Why I Will Never Again Buy Another Chevy…or Any GM Product

At roughly 4 in the morning, I was driving home from work. As one might imagine, the Interstate traffic was very light. About 5 or 6 cars in front of me slowed and stopped without obvious reason.

I slowed and should have stopped. All too late I discovered there was a lamp post lying across all 3 lanes and then some. Instantly I applied the brakes and managed to slow to 5, maybe 10 MPH.

Not wanting to hit the post without the wheels turning, I let off the brakes completely. I guess each wheel had to rise about 10 inches. I had visions of all 4 wheels falling off but they didn’t.

To this day, the undercarriage is fine about 6 years later.

I must admit, that Chevrolet HHR suspension system is great.

With the above, why wouldn’t I want another one.

  1. After about 5 years, the sunroof broke. After checking around, I have determined that this is common. The failing piece is a little piece metal, likely about an ounce. For that, they wanted me to replace the entire sunroof, about $750. Instead, I fixed it myself for about 20. I liked my fix more.
  2. I have gone through 3 FOBs for remote locking. This took me about 7 months. After that I gave up. I am sure I paid for the remote in some way. I didn’t get it. That is not right. More important, it tells me something about their quality control. As a side note, neither the sunroof, nor the FOBs are likey used muc by the management. If they did, they would know about the problems and fix them. Finally, I would guess they pay very little attention to those on the ground level. Why not isn’t someone who is someone find out about it.

For this reason, i will never buy a GM product or recommend one. If they can’t fix the little things why should I expect them to fix the bigger things.

[Incidentally , at 10 years, I also had to replace the radio. I will not hold that against them. The one I put in is far better, though my turn signal is now silent.

Burrito Withdrawal

I find myself in a conundrum. Taco Bell makes my favorite burritos. On the other hand, I do not like drive-throughs. Being as all the Taco Bells in this area are strictly drive through, I haven’t been getting my share of burritos.

I think it is about time to call this whole pandemic thing off. We have meds that can treat that China stuff and, besides, I don’t like the idea that China won this round of germ warfare. It is time for us to get back to normal and ignore those war-mongers.

As for the increase of cases, someone needs to tell Joe it doesn’t do much good to shut down the airports while he has the southern barn doors wide open. I am sure that at least 1000 people a day are coming up through Mexico from who knows where. About 600 of them have the China virus and they each infect about 1800. Then those 1800 infect about 5000. That kind of isolation never worked and never will.

By the way, some of those illegal aliens have other diseases too, like TB, small pox and maybe a few we don’t know of. And Joe is worried about those coming through the airports?!! What kind of idiot is he listening to?!! The last decade or so, we stopped giving small pox vaccines because it is virtually eliminated.

Guess what happens if it turns into an epidemic in this country now. It just might wipe our half our youth before we figure out what happened. With Joe at the helm, he’ll never figure out what do do after he is told what happened. Has anyone asked Joe if he knows what small pox is and what it does?

Besides all this, I just want to be able to go into Taco Bell and enjoy a good burrito from time to time, sometimes a taco or two.

Now That’s a Thought

I heard something the other day. I should have thought of it but didn’t. During Obama`s first midterm, Obama could provide some help for some of his friends, though in some cases he was asked to stay away.

Just who in their right mind would want Joe’s help? It is something like begging for an anchor while being pulled down by whirlpool. Somehow, I can’t imagine anyone asking for Joe to go campaigning with him.

Now, just who will they go to for help, Obama? And what good would that do for Joe when he finds out he’s friendless.

Baseball Strike?

So what? Who cares? (Other than the little people, you know, like the concession workers and ground keepers. Then, there are the stores and restaurants around the stadiums)

The truth is that I could care less. What we have here are a bunch of under worked over paid, spoiled men who refuse to appreciate what they have or the nation that made what all they have possible.

In my book, it’s time for us, all of us to ignore them, the basketball players as well as those who think football is the most important thing on earth. They need an education on the true priorities in life. If we, the fans go on strike for a couple of months, it would go a long ways toward that education.

I don’t guess that will never happen. I would guess most fans over rate the importance of a left hander with a good fast ball or curve.

Regardless, don’t expect me to cry if the players fail in their efforts. Don’t expect me to empathize with so much as one of the owners either.

The most important thing is to keep the most important thing the most important thing.

News flash, Football is not the most important thing. Hopefully, it never will be.

A Hope and a Fear

After the court heard arguments on Mississipp’s abortion law, my hopes are rising as well as my fears. It is possible, perhaps probably that the court might let the law stand. It’s even remotely possible that Roe v Wade will be overturned.

My fear is that those FOCs will pass a law that would make it moot. They do currently have the majority in both chambers. Worse, I fear that there are plenty of RINOs that would be glad to help them.

