It is the third word in the pledge of allegiance that I learned when I was four, sixty eight years ago. At the time, I had no idea what it meant. After all these years, nine in the Marines, I have a pretty good idea of its meaning, maybe more than most.

It is a word taken for granted. Many don’t ever take the time or effort to truly understand what it means. as they recite the words, they say them by rote, they pay little attention to them. Until recently, almost all legally new citizens know the meaning of the word, mostly because of what they left behind. However, more and more frequently, naturalized citizens pay their allegiance to two flags. They never truly let go of the one that represents the nation they left.

Most have no problem with that, but it irritates me when I see the Flag of a foreign county flying in this country. We speak of those special men who fought to secure our liberty and freedom during World War II. I assure you, most of them would not like to see a foreign flag flying in our country, especially when those flying it have so much disdain for Old Glory. If they like this country so much, why do they insist on hanging on to what they left behind? If they like what they left behind, why do they come here?

To be sure, most will tell you it is money, although they say it is for a good job. And so it is that we purchase their allegiance for the price of a 9 to 5 job. You take the job away and they will head south just as fast as they can. It is all about the money.

Some have seen fit to give these people the right to vote, not because they deserve it but because of the increased chances of gaining office. So they want those who have absolutely no allegiance to vote them into office. It makes me doubt the true allegiance of the office seeker. Do they seek office to do us good or do they seek office for the power and glitter.

Me. It turns my stomach to see such things even suggested. For me, to vote should call for total allegiance to city, county, state and country. Anything less is a distortion of the vote and I assure you those that fought in Europe or the South Pacific would find the odor pungent and nauseating. Moreover, it speaks loudly of the candidate’s allegiance. If they aren’t aware of it, someone should explain it to them.

Besides, do we want those who are proud of the Russian or Chinese flag voting in our elections. Such is preposterous on its face. It should never be considered for a second.

Windmills, Solar Cells and Drive Through Restaurants Forever

It would seem the two have no relation with the third but I assure you they do.

When I first moved into this area, there were few restaurants of any kind, even fewer drive throughs. We had no McDonald’s nor Burger King. If we were going to eat out, we mostly had to drive up into Memphis. In a way, that was a good thing. Back then I had debts, a family and not much of of an income. Today, a $230 mortgage payment does not seem a lot. Well, in 1977, it was enormous for someone who just left the Marines and settled in a town far away from my native California.

We eked by over the years, paid off our bills, the kids are now out on their own and now, one of our major expenses are two old dogs. I do mean old, both over 12. So we spend a lot on dog food and vet bills. However, we have a very wide selection of places to eat, from large nice places to small nice places. I might add we also have a few places that are not so nice.

With the two of us getting older, I’ve decided to spoil the wife as much as I can; so we eat out more than we eat in. That saves washing dishes, if nothing else. Mostly, when we eat in, we put the microwave to use. I’ve even considered buying a second one but I’m not so sure the old aluminum wiring in the house could handle it. Therefore, from time to time, we use the stove, though we try to keep oven use to the winter.

Then the China virus hit. That was a big disruption to our life style. To the best of my knowledge, neither of us has had it, though we do know a few who have. Instantly, however, we went to using drive throughs.

Did I mention that I really hate drive throughs. However, I had no choice. Suddenly, everyone closed their dinning room. Worse, I had to wear a mask in the local grocer. They took my temp as I entered and if I got too close to that century mark, we would have had to go hungry, as well as the poor dogs. The wife and I can stand a day or two without food but the dogs have sort-of become used to a regular meal.

Besides, the wife and I could go to a drive through. Most of them do not sell dog food. I would have tried to explain but they simply would not have understood, though their vocabulary is pretty good. Being a little overweight, it would do them good to miss a meal. My best guess is that they still would not have liked it.

So, during the beginning of the pandemic, whenever we went to a restaurant for food, we went through a drive through and brought it home. Sometimes we took it to a park, when the weather permitted. It beat staring at the same walls I’ve been looking at for over thirty years.

