Compromise: Good or Bad?

Our national history is full of compromises from the beginning. Indeed The constitution has its share of them. The small sates believed the representation should be by state. The large states believed that representation should be by population. So, they compromised. The House is representation by number. The Senate was representation by state.

Perhaps the most well known compromise was about slaves. The south wanted the slaves to count in the census but they did not want them to be represented. The North threw a fit. First, they wanted the slaves to be represented, but if they weren’t, certainly they should not be counted on the census. So they compromised. Slaves were partially counted on the census but were not represented.

When I learned about this compromise, I found it disgusting, even though my family is from the south and most of them would not have agreed with me. I always found the concept of slavery revolting, though it began long before any white man set foot on this continent. And just for those of you who like to poke fun at the Bible, Abraham owned slaves…apparently many of them. Then again, the Bible does not record the history of perfect people. It just records the history, the bad right along with the good.

Then there was The Missouri Compromise. When I found out about it, I didn’t much care for that either. However, it did seem to be a way of keeping the nation from splintering but for a small time. The problem of slavery was a big one that simply did not seem to want to go away, no matter how many compromises.

Ironically, after a few more decades, the problem would likely start waning. With the industrialization, the slave would have become far less profitable, if I might use the heartless term. Steam had already come into its own with trains. It was only a matter of time before the tractors would replace the manual labor. Slaves would have been more of problem than an advantage.

To be sure, in some instances, it is more difficult to speculate about the past than the future. Maybe no one would have industrialized farming if they already had the slaves to do the work. There’s no real telling. All we know for sure is that the Civil War broke out and hundreds of thousands of men died on both sides. Eventually, the compromises failed and the war was inevitable. Besides the disagreement, there were those hot heads on both sides that just wanted to fight.

Regardless of what happened before, the war settled it. The slaves were free, though hardly any of them had any idea how to make a living. Black men and women could not read except for a few rare ones. The Northerners who were sent south for the reconstruction took advantage of that. They paid the Black man to vote, six, seven, eight times.

I think most reasonable people would find that a bad thing. Certainly those in the south did so they used a poll tax to discourage it. The north soon prevented poll tax, even though it was already legal in several northern states.

Later the south came up with a literacy test. This too was dropped by force, though I suspect it would be a very good idea. First, people that vote should know how to read. It does seem to be a simple requirement for such an important thing. Moreover, I suspect the schools would do a much better job of educating our youth, both white and Black if it became a requirement for voting.

Perhaps the worse thing that came out of the restoration of the south was the KKK. As so many such things, it began as a good thing. The carpetbaggers came down from the north taking anything and everything they could in the name of restoration. The south countered the only way they knew. After a few decades the KKK got our of hand and they had to send the FBI in to tame them, although they remained right up to the 1980s. And by the way, most of them were democrat. And by the way, it started out that their fight was not with the African-Americans but with the carpetbaggers.

And so it was, a couple small compromises made to keep the nation together almost caused them to separate. If the south had been more industrialized, indeed the US might today be in two separate parts.

There was another casualty of the whole thing. The Tenth Amendment, the one that reserves rights to the states and to the people. It has become very weak; even to the point that it is hardly brought up any more.

And now, today, the word compromise is all to often heard. When the FOCs want something, they ask for compromise. When the Republicans want a compromise, the FOCs simply dig their feet in and say no way. And so it is that every year we compromise a little more. Eventually, there will be no more room for compromise. The FOCs will have all they wanted and they will have gotten it all by compromise.

All the FOCs want is power. When they have it all, we just might want to bring the KKK back. The problem with that is that it will likely be too late. The FOCs will have all the guns. They will have used some kind of compromise to take them.

Police, Fund or De fund Them?

De fund the police. They are all that is bad about our country. It is one the mantras throughout the land for months now. Then something happened. The FOCs found out it was poling badly for them. Some poles suggested that as many as 80% of the nation wasn’t buying their absurdity.

The FOCs really don’t mind it if you don’t believe them. Normally they just repeat the lie until it becomes a fact. Consider global warning, or climate change or whatever they call it today. Al Gore made a very impressive presentation on how the world would flood in ten years. D. C. and Florida were going to be under water.