What Do You Suppose Joe Pays in Rent?

Where was it that Joe spent Thanksgiving? How much did he pay for rent? You say he didn’t pay rent? Do you really believe that? I don’t.

You might find this strange but wealthy, powerful people have lots of friends and they generally pay for them, one way or the other. Do you think Joe would stay in that big house if he had not power or money? After all, Joe is a true friend of criminal s and he has proved it.

Twenty-six Letters

Our alphabet contains 26 letters. Learning to read would be easy if each had its own unique sound. However, all the vowels have at least 2 sounds. One of the letters has at least three sounds. Then, of course, some vowels sometimes have no sound.

The letters C and G each have two sounds, which are designated as hard and soft. The rest of the consonants have but one sound. Then again, some of them are sometimes silent… such as the K in know. I have no idea how that happened but it is just one more thing to make learning to read more difficult.

Then of course, there are the combinations. I guess that the most common combination is the th. It is so common that it is used in almost every sentence of any size.

Yet I believe reading can taught or learned quickly by combining two methods. First, there is phonics, the sounds of the letters. If a person learns the sound of three letters a day for 9 days, a person will learn the sounds of all 26 letters in a week and a half. It is not the perfect solution, but it is a giant step in the right direction.

The second method, what I call recognition, is also important. Some might think it odd, but about 100 words make up about 60 percent of our words by count. First, there are the articles, a, an and the. You will find them in almost all sentences and they are easy to learn.

Then, there are there are the pronouns (he, she, it, his hers, etc). Again, they are easy to learn and they are well peppered throughout our language. Anyone who learns these few words will be well on their way to learning.

Using these two methods, a person can easily learn the basics of reading in weeks, not months. It would certainly be less than years.

I would really like to experiment with this method and I understand there are some who can’t read. However, for that to happen, it would mean getting three things together: me, a place of reasonable comfort to serve as a classroom and, naturally, a few students. I believe I could teach about 8 to 10 at a time for a couple of hours a day. I believe I can have most in the class reading at 5th or maybe 6th grade level in a little more than a month.

It is not as if I would need to teach much in the way of vocabulary. Most of us have pretty good vocabularies by the time we reach 5 or 6. It would be a simple matter of learning to recognize the words on paper, or a screen.

I have been considering making an attempt at it. So far, I haven’t managed to get anything off the ground. I guess there are two problems. First, finding a class room. Second, finding 8 people who want to learn. The trick is that I have something of a catch 22. How do I advertise for students when they can’t read?

Then, as every knows, reading is the gateway to the world. Also, it is an important skill for learning other things. Most of us, by the time we’re 30, over half of what we have learned, we will have learned by reading. If you find a person who is intelligent, he or she will likely be well read.

Besides this and more important, it is very difficult to enslave a populace that can’t read. Finally, as a side affect, people who are well read generally can speak better. In a way, it rubs off.

Final Verdict?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in a country in which a person pronounced not guilty would be treated as not guilty?

I guess, occasionally people who are guilty get off. It is the price we, as a society pay to try to keep the innocent out of prison. Occasionally, still some innocent person gets a raw deal. To be sure, no justice system ran by humans is or will be perfect

However, as a society, we generally should treat those judged not guilty as not guilty.

In Rittenhouse`s case, the media treated him as guilty before his trial, during his trial and after his trial. They do this even though they have seen clear evidence. The evidence not only proves him not guilty but innocent. He clearly only used his weapon in defense. Before he fired it once, he ran away from, not toward his attackers.

When listening to his accusers, it would seem he was guilty just because he had a rifle, this though he, himself was at the point of a gun.

Maybe he should have brought a skateboard instead. According to the prosecutor, that presented no danger to Rittenhouse. How absurd? One was used on him and he had the wounds to prove it. Only after it was used on him did he retaliate.

The point is this. Maybe it would have been better to use something less lethal. However, at the time he didn’t have a baseball bat. He didn’t even have a skateboard. It was obvious he had to use the only thing he had.

If no one attacked him, no one would have died. If Rittenhouse had not defended himself, he very well might have died. At the least, he would have sustained bad injuries.

To me, that established self defense. That established his innocence. It’s something the media just love to overlook. They are trying to reverse the legal verdict with the verdict of public opinion. This is bad for all, especially the media.

So Much for Individuality

Obama Care insurers that Uncle Sam can veto any procedures we think we need. Now mandatory vaccinatins insure we must undergo anything Uncle says we need.

Then too, just in time, they found a new variant to make sure we must be confined to our homes, regardless of the disasters to our economy and, or our society.

It does look to me like a good weapon for the final destruction of what is left of our nation…if we allow them.