Now, after all this time, a little less than half the restaurants have opened their dining rooms. Fortunately, 2 days before our anniversary, Outback opened their dining room. I thanked them for that and again I thank them publicly. We both had a nice steak and baked potato in really nice surroundings. In addition, neither of us washed one dish.

Now that some things are somewhat back to normal, I think back over it all. Moreover, I wonder if the next wave of the virus will drive us indoors again, and back to the drive throughs.

Then today, I thought of those who want to “save energy” and decrease “CO2.” I went back all through my memory over the time since Fauci began his rampage and I cannot find one instance of anyone wanting to do away with drive throughs.

I find the concept of using acres to generate electricity wasteful, though maybe a tad successful. I find windmills pretty useless on a calm day. Moreover, I am sure the two methods require a lot of maintenance.

Then I shake my head at the whole mess. The amount of energy produced by solar cells is likely countered by the energy wasted waiting in line for Whoppers. The carbon dioxide saved by windmills is likely greatly countered by the fumes coming from cars waiting on their driver’s Big Macs. Yet, no one has said a thing about it.

I figured out why. It really makes since. The green earth folks consider the convenience of a drive through more important than the energy used. The importance of staying in their air-conditioned autos more important carbon the spewed while they sit there and wait… their engines doing nothing while the car’s occupants remain comfortable.

Am I wrong? Maybe. Still, why do I not hear any of them complain about drive throughs.

And so it is, we are stuck here with windmills, solar cells and drive throughs forever. It’s not that we can’t do anything about it. It just seems few, if any, want to.

Besides, it makes it so much simpler for the FOCs to control us.


The Chinese are trying to become the most powerful country.

North Korea is trying to develop weapons with which they can destroy most of the world.

Iran is trying to destroy Israel and then the U.S.

Putin is trying to re-establish the Soviet Union.

… and what is the most important thing to Joe? Global climate. If I were in a place to speak to the man, I would explain that if any combination of the above happens, global climate will be the least of our problems. Then again, I’m not even sure it will do any good to draw pictures for the man. He very likely doesn’t understand. If he can, he doesn’t care. Power and control is his goal as well as those around him. It is not just their highest priority. It is their only priority.

The Dem’s Tightrope

The Dem’s, aka friends of the criminals, need to take care. They keep putting pressure on a couple of their own in hopes of ridding the Senate of the filibuster. They walk a dangerous tightrope. If they apply too much pressure, they could lose one or two senators from their ranks. Even if they lose one, they stand in danger of losing their 50 majority. This is true even should they become independent. They would only have 49 (maybe 48) senators while the Republicans would have 50. That would mean the majority would possibly go to the Republicans.

I am sure that most realize what that means. However, I am especially sure that Fauci knows. If such a thing happens, he will likely buy a ticket to China. If he doesn’t he will wish he did. It is quite possible, maybe plausible that he will face committee meetings that world will find out his part in the pandemic. China will be the only nation on earth where he might be safe after that. Then again, he might not be safe there either.

As an aside, it is also conceivable that those senator(s) just might be joined by other senators who will be clinging to the seats. This might be followed by a few representatives jumping the proverbial ship. Ol’ Nancy can’t afford much of that. The next thing she knows, she might lose her gavel before the mid-terms.

As an aside to the aside, the occupier and the vice occupier will not like that… not at all. Neither will the squad.

Twelve Days?

I feel somewhat better now that I can order China Virus tests on the internet. However, it might take up to twelve days to get to me. I figure if I have symptoms today, what would I need the test for in twelve days. I figure I will either be over it or dead by then.

I suppose I could order a couple in advance but I would feel bad keeping the tests to myself should I might not ever need them. Besides, should I want them, there I might not be able to locate it. My memory frequently fails me. Then, of course, I would find it three weeks later.

I suppose my logic is somehow wrong as I know no one else who brought up the problem.

What is the Relief

I tried looking up the legal term but I am no lawyer. I am open to suggestions. The problem is that old Joe knew noway was it legal to make everyone take that vaccine but he decided to do it anyway.