People, real scientist with heads on their shoulders said it just wasn’t so. Every time that happened, they were beaten (figuratively) about the head and shoulders until they stepped in line. It worked. The world flooding became fact…until it wasn’t. Now, fifteen years later, there is no massive flooding. If the ocean level rose at all, it is barely measurable, and it was likely caused by other things.

Except for a few people like me, the failure of the prediction is ignored. As a prophet, Gore is an outright failure. According to the Bible’s requirements for a prophet, he lacks the credentials. All of God’s prophets are 100% right or they are not God’s prophets. Gore was not only wrong, he was drastically wrong.

Yet, he is still held in high esteem by those who worship the mother earth. They ignore his failure. Every thing he teaches is still held as undeniable fact. And yet, today, we can see it was a boldfaced lie and never had any truth to it.

And so, again, the FOCs tell the lie over and over that the no good police must be done away with. This time however, it fails to become fact. People are losing businesses. Women are being raped. People are being shot and babies are being killed. Guess what? De funding the police was a great disaster.

The FOBs don’t mind the damage. They just don’t like press. So, they blamed the idea on the republicans.

Now that was really smart. They tried to cover up one lie with another. Usually that sort of thing works for them. They have had enormous practice with it. They meet behind closed doors and come up with a lie. It doesn’t have to be believable. They just have to be able to sell it. The secret is simple. They all say the same thing until it becomes fact.

This time it went over like the proverbial lead balloon. After all, we are speaking of the lives of thousands. When the basketball hit the ground, it didn’t bounce. People realized the lie for what it was and the FOBs realized they were worse off than before.

Now they have come up with their own idea of funding the police. They would fund them with federal tax dollars. That has politician advantages for them in may ways. Mostly it makes the FOCs appear to really care, which they don’t. They are now solving the problem, which they are only making worse.

Moreover, it helps them as controllers. Anything they fund, they control. Before the police were funded locally. Now they will be funded federally, which means the FOCs will control them. That is better for them, worse for us.

In other words, it is a power play, plain and simple.

They already are taking control of our schools and medicine(Obama Care) in a central authority. If they have their way, they will soon control law enforcement centrally as well. Eventually, their hope, control it all under one central authority. Then, effectively, the states would have no authority.

Before we permit the federal government to fund/control the local police, maybe we should think again.

What Time Is It?

Many have asked the question, “Why did God permit a horrible man such as Hitler to live?” I don’t know the answer but I do know another question, “Why did we as a civilization permit Hitler to live?”

To be sure we knew everything in advance. Had we stopped him before he went into Austria we just might have saved 6 million Jews, not to mention the loss of the lives of who knows how many soldiers and sailors… on both sides. Instead, we believed the lie, “Peace in our time.” We believed it because we wanted to.

The saying, “We have awoken a sleeping giant.” is attributed to Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto after the attack on Pearl Harbor. To be sure, in a sense, we were sleeping. That is to say, right up until the attack, we not only did not foresee the danger of Japan, but we did business with both Japan and Germany until the day of the attack.

So, on that fateful morning, we awoke. The giant, in every way, turned to war. Then, when the war was over, we went back to sleep…while another giant was approaching our gates. Our slumber was partially disturbed with Korea then Vietnam. But then we turned over and fell back into a sound sleep.

The communists are no longer at our gates but well established well within our businesses, schools and colleges. China is one of our main trading partners. Could it be that we have already overslept. Can it be that they are now unstoppable.

Regardless…it is time to awake. There is not time to set the snooze alarm. I fear we have already snoozed too long. I fear that our grandchildren will not benefit from the freedoms we enjoy. It would appear that no one finds liberty worth fighting for anymore.

If they take over, we have no one to blame but ourselves. They told us in advance just how they would take over and they have mostly stuck to the plan. Anyone who is still awake can easily see it.

Repeatedly, they have tried to convict President Trump of Crimes. It would appear to me the only crime he can be convicted of is slowing down the communist takeover, which has caused the dems not end of irritation. He has given us a chance and we are squandering it while the dems and doing and saying all they can to make hay before someone shuts the door on on them.

