The Doctor Will See You Now?

While I was in the Marines, I did not need to concern myself with the cost of medicine. Uncle Sam paid for it. That meant, if I could see a doctor, I was treated well. It also meant that if I had the flu, I worked sick.

The alternative was to wait three hours to be seen. Most of time, I would see a corpsman, not a doctor. He would give me a bottle of aspirins and give me light duty for 24 hours, which meant I went back to work. I learned the pattern early and didn’t bother trying to see a doctor anymore.

The hitch was that without the light duty authorization, they could make me do some heavy work. Actually, they did that anyway.

It is, sort of, a picture of communism. Everyone gets paid the same and everyone has to do the same amount of work. Unless I was falling down sick, I did as much as everyone else. Also, they had someone with a few stripes making sure I did it.

Once I became a civilian, if was sick, I called in. I was able to do that eight times a year. Mostly, I only used two or three sick days a year. When I worked for a bank, I worked 3 1/2 years straight. Didn’t miss a day. Still, if I got sick, I could take a few days off without getting an excuse from the doctor.

More important, If I felt bad enough, I could actually see a doctor, usually in an hour or two. Nowadays, I do have to wait some, but I still see a real doctor. When I was having chest pains, there was no wait at all.

The real problems with the military medical system started after I got married. I had a four year old that was having problems breathing at night. I did get him in to see a doctor twice. Both times he was diagnosed with tonsillitis. He prescribed some meds and sent him home both times.

The worst part was that the symptoms always got worse at night. If getting into see a doctor was difficult during the day, it was ten times worse at night. Actually, to some degree that is true with civilian doctors too. There seems to be an unwritten law somewhere that if you’re going to get sick, do it between 8 am and 5 pm, Mon through Fri. Fridays are frowned on too.

It was only after taking my son to a private doctor I found out that he nearly died from lack of air. He removed the tonsils and he hardly had another sick day in his life. Bear in mind that I was a Sgt at the time (E5). I cannot imagine what privates and PFCs go through. They can’t afford to go to a private doctor. On the other hand, I cannot imagine a general ever having to wait a minute for a doctor. Indeed, sometimes, I suspect the doctor goes to him.

It is sort of the way it is with social medicine. Most cannot go to private doctors. There are none. Under socialism, the state pays for the doctors. If you want to see a private doctor, you would have to go to another country. It is exactly what the Canadians have been doing for years. When their socialistic system is inadequate, they just visited doctors in the US. Going to a private doctor in Canada is not allowed.

However, if you happen to be one of the members of the Canadian government, your chances of having to wait for bypass surgery are inversely proportional to your position.

I am not saying that private medicine is perfect. It is far from it. But it is better than free medical. Take it from one who has seen it first hand. By the way, when we went on Obama care, it was far worse than private medical for me. I was paying a grand a year for my wife for five years and she only used it once. That is even worse than what I had in the Marines. It was not only bad medical but I had to pay for it too.

By the way, they only thing they can do to make Obama care worse is to put Fauci in charge of it.

The Investigation Is Done

For those unaware, they finished and released the study on the source of the China virus. I think we, one and all can assume it came from the lab. Of course, when they were asked, they said it was still classified.

However, here is the real secret, do you think they would keep it a secret if it didn’t come from the lab. Don’t you think they would tell anyone and everyone that it came from the animals, that is if it came from the animals.

Of course it came from the lab. Now they need time to come up with some really neat way of spinning it so that President Trump looks guilty, although he had not one thing to do with it.

By the way, why isn’t the real guilty party in jail? Why isn’t Fauci in an orange jumpsuit? Actually, I would be satisfied with white and black stripes or black and white stripes — just so long he is behind bars for the rest of his life.

By the way, wouldn’t it be nice to send Biden to the hoosegow too… for the way he handled that retreat from Afghanistan?

Voting Machines and the Internet

If a voting machine has a cell phone in it, it can be connected to the net. If a voting machine is Wi-Fi capable it can be connected via Wi-Fi to the net. If a cell phone is in the same room as the Wi-Fi voting machine, It has a potential Wi-Fi connection to the net.

