Apologies to Kobalt

I had been putting off cutting the rest of a large branch that fell in my back yard. I can think of a dozen reasons to put it off. Wait for it to cool off a little, wait for the wood to dry making lighter and easier to cut, etc. The truth was some laziness and some fear. I was afraid that big thing would fall on me and leave my wife on her own.

A guy came by and offered to do it for $150 so I let him and his partner have at it. Borrowing my Kobalt battery powered chainsaw an expert went to work. 15 minutes later the 800+ pounds of wood lie in 4 foot pieces at the curb.

However , if I needed to do much more work, it would have to wait for a battery recharge.

As an aside, later I mentioned to my wife that I was tired. She replied, I don’t see why. You haven’t done anything. I said I did too. I watched a man make firewood out of a big branch. That is exhausting you know.

Ironically, No Ch. 5

The 1st time I arrived in Memphis, actually NAS Memphis located in in the city of Millington just north of Memphis, the only TV station I could receive on my little 5 in. portable TV was ch. 5.

Now I can receive all the major channels but 5. I have no idea why. I’ve tried auto-scanning the channels dozens of times. Depending on the position of the amplified GE antenna, I get some channels some times and other channels other times. However, since removing cable, I have yet to see NBC or any of the other substations on ch 5.

My first thought was that it was some kind of conspiracy but how. Certainly, those who own the station want me to be able to watch their advertising. I mean, they don’t make money off the programs but rather the ads.

It brings to mind my CEO theory again. Has the CEO ever tried to receive ch 5 on an antenna? Does he, or she even care about us mass of poor people who don’t have cable. Maybe we have been written off, so to speak, because we have such little purchasing power.

It does somewhat make me wonder what they are trying to sell on ch 5. For that matter, what kind programming do they have.

The main point of this post however, is point out the problem with the TV. I can delete channels after a scan but I cannot add any. Try as I may, I have tried and tried. It would appear the designers of my TV have assumed two things that aren’t true. First, they believed that their work of wonder will find all channels. Second, they assumed that all transmitters are the same direction from my living room.

Nothing is further from the truth. I need to adjust the direction of the antenna for each channel for best reception. That means that no one scan will pick up all the stations.

In this case, no ch. 5 at all.

I wonder if the CEO of ch. 5 knows, or cares.

An afterthought: Channel 10, PBS came in crystal clear, no matter where I point the antenna. Most of the shopping networks come in good. I wonder about that. It means every time I do a scan, I need to manually delete all the garbage.

Sometimes, Bigger is Better

A tree fell in my back yard. I already had a 14 inch chainsaw, but it is old, dull and requires an extension cord. So, I went to Lowes and bought a battery powered Kobalt 40 V 14 in. model. I mean, if it’s Kobalt it has to be good.

From the start, I was disappointed. It took about 2 hours to put the chain on and adjust it. Moreover, as my wife said the chain looks more like something to hang around the neck than something designed for dealing with even small trees.

I guess I should have gotten an 18 inch model but I was only battling 6 inch limbs. At any rate, it took 5 minutes for the chain to get caught in one of the limbs.

When I put the old wore out saw to the task, it went right through it.

Then, once I freed the chain for the new saw. It took another hour to put it back on. For this I refer to the post I wrote on what I call the CEO principle. Clearly, the CEO has never used this saw. Leastways, I know he never installed the chain.

As an aside, the installation book can stand a couple of small corrections. First, it might help to explain that the kickback lever is a little difficult to actuate. I was afraid of breaking it.

Also, it might help to explain the chain installation better. Better yet, they could make it easier to install the thing.