Anyone Ever Heard of Quality Control?

I guess the first time I ever heard the term “quality control” was when I was in the 7th grade or there abouts. Considering I was born in 1947, that was almost a lifetime ago, literally. That means, statistically, I should die just about any time now. Most men do not live much past their seventieth birthday.

Speaking of statistics, which some of us have difficulty saying; it is a science that, when applied to quality control, provide a very effective way of providing a good quality product without having to test each and every one.

I am not going to pretend to be an expert in statistics. However, I do know a little bit about them. In today’s world, it is difficult to avoid them, even while watching TV. Consider the nature show I saw. They caught several fish, tagged them and let them go. After a while, they caught several more fish and let them go. By determining how many of the fish they caught the second time that were tagged, they were able to determine how many fish were in the lake.

They explained it all and it made sense to me, though I still had my doubts. I’m not sure they took into account all the variables. None the less, they said they were accurate within a few percentage points.

On assembly lines, there are fewer variables and the stats are far more indicative. By pulling a small number of samples off the line at various points and checking them, the statistician can tell just how much of a problem the assembly line might have, that is, within certain limits.

Nowadays, it is a science that is practiced in just about all industries. If the CEO of Ford wants to know how many cars do not meet the specs, he asks quality control and they can tell him, likely within a few percent. This is despite the fact that quality control does not look at all the cars. Naturally, the more they sample, the more accurate they are. However, they can be very with very small random samples.

It really makes me wonder why we don’t use random sampling for voting. It can be done. Banks have test accounts to make sure that all accounts are treated properly. Random deposits and withdrawals are made and then verified. If the numbers are wrong, the bank knows they have a problem to fix. Mostly, it is a confidence test. The numbers are rarely, rarely wrong.

At the very least a simple test should be made after all elections for quality control. A certain number of the voters should be verified, not to determine who they voted for, but if they even exist. That is to say, someone would go to the address of a voter and ask two simple questions. Does this person live at this address and did he or she vote? The answers would go into a database and the statisticians could determine how many votes were legal and how many were not. The results should be posted to the legislatures and to the pubic. What is done with the numbers is up to them.

There is a little more active method. Special quality control ballots could be entered into the system at irregular intervals. The machines would not count the votes but they would be recorded. This would verify the machinery and the system itself. Those in charge of the quality control would know how it should turn out and would know there was a problem if it was wrong.

None of this would be perfect. However, if there was a big problem, we could be alerted. Moreover, if there is no problem, we would have just a little more confidence in the system. In itself, this would be a good thing. Doubting elections can lead to problems.

I don’t think any of this will happen, though. The FOCs have no desire for us to find the problems… the ones we can see without the quality control. They certainly don’t want the facts backed up with proof.

Suggested Solutions for the FOCs

As I turned on the TV today, I saw that the dems are in real trouble. Biden’s approval ratings have dropped to 43%. If the truth be told, it is more likely 35 or maybe 30%. Regardless, it will soon be down to 30% or lower. This means, come the midterm elections, Biden will act like a big boat anchor. Therefore, as a favor to the FOCs I have a few suggestions.

First, he could resign. I don’t think the dems would like that one. It would mean that the republicans would no longer be the only party to have a resignation in disgrace. Nonetheless, it would be fast and simple. Moreover, Biden could always try adding some kind of personal reason. He might even suggest it is for the good of the country, which would not be a lie.

Second, there are the direct ways, impeachment or 25th amendment. These are neither likely nor do they completely resolve the problem. It is sort of like getting something sticky on your fingers. It is a problem that is difficult to rid yourself of. Though you would get Biden out of office, there would be the horrible figurative stench he would leave behind, which would likely cost the FOCs a few points in the midterms. The biggest advantage of this method is that he can be removed from office even if he should refuse to resign.

Third, there is the heart attack or stroke idea. I don’t mean a real one. It would be a fake one. This would still involve the 25th amendment, but it resolves the whole smell thing. You simply notify the country that Biden has had a stoke and he will not be able to return to the office. Who knows, you might even get a few sympathy votes.

Finally, an extreme version of the above. Simply report that he has died of a heart attack and put him in the witness protection program. There would be a big funeral and everything. One hitch here is that Biden and his wife still warrant 24 hour a day Secret Service coverage.

Still something should be manageable. If the FOCs don’t arrange something before the presidential election, just how much of an embarrassment will ole Joe be by then?

(for those unaware, FOC stands for Friends of Criminals)

Incompetence? Motive? Both?

As I think over Biden’s recent decisions, certain facts have come to mind. While he does appear to be incompetent, I am beginning to wonder if there might be a motive involved, that is, beyond the standard democrat ones.

Let us face it. Virtually all his decisions benefit the Chinese. Could it be that the Chinese are the great puppet masters? To be sure, they paid untold millions to Biden’s son, and hence to Biden. Not only that, apparently, they took part in the rigging of the election. To be sure, they were the ones who communicated with the voting machines.