I dare say, it is time to awake. It is time to shut the door on them. Our last chance is the 2022 election, which has effectively started. If we don’t act now, the great giant we know as the USA will die it its sleep.

By the way, why isn’t Fauci in prison yet. It would seem the crime of trespassing in the Capitol Building is more important to the Justice Department than the deaths of 500 thousand Americans, of which many are Black and Latino as well as Caucasian.


When I was in high school, I started learning electrics. By the time I was in the 11th grade, I could fix most problems on black and white TVs, which were exclusively tubes. To some degree, I was getting into transistors a little, but they are much less forgiving. You get something wrong with tubes, they were pretty rugged electronically, if not physically. On the other hand, you get things wrong on a transistor for just a fraction of a second and they become useless, though they are much more able to stand the physical stress.

One of the tubes in the old TVs was the cathode ray tube, abbreviated CRT. It was the big one that was also frequently referred to as the picture tube. It was on that tube that the picture was formed. Normally, a black and white picture tube used 15 to 17 thousand volts. The Color tubes required far more, as much as 25 thousand, maybe more.

When I went into the 1970’s most TV’s were converted mostly to transistors. Two components remained vacuum tubes and it appeared to me that they would remain so. I just didn’t see how the two tubes could ever be replaced, certainly, not the CRT. I mean, what in the world could you use to replace the picture tube. Moreover, another tube was used to help develop the high voltages needed for the cathode ray tube.

It shows how much I knew. By the late 1980s I could see how the huge vacuum tube would be replaced by a thin panels of light emitting diodes. Go figure. Nowadays, anyone younger than twenty would never think of a TV as having a CRT. The abbreviation is used for something far worse, Critical Race Theory.

It’s a bunch of baloney, hooey, nonsense, also known as hogwash. When I was going through boot camp, my drill instructor told me everything anyone needs to know about race. He said marines are all one color, green. To this day I believe him.

To this day, I found that some of the best marines I knew were green. Then again, there were others who weren’t quite so good. They were green too. I didn’t know any white marines or black marines. I didn’t meet any brown marines. To me they were all the same color, green.

Now they want to go and mess up all the military services and teach them all that there are white, black and brown men and women in the service of our country. It won’t work. I know. I spent nine years in the Marines. Anything that causes one marine to look at another marine in a different light, as if he is different drives a wedge between them. That drastically decreases their effectiveness in battle. It might even cost the lives of a few green marines. I don’t like that.

As for those generals that are pushing the idea, I have a theory about them. Peacetime breeds bad generals. Lincoln found that out. He went through several generals before he found Grant. Ike was a lieutenant colonel at the outbreak of WWII. By the time it was over, he had five stars on each of his shoulder.

The reason for this is simple. Peacetime generals know how to politic. Wartime generals know how to fight wars.

Also, dividing a people is a good way to to concur them. You ever hear of “divide and concur.” It is a common method of the communist. It is no secret. It is in many of their publications.

I heard Fauci might be investigated. Still my question is what is taking so long? Why isn’t he in the big house already?

Biden Wants to Talk About the Rise in Crime Today

I heard over the news that Biden wants to address the country on the rise in crime and how to decrease it. It is nice to know that he has finally managed the first step, recognizing that the problem exist.

I can help him on how to resolve the problem.

  1. Never mind the guns. Lock up the criminals. It just might amaze him as to how much good this would do. Oddly, it even helps the criminals.
  2. Seal the border. Many criminals are finding their way into our country and committing crimes here. Frequently they bring guns with them. This point is so simple a first grader could figure it out. Also, drugs are a big part of the crime. Stop the drugs from entering the country and the crime will decrease.
  3. Tell his friends, the Chinese to stop importing fentanyl. They provide most of the supply and it is not because they want to do us any favors. It is possible for one nation to take over another with little more than the use of drugs. At the least he is using them to weaken us.

My guess is that Biden will not do any of these things. He will blame it all on President Trump and tell how important it is to control guns.