My Kindle cannot be directly connected to the net. Put it next to my phone and, through the Wi-Fi on my phone, I can use the Kindle to surf the net. For that matter, I can and have used it for my computer.

An air gap is a good way to keep people from accessing a voting machine via the net. However, be sure of the air gap.

In the end, paper is the best. You take ten pieces of paper, let ten people vote on them, toss them in a hat and count them, you have a virtual perfect vote. However, as the number of papers increase; and as the number choices increase (For instance not just president but also governor, senator and dog catcher) the difficulty of keeping it all honest becomes more and more difficult.

For instance, going back to the hat, if you pulled out eleven votes, you would know someone was trying to cheat. And so it is that care must be taken to make sure that you don’t end with more ballots than people eligible to vote.

Also, in the case of the hat, we knew ten people were eligible. We permitted only ten ballots. When we are talking millions of ballots, it isn’t so simple. Hence, we insist that people resister and we insist that they are properly eligible before we allow them to register.

At one time, it was required to register about a month in advance, in the day before computers. To make sure voters were registered, lists of registered voters were sent to the proper precincts. Nowadays, with computers, the register can be updated more quickly so some states allow people to register the day they vote.

On the downside, it also makes it easier to cheat. For me, I don’t have much money so I am somewhat limited. However, I could easily register and vote in 5 states, maybe 6 likely without being caught. If I’m the only one, statistically, it would not be significant. On the other hand, I 2 or three thousand are involved, it can tilt the scales, especially in local races.

On the other hand if I had a private jet, who knows how many states I can register in. It is a simple matter of distance and time. With the plane, distance would become less of a problem.

By the way. I am a republican. No need checking on me. We republicans don’t do things like that, but dems do. They can do it because it doesn’t bother their consciences.

By the way, that is against the law. However, FOCs can get away with it all the time. While evidence of it has appeared in many cases, no one seems to be interested in prosecuting it. That means, IF I wanted to do such a thing, I would first need to change my party affiliation.

At any rate, I said all that to say this. “The first step in making sure you run a clean election is to make sure you have a clean registration. That means, you make sure voters live where they say they do. That means you make sure they are citizens of the US and preferably the state in which they preside. Also, that means, making make sure all other of all other requirements for the state are made, such as, not being in prison.

Of all the weaknesses in our voting system, registration is the worst and the FOCs have done all they can to insure to take advantage of it. I would suspect the result of motor-voter registration has done more to destroy our voting in this country than any other one thing. If a true investigation were made, I suspect that there are thousands who were illegally registered in that way. Get a driving license, and poof, you are a voter, even if you don’t want to be. Even if you are not even a citizen.

And, by the way, when that freshly registered voter is investigated, he would be found to be guilty of a felon, though no fault of his own.

Registration must be done with care. Else the rest matters very little. Personally, I believe everyone should be required to re-register every 4 years. Those who don’t should not be permitted to vote. Also, let’s go back to the 30 day minimum. There is no sense making it simple to break the law.

Moreover, it is a well-known fact that there are many on the current registrations who are dead. Also, there are many who have moved out of the county, out of the state, and possibly out of the country. It might still be legal for them to vote, but not in the county in which they are registered. That makes a difference in local elections, such as mayor and dog-catcher.

Then again, I am one of those folks that believes a vote matters. As the fella said, he who counts the votes, wins the election. Let’s not make it so true. Let us do our diligence to make it difficult to cheat. Moreover, when we see something suspicious, investigate it. Just because it did not change the outcome of the election, that doesn’t make it okay. It certainly does not make it right. Also, the broken window rule of Giuliani applies. The first two go to jail for cheating, the third one will decide not to cheat.

Finally, will someone please fit Fauci for an orange jump suit. He is proof positive that you can kill millions and get away with it. What I don’t understand is how he can live with himself. You might have to put me in a rubber room if I were to accidentally kill 2 or 3.

Do You Know Where your Federal Gas Taxes Go?

