let me add one more. Do we really want the feds determining how our children are being brainwashed? Do we really want our kids filled with a heap of false propaganda? (Actually, to some degree, this has already started.)