Consider the following: If all the guns are locked up, the crime will continue. If all the criminals are locked up, the crime will cease or at least greatly decrease.

By the way, speaking of borders, where is Kamala. Obviously, she does not want to be associated with that fiasco she was put in charge of. Obviously, she has done not one thing to improve it. Come to think of it, I think that is the plan.

I’m still waiting for someone to put Fauci in that orange jumpsuit. Actually, I wouldn’t mind if it is yellow. In a way, that is more suitable for the likes of him.


At or about 1964 a song was written for the musical “Fanny,” and Barbara Streisand recorded it. It was, maybe, her most successful recording. I don’t know. I’m just guessing.

I remember hearing the song, over and over. It seems that every time I got in my car to go anywhere, it was on my radio sometime during my trip. I must admit, I still like the song, especially Streisand’s recording, though I can’t say much for her politics.

Maybe the most memorable lyrics are “People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.”

Recently, the song was brought to mind, though, in a negative context. Nowadays it seems the FOCs (Dems) seem to have a little different attitude that could be expressed by a rewording of those famous words. It seems that their attitude is to teach People to hate People for the color of their skin. They have been doing it in our colleges and in our businesses. Now they have allowed the concept to invade our grade schools, even down to kindergarten.

They are taught that black people are the unluckiest people in the world and white people are the luckiest. One Friend of Criminals (FOC) even said that racism is the worst that it has ever been in this country. (Maybe he has forgotten the days of slavery.) Some folks just open their mouths and lies come pouring out. They can’t help it. It is in their nature.

The fact is that they want to sew discord and hate. They want People to hate People. They want to cause chaos so that they can promise their grand solution, communism.

For those that are not already aware, communism is never a solution. If you have any doubts, just look at those countries where communist rule. No one is fighting to get in those countries. Most are trying to leave.

On the other hand, the country founded on capitalism, everyone is trying to get in. It really should a giant hint for the wise.

Think about it. In China, you only have what they allow you to have. In the US, you have, mostly, what you have earned. To be sure, the socialist have already infiltrated. They do take part of your earnings and give it to those who will not work. They allow rioters to go through businesses and take what they want, burning the rest.

And, by the way, the FOCs refuse to fire Fauci, the one who financed the lab that made the virus that killed over three million… “People.” Why isn’t he in an orange jumpsuit?

A Few Observations About China

Over the years, there were some things I have observed about china. Though I would be hard pressed to prove them, I consider them obvious facts, or as I like to say, “They are casual to the most obvious observer.”

  1. China rarely has an original idea. On the other hand, they do copy the ideas of others well. Note that most of their supersonic fighter aircraft bear a strange resemblance to the American’s. Do you really want to mark that up to coincidence? Moreover, you notice that they always require businesses doing business inside their borders to relinquish their plans and designs. Do you think that is by accident?
  2. Most folks say their government is communist. It is not communist nor has it ever been communist. In communism all share resources equally. I assure you, the president of China and his cohorts live much better than the rest. It far more closely resembles the surf system of dark to middle age Europe. In this system, the vast majority worked their fingers to the bones to while the royalty did little or nothing. Of course, China does not have any official royalty. Then again, the surfs of Europe lived better than the surfs of China. More important, they had more privacy and the royalty of Europe were not such tyrants.
  3. I just looked up the population in China. By now it is likely 1.5 billion, plus or minus. That would mean there are likely about 1.4 million that would give their eye teeth to leave that horrid country, given the chance. I might be off a little, but I think you get the point. It does make me wonder. What would the leaders in China do if they found themselves the only ones left… without surfs to do the work. Then again, maybe the same question might be posed to many other nations including the US. Just what would the dems do if they had no one to tax, no one to do all the work, no one to defend the borders. That sounds like a real nightmare for the bunch of them, but especially the Chinese hierarchy. With no surfs to terrorize, I suppose they would just turn on each other. My guess is they would die of starvation before they could figure out how put food on their tables, that is, if they didn’t kill each other first.

…And this is what the dummycrats are wishing for our nation. It is…why I call them dummycrats.