While The Supreme Court put a stop to it, there were damages done and those damages should have justice. People lost their jobs from the simple threat of huge fines for businesses and corporations. Most everyone knew the edict from on high would not succeed, but yet, in a way it did. The mere threat was enough to cause irreversible damages.

Did we hear those behind the edict say, “Oops, sorry.” Of course not. There was no apology because it worked exactly the way they wanted it to. However, he hoped that the Court would give his proclamation a few more weeks to do its damage. A few more weeks delay surly would have been devastating. It was an illegal law given by a lawless occupier of the Oval Office.

Now, where do all the businesses go to recover their losses? What happens to those who were brave enough to stick up for their rights? Joe says he is for women. Yet where is the compensation for those who were pregnant and were afraid to take the shot. Then too, what about those who had genuine religious reasons for rejecting the vaccine?

I guess the term relief is not proper in this case, yet, I am sure those whose lives were disrupted know very well what I mean. No one will need to explain it to them.

Moreover, as I mentioned before, I disagree with anyone who permits the requirement of demanding experimental vaccine, especially when it has proved so useless for youth; especially when it has proved so harmful; especially when there are so many effective meds we have that will treat the disease so quickly and reliably.

The of course, old Joe just has to have his edicts. Otherwise, how would he and his cohorts control us. Then again, is he even aware of the damage he has done.

For my side note: May those who cheated on the election to put Joe into office find justice for their deeds. And may Fauci live for a thousand years… in some prison cell to pay for the pain he has brought on this world.

An Unusual Concept

I can’t say I totally agreed with the Supreme Court today. I don’t believe anyone should be able to require another to take a vaccine that is still classified as experimental.

Nonetheless, putting that aside, it would appear that the president can now require Supreme Court justices to take experimental vaccines, whether or not they want to take it. The justices are, after all, federal employees. The thought did not occur to me until after their decision. I wonder if it occurred to those wearing black robes.

Scarcity in the Land of Plenty

The quote of the day belongs to Greg Gutfeld. It goes something like this. Only a Democrat can create scarcity in the the most abundant land we have seen in the history of the world.

Then Dagen McDowell reminded us that another reason the store shelves are empty is because of looters.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a big fan of Gutfeld`s, but now and then he says something profound. If only he had some reasonable morality. His profanity rivers my drill instructor.

Build the Wall??

For a long time now, I have written strongly in favor of a wall on the Mexican border. Here lately, I am beginning to wonder if we should build a wall south of Memphis.

We have for years had problems with Memphians. Frequently, Memphis residents brought their attention children to Desoto County schools. Not only is that wrong, it’s illegal.

I suppose it’s an admission that Desoto County schools are better. To be sure, they are doing this at quite a risk. I don’t know what the penalty is but I am sure it would hurt. They risk someone checking plates as they drop off their children.

Besides, it means driving children to and from school. That can’t be easy. Then the kids must learn dishonesty. Not only must they lie about where they live, but they must guard against a slip of the tongue that might reveal their true domicile.

Over time, things kept getting worse. They have brought their driving habits, their drugs and crime.

Now it’s become unbearable. They have brought their politics. That means Desoto County will soon have all the disadvantages of Memphis, including the horrible schools.

So. We need a really big wall.

I suspect that isn’t legal. Maybe it is too late anyway. Well. At least they won’t be bringing their kids to our schools. That will save us a bit on our taxes.

Now, if we can just keep their drugs and crimes north of that little invisible line separating Memphis from Mississippi.

It is sort-of what happens when you allow socialist to migrate into conservative areas.

There Are People Dying!

Joe Biden lost his son. I am sure he took it very hard. I know I would if I lost one of my sons.

Nonetheless, there are thousands dying around him and he seems oblivious to it.

Over 100,000 have died from opioids sense he has taken the helm

Hundreds have died on their way to our border; others die north of the border; others are sold into who knows what all. Some of them die too, or they wish they would die.

Thousands die because they cannot receive proper care of the China virus, and he knows there are many low cost cures available.

Joe is guilty of nothing less than mass murder and he simply cares not at all, and he never will.