It Doesn’t Take a PhD

To get rid of Obama Care they need to vote to repeal it.  Should take one day, maybe two.  A simple provision should be made for those who have learned to depend on the law.  It would continue the law for two years.  Those that don’t want to depend on the law should be able to leave it any time.

That gives us two years to do it right.  One bill for pre-existing conditions; one vote in each house; up or down.  The second bill; one vote: include 26 year-olds on the policies.  The third bill….  …and so forth and so on.  It actually does not take someone with a doctor’s degree to figure it out.  I suspect even a high school graduate could do it.

They keep telling us it’s complicated.  Sorry.  I don’t believe that.  What I do believe is that it would be resolved tomorrow if the senators and representatives had to go through all we do.  (Note:  They should be required to do their own paperwork, no cheating by paying someone else.)

While they are piddling around, I am paying $940 a month for my wife.  Thankfully, I am on Medicare or it would be double that.

Oh yes.  By the way, I need to find another insurance company.  Humana is canceling my wife’s policy at the end of the year.  I guess the premiums are still too small.

What I think is that no one within the confines of the D.C. city limits cares one iota.   While they argue, I go broke.  What I think is that I am not alone.  I might have to get another job just to pay her insurance.  The problem is that I don’t think I can find one that will pay be enough.

Maybe it is about time to start sending letters to our congressmen.  I’m not sure it will do any good, but let’s just try it and see.

Chevrolets, HHR’s, and Sunroofs that have pop-up cloth farings

When my sunroof broke on my HHR, I tried to get it repaired.  It would seem Chevrolet doesn’t do things that way.  Instead of replacing a piece of metal that would cost a nickel, they wanted me to by a new sunroof for over three-hundred dollars.

I didn’t like their idea, so I decided to go to the Web.  When I started, I could see five possible solutions.  To keep things short, I decided to remove the broken part, the piece of cloth that popped up when the door opened along with the metal that supported it.  Then I had a $50 faring installed in front of the window.

Now it is better than before.  It’s quieter and operates better.  Also, if Disney will forgive me, it’s less Mickey Mouse looking.  The faring is needed for two reasons, noise and wind at speed.  The noise is similar to the one you get by lowering the rear windows while the front ones remain closed.

While I was at it, I added side window farings.  The total costs for me, approximately $150.  Biggest advantage, I fixed the problem without paying twice for the substandard sunroof.

A couple of side notes: I noticed that the same sunroof is used by many different cars.  So if you own other models of GM vehicles, you might come upon the same problem.  Also, you might want to keep this in mind when you buy your car.  You might want to think twice about having a sun roof if it has a popup cloth faring.

Obama Care – Rino Care, Same-Same

It seems every time I turn around, I hear someone talking about about the heath care bill, or the failure to pass the new one.  I’m kind of a simple person.  I don’t need all the theories.  I don’t need all the talk.  I really have no interest in the smoke and mirrors.

I have but one simple question.  When they actually pass something, am I still going to have to pay $940 a month.  If they decrease the cost by ten percent as I have heard, that won’t get it.  I will fight to replace my Representative  and my senators.  If I have to, I will run against one of them myself.

Granted I won’t get anywhere, but my representatives aren’t getting me anywhere either.  Considering my wife and I are living on Social Security, the one thing that  scares me most is that after it’s all said and done, there will be little or no change.