Why isn’t Fauci fired. Why is he not in his orange jump suit.

As a side note, if you go to my home page, you will find a list of my books, some of them pretty thought provoking. You will also find instructions on how to order them. For those who like to look before jumping, Amazon will let you read some of the book before you order it.

Election Audits, What Ifs

If I have heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times, “No evidence of fraud.” To which I respond, “If you never look for fraud you will likely never find it, especially if you intentionally turn your head at the hint of it.”

At any rate, in Arizona, they have been doing a very serious audit. To the best of my knowledge, the dems, especially those in charge of the election are doing all they can to avoid the audit. I don’t know about others, but to me that smells. It smells like something rotten.

Moreover, it would seem even before they got a good start, they have found evidence of tampering, such as missing ballots by the thousands. Moreover, after taking a better look at the Georgia election, the Georgia Sec. of State has some explaining to do…like what happened to all those chain of evidence documents.

Okay. Maybe there is not yet any evidence of fraud. However, there is already plenty of evidence of improper election procedures in at at least five states, which would be more than enough to overturn the election. Oh. And by the way, they just might find some of that evidence that one and all keep saying doesn’t exist.

That provokes the question, “What if?”

To the best of my knowledge, there is nothing in the constitution or in the statutes that would cause Biden to vacate The White House. Indeed, even if they prove he was behind it, it would take an impeachment to have him removed. Moreover, given those that might succeed him, I’m not sure anyone would want that to happen, at least not until there is a republican Speaker of the House.

As near as I can tell, there is simply no way that the election could be reversed this late in the game. If such a thing did happen, I’m not sure what the results might be. I mean, the dems are prone to suggest riots in the streets and if they had such a reversal, the threat just just might come to pass. I simply do not know if our nation could stand such a upheaval.

However, if the proof were uncovered, it would accomplish at least four things.

  1. Some of the guilty just might find themselves in orange jumpsuits. This in itself might discourage future hanky-panky.
  2. It would shut the mouths of those claiming no fraud here. It should embarrass them, but it won’t. Nothing will. However, they never will have an ounce of credibility again. Their words will forever contain the ring of being being counterfeit.
  3. Most important, there would be justification for positive changes in voting laws. When it is suggested that picture IDs should be required, they will not be able say there is no fraud. (I refer to bullet point 2)
  4. The dems will have egg all over their faces. There is no way that such fraud could have been made on the voters of the nation unless they were fully behind it. It just might result in a change in the voter registration. On the other hand, that just might be wishful thinking. When people have a D after their name, they can get away with most anything.

By the way, where is that written apologize from the media and social media media for putting their filters on the China virus? I have not yet heard one, though they have a tendency to required them from us.

By the way, why is Fauci not yet fired. Why is he not net in an orange jump suit. He played a big part in the loss of millions of lives and I have not yet heard an apology from him either. When you come right down to it, I don’t think he feels an ounce of remorse. Many have shed tears of grief because of what he did. From him, not so much as a hint of a tear. He has walked away from his crime and likely will not pay a dime for it.

Just Who is it that’s Racist?

Sometimes, people have problems with definitions.  Sometimes folks like to redefine words to suit their purposes.  If things keep going the way they are, the dems will have the entire dictionary rewritten before the beginning of the next decade.

First off, we are no longer permitted to use the term illegal alien, even though that is the legal term.  They might not be documented, but they are definitely illegal if they enter the country illegally.

Now, it would seem that something is bipartisan if they can perform a survey and find one republican in favor of one of their harebrained ideas.

Over the last few years, they have found a favorite term, racism.  Indeed, they have found it and a few other words you might find in your thesaurus.  They throw the words around to the point that the words have become meaningless.  On the other hand, they just might mean anything.

Therefore, for those interested, let me provide some proper examples.