It is obvious that Biden owes the Chi-coms big time. That would mean that Biden is a traitor: perhaps by intention, perhaps by blackmail. So, is Biden incompetent or a turncoat. It is difficult for me to determine for certain. Then again, he might be hiding his lack of loyalty behind his incompetence. Or maybe the Chinese are concealing their control behind his incompetence.

Regardless, it is a question that should never need to be asked. It is a matter which only comes to mind because of his cozy dealings with the Chinese and the utter disastrous decisions he is making.

Either way, he boldly feels he is safe in whatever he does. He always has the media to protect him. Hence, the media must take responsibility for his huge foul-ups. They helped put him in office and they provide cover for him every day that he holds office. This prompts the question, is the media in league with the Chi-coms?

The founders gave freedom to the press to protect us from the government. Now who protects us from the media. The founders never contemplated such all out sedition by the media.


After nearly seven months of highly biased investigation, no one has found any evidence of insurrection from Jan 6. Where are the apologies from the speaker. Where is the headline of admission from the New York Times.

There were lots of headlines and accusations day by day until now. I guess the cat’s got Pelosi’s tongue. Why won’t she admit she was all wet. (She did arrange the impeachment of the former president with what she knew were false accusations.) What happened to the media, especially the New York Times. Could it be that they live in fear of admitting they really messed up big this time?

Of course not. They don’t care. The lie has served its purpose. Why should they do anything to correct that.

By the way, where are the compensations for the abuse of the private citizens that were improperly arrested and imprisoned. If I were among them and I could find a good lawyer, I would try to put together a class action suit. I might even go after Pelosi and a few news agencies. Who knows, after getting a few wins, I might even go after the big social media.

By the way, maybe President Trump should try going after Pelosi for false prosecution. It likely would not work, but it might give her a start.

Whose Fault is It

Certainly, I place a great deal of the fault of the Afghan disaster on Biden. However, the poor man just isn’t all there. Much of the fault belongs to those who stand behind him and pull the strings.

Even so, they cannot completely claim the blame.

Had it not been for the media and the social media, Biden would have never been elected. When all is said and done, they were the ones who put him behind the desk in the oval office. Now, even they are starting to realize their error. Even they are beginning to admit that Biden being in The White House is a blunder.

Don’t expect them to own up to it. Don’t expect any apologies. Don’t expect one word admitting guilt. Before they do that, they will pile on Biden and claim it was all his fault.


While I was waiting in line at McDonald’s, a boy of about 12 or 13 said, “I don’t know why I need to study fractions. I’m never going to use them.” Meanwhile, he paid for his bill of 13 dollars and change.

It was everything I could do to keep from telling him, “Guess what! You are using fractions now. Every cent is one one-hundredth of a dollar. That’s a fraction. You used dollars and cents to pay the bill. Your change is returned to you in dollars and cents… fractions.”

Needless to say, I withheld my remark. I’m not altogether sure he would understand it. I’m not altogether sure what they are teaching these days in schools. I’m not altogether sure we are getting our money’s worth.

Then, my mind was turned to Biden. I wonder just how good he is with fractions. If you’ll excuse my English, he ain’t much good at anything else.

Let’s Hear it for the Commodore 64!!

I had a Commodore Vic-20, mostly because I could not afford the Commodore-64. However, I assure you I was well aware of the abilities of the Commodore-64. I believe that, with some modifications, they would make good voting machines.

  1. The operating system was on ROM (Read Only Memory). You turn it off and turn it back on, it came up the same way every time, unless an application cartridge was installed. Mostly, the application was on ROM too. There was simply no way to alter it.
  2. They are inexpensive. In today’s world, they could be produced at about $200 per unit; You’d need to add maybe a C note for the application. The app, written specifically as a voting machine, would be on ROM and would not be alterable.
  3. They are small, about the size of a keyboard, including the keyboard.
  4. They use very little power, not near what the current voting machines do.
  5. They would be easy to set up. Plug them in, install the app cartridge, and turn them on. Okay. There would be a little more to it, but not much. You would need to install a printer and floppy disk.

I will admit to being a little ridiculous but the little machines have some things for us to learn. Before I go on, let me explain, Commodore actually did make serious computers which were used in thousands of businesses and no one ever hacked even one. It can’t be done without opening the case and replacing parts. Also, Radio Shack built the TRS-80, affectionately called trash 80. Thousands of them also found their way into offices. Again, they relied heavily on ROM, which is not alterable.

The thing we can learn from the above is this. All voting machines should run from a special operating system that would be on ROM, not disk. As long as you have the right ROM, your system is in tact. There are some cautions that should be made, such as recording each time the machine is restarted. Also, you would