Neither do I. I tried to find out. From all I can figure, it was originally supposed to help build federal highways. Of course, all money is fungible and your guess is as mine. It seems to me, someone said it has gone to support Amtrak. I guess that means every time one of those folks riding the train on the east coast, I am helping to pay for it. I really don’t understand that. Why can’t they pay fare, all of it. From the 1850s the feds have helped the railroads with money and land. Then in return, they overcharged our farmers to get the product to market. Just why is it that they need my help?’

I have heard that some of it goes to airports. As I said, I may be wrong. But if we are why am I having to help pay for some rich guy flying first class on a 777. I mean, I do have bills too.

I understand some of it is going into something called light transit. Their object is to get us our of cars and into mass transit. By the way, I have also heard it is used to help maintain the subways of New York. From what I understand, most of them don’t even buy gas. I guess that means they are not helping to build the federal highways.

As far as the rapid system, if they would use it to build roads, we wouldn’t need the rapid transit system. The problem with so called rapid transit systems is that they have no privacy, are frequently not on time and, of course, don’t run past 9pm. So. If I get off work at 10, I walk.

They do have one advantage. I don’t have to drive. If I should want to do my knitting on the way to work, no problem, as long as I can trust those three guys sitting next to me that look like they are each packing. In addition, they have been eyeing me to decide on if they want to relieve me of the task of carrying my wallet.

Now they are coming up with electric cars. It has created a quandary for them there FOCs. If they don’t get any gas tax from them, how are they going to continue with the airports and trains and such. They will have to get the money from somewhere.

Some suggest that we pay by the mile. Might I suggest that we do away with the gas tax first (fat chance). I suppose those of us who drive the gas guzzlers will just have to pay the road tax twice.

I guess that does make sense. I pay for my drinking water and Flint, Michigan too. I am going to pay for my internet and that of four or five others too.

I think you get the picture. This infrastructure bill they are passing is just another way for those FOCs to get their hands on my money supposedly doing all kinds of good. You lift up that carpet and look under it, it really serves two purposes. It is a way for them to get rich and another way to control our lives. They want us to take public transportation while they take private planes. And by the way, their private planes guzzle our hydrocarbons.

By the way, why don’t they take that so called virus expert, Fauci and send him down to the Mexican border and put him in charge of testing, treating and vaccinating. If he succeeded down there, he just might do something good, but I don’t hold out much hope. It would probably be better to just put him in prison where he belongs.

The Truth of the Proof

The state assemblies keep trying to find the proof of the fraud in the last election.

The FOBs keep trying to hide the proof.

The fate of the nation hangs in the balance.

AND, by the way, the media is doing all they can to help the FOBs. Not even Fox News says a thing about it anymore. Whenever the subject does come up, they quickly change it. So the truth suffers.

Regardless, there has been disobedience of the law, even to the point of admission, which very few pay attention to.

Then, of course, Fauci knows he is safe from prison as long as the AG is a FOC. If and when he is ever replaced by a republican, he just might want to by a ticket for China.

All You Have to Do Is….

Yesterday afternoon, I stopped by a fried chicken place. I’m not going to use names but it was a well known place. It had advertised that the dinning room was open but I guess, for one reason or the other, they closed it again. There was an employee there and she told me, “You have to drive around.”

I know it is a terminology, but it is one that rubs me the wrong way. Had it not been for the recent problems with the China virus and I do realize it has caused problems, I would have replied, “No, ma’am. I do not have to drive around. I do have the option of going somewhere else or I can go home and make my own dinner.”

It did remind me of a young man I was talking to on a phone. It was back in the days when most people had land lines. I don’t remember what it was but I was trying to buy something. Maybe it was a pizza. It doesn’t matter. He hit my hot button and told me, “All you have to do is….” I don’t remember the rest. It doesn’t matter. I simply told him, “No. I don’t have to do anything.” I was very emphatic and he apparently realized his mistake as he started trying to explain. He didn’t get very far.

Recently, I tried to get a plumber to come out to my house. The woman I was talking to tried to get me to sign up for one of those yearly contracts. I explicitly told her I was not interested and please send out a plumber. She continued and I warned her, “If you continue at this I will hang up.” She did; so, I did. To this day I wonder if the owner realized she cost him a regular customer. I have not gone back to him since.

I am not a business owner nor do I have a degree in business. For that matter, I do not have a degree. However, I have worked in businesses before and I always know better than to tell a customer, “All you have….” It is basic business 101, and all business owners need to tell their employees.

Unlike those of us who have to go to get a driver’s license every couple of few years, most customers are not required to do business with a certain company. Occasionally, things like that do happen, especially in the old days when there was just one store in town and the next one was a two or three days ride away. However, in the case of the chicken place, there were five restaurants around in walking distance. We did not have to go through the drive through and we didn’t.

I know what the woman meant. I know she knew I did not really HAVE to go through the drive through. Still such things irk me. As I say, they push my button. I am a potential customer. I am not in any way captive to their business. More than that, I hate drive throughs, especially after the China virus. For quite a while, I could not find anyplace where I could sit down and eat. (Makes me all the more angry at Fauci. Why isn’t that no good character in prison?) Besides, believe it or not, when I go through a drive through, it generally takes much longer and I burn up a quarter tank of gas waiting.

More than that, people that own businesses should know to tell their employees about things like that. There is far too much competition out there, and some of them don’t require to drive through. Things may yet change but there are many places that now have open dining rooms and the are doing a thriving business.

As for the business that tried to sign me up for the contract. I’m not worried about them. They obviously have more business than they can handle anyway. They clearly did not have time for me.

New Mask Guidelines

Sunday: No masks

Monday: Wear masks inside if vaccinated, outside if not.

Tuesday: Wear two masks, one backward. You may ask why backward. Why not?

Wednesday: Only wear masks while outside, especially while swimming.

Thursday: TV day. Wear masks while watching TV.

Friday: Wear one mask at a time, but change them every two hours. Rotation of used masks is not permitted. (This provision was added for those selling masks. Be sure to discard all used masks.)

Saturday: Masks must be worn. That is to say, they may not be new. They most have some wear to them, you know like those tortured blue jeans.

Okay. The whole idea is stupid. However, can anyone prove it any less accurate than any others? I have not seen any tests results that say the things do any more than reduce my oxygen saturation levels. I would suspect that if anyone proved they weren’t effective, they likely wouldn’t post it. There is little or no benefit to it. Besides, anyone that did post such a thing would be in dire danger of being drummed out of The Society of Mask Experts. The society was established by those who love to say, “Follow the science.”

(By the way, one thing I do know about them is that I can’t wear one in the supermarket more than an hour without a break. I have a grate deal of respect for those who had to wear them all day.)

When’s the last time anyone checked to see if all those illegal aliens are properly wearing their masks. Build the Wall!!

There Goes Uncle Joe Again

Not long ago, I heard Biden say something to the effect that we need to start trusting our government again. First of all, I would never trust Biden with the time-of-day. The only way to keep him from lying is to wire his mouth shut. Second, The United States Constitution was designed on the concept that we SHOULD NEVER EVER trust government. Governments are made of men. When we trust men they will fail us. Men are inherently power hungry. It is the reason they built so many checks and balances in the our government. It is also why they put so much power in the hands of the newspapers. (Unfortunately, even the news media can fell as we have well seen,) The fact of the matter is the government that insists on our trust is likely government we should trust least.

The ideas I have written are not new. It is spread throughout the Federalist Papers. If men are left alone to rule, they will rule. They will take control and we will lose our constitutional form of government.

I wished Biden had tried to tell me I am supposed to trust him. Look what happened when we (trusted/elected?) him. Crime has sky rocked, he is the puppet of Russia and China, and he can’t even figure out which way he is supposed to go while on stage or what questions he is not supposed to answer.

Also, look what happened when we put our trust in Fauci (part of government bureaucracy). 4 million people died, the world economy went into a nose dive and no one seems to be able to get him to admit to what he has done, though it as plain as the mask on his face.

A Suspect Property

I am not currently in the market for any property. However, I do have a little advice for those who are. If the house has a basement and the real estate agent tells you there is no need to look at it, be suspicious. Demand to see the basement! You might also want to look in the attic as well, no matter how much they object. Indeed, the more they object, the more suspicious you should be. To be sure if you buy any house without looking in all the nooks and crannies, you deserve any and all the problems you get from not inspecting them.

The above is casual to the most obvious observer. It is one of the simplest rules in buying property, or for that matter cars, boats, planes, etc.

Yet, the FOCs have been repeating over and over, “No need for to check for voting fraud. Everyone knows there is no fraud to see here.” Where are the suspicions? Why are people not demanding to see the evidence, even though it is obvious that many have disobeyed the law, fraud or not.

The hints are starting that Pennsylvania is thinking about doing an audit. Suddenly, Biden hops on Air Force One and says, “Nothing to see here folks let’s just move along. Besides, it is bad statesmanship to not accept the results of an election.”

I saw a Pennsylvania state representative say that after deciding to have a look at the Arizona audit, his phone virtually exploded with calls telling him not to do it. “Your wasting your time. There is nothing to see down there and so forth.” I guess that representative was supposed tell that pilot to turn that plane around. He made a mistake. He should have never boarded the plane.

Question: Why all the protesting if there is no fraud. If there is none, none will be found and the republicans, like me, will all just have red faces covered in egg. On the other hand, if there is fraud found, then what happens? What do we do? We can’t tell the current occupant of The White House to pack his bags and leave. May I remind one and all, we would be plowing into new territory. The Constitution and the law does not cover it. Yet we would, for the first time, be able to say for a fact that we have an illegitimate man in the oval office. (You notice that I did not use the term president because, in a way, he would not be president.)

If you go by natural law, Biden would go to prison. It doesn’t matter though. He never knows where he is anyway. It’s all those hangers on that are taking advantage of him that I’m concerned about.

May I remind one and all, Mrs. Clinton has not accepted the results of the 2016 election to this day. Gore is still smarting because he could not get the Supreme Court to accept his growing voter fraud…remember the chads. What’s her name, the woman that lost the governor’s race in Georgia. She still does not accept her loss.

I get it. Only the FOCs get to contest elections. If a person has an R after his name, sorry, not permitted. Not allowed. It is not the statesman thing to do.

To some degree, I do agree. Gore, Clinton and what’s her name from Georgia do not have much statesman ship. However, they sure know how to cheat.

By the way, speaking of things to hide, why isn’t Fauci in prison? Why is it that he gets away with financing a pandemic without answering for it.

Fleeing Texas???

While people by the thousands are fleeing to Texas, I hear there are a small number fleeing from Texas. They are called democrats, AKA FOCs. As usual, they are demonstrating their lack of intellect. They are headed the wrong way.

Okay. I admit. I put a big spin on that one. I would hope the FOCs would not hold it against me. After all, they do their share of spinning. Moreover, they do have a method to their madness. It is the only way they know to stop good responsible state legislation and everyone knows how they FOCs detest passing good legislation. After all, they do like helping criminals, in this case illegal voters and those who encourage them. I mean, let’s not get in the way of illegal aliens voting, maybe two or three times.

By the way, before you might get upset about me calling them illegal aliens, it is the wording in the federal code. It is the legal term, like it or not.

One more thing, should the Republicans use the same method when Biden tries to put us 6 trillion dollars in debt. Moreover, it is casual to the most observer that the Texas laws are good and Biden’s are bad. The Republicans would be totally just in taking a walk at the right time. Moreover, I don’t think you would find any republicans whooping it up and celebrating as the FOCs are.

As an aside: will someone please tell me when Fauci is going to go before the judge? Can anyone tell me when he will answer for the loss of 4 million lives, more or less. I mean, when we’re talking millions, they are just stats and a few hundred thousand one way or the other doesn’t matter.