  1. Certainly, Hitler was racist.  The fact is; though, that Stalin killed at least as many Jews and his name is rarely brought up.  After all, to the communist, Stalin is a hero.  Indeed, the Russians were racist toward the Jews long before Hitler arrived on the scene.
  2. An obscure woman by the name of Margaret Sanger was in favor of aborting all black babies.  If you look up the word infanticide, you just might find a picture of the woman.  She was the one who established Family Planning for the sole purpose of ridding the world of “the inferior black race.”  Today, they deny such ideas but they locate 70% of their clinics inside predominately Black neighborhoods.  I don’t think that is by accident.
  3. Anyone who uses people of other races as pawns is clearly a racist.  To them, people are simply objects to be used and cast aside until they are needed again.  This is a good description of the dems.  They not only use and abuse African Americans but also Hispanic and Latinos.  I assure you.  If it did not suit their purposes to leave the boarder open, they wouldn’t.
    Because they want the votes, and because they believe that the Hispanics and Latinos will vote democrat, they have no hesitation using them as pawns.  The fact that some die on the way does not in the least bother them.  The fact that most of the women are raped on the way is no concern of theirs.  The millions that go to work in sweat shops and brothels do not even register on their empathy meter.
  4. The worst of all, every time they don’t like someone for anything, they call him a racist.  That dilutes the word.  It changes the meaning.  It makes it so the true racist is ignored.
  5. And now, even now, people are making every attempt they know how to eliminate the Jewish homeland and the Jews are being painted as the guilty party.  The Jews are called racist and a few other names I’d just as soon not repeat.

Just maybe this would be a good time for the African Americans, the Latinos and the Hispanics to open their eyes and see that they are being used as pawns.  I assure you, if and when the dems do away with The Constitution, they will no longer have any need for minorities and then it will be too late.  They will secure their power and establish something that looks very much like Venezuela.  Then, they will complete the border wall and use it to ensure that no one leaves.

A Few Redemptions of the White Man

If we listen to some, the white man, all white men are the worst creatures to walk the earth. However, let us remember a few redeeming actions of men who were white.

  1. Though he was not successful, Thomas Jefferson tried to make the black people equal under the constitution. He was forced into compromise in order that the revolution might succeed.
  2. During all the years of slavery, white people, under danger of being imprisoned, moved thousands of slaves into Canada. It was not enough to move them into the North. Due to a Supreme Court decision, slaves that were caught in the North had to be returned to the South. The folks who took part in this were white and were referred to as the underground railroad. Moreover, most of them were Christian.
  3. Let’s not forget that the vast majority of those who fought for the North were White. I will admit, many were conscripted. Many had other reasons for which they fought. Yet, they fought and died; and made the black man free.
  4. John F Kennedy, a white man, originated the equal rights act. At the time they voted it into law, those in the Senate and the house were all white. As an aside, this was in spite of the democrats efforts to stop it.

We white folks aren’t aren’t perfect, individually and collectively. However, there are many of us who have tried. That we should be collectively convicted is in itself a crime. I must admit, I have had my moments that I am not so proud of. On the other side of the coin, I have met some men who were black that that had nothing but contempt for me, though they never knew me.

Maybe one of these days, men will learn to look beyond the color of the skin, as Martin Luther King dreamed of. However, at this point, it is certainly not true. It is improper to give one person any privileges over any other person because of the color of his skin, regardless of his or her color. It all leads to disaster. Either way, it will cause anger even if it is not manifested. It can and has led to violence even when there was no provocation.

In the end, there are no magic wands that someone can just wave over the land and all the prejudice will go away. However, there are those who want to take advantage of the natural divisions: black, white; rich, poor; man, woman; Irish, Italian and Asian. I am sure I left some out. Beware of those who know of these weaknesses which we have have created.

Some seek to riches. Some seek power. On the other hand, some of our our opponents seek to use these weaknesses to overtake us and remove our freedoms. Some even want to make our country part of theirs.

Even if there is no outside influence, our civilization will tear itself asunder if there is racism. There will always be racism when there are those who encourage racism for their own purposes. Martin Luther King insisted on non-violent demonstration. Today, it would seem violent demonstration is the only kind. I suspect Martin Luther King would have no part of it.

Personally, I believe it is about time for all of us to respect each other; but then, I have always been a little bit of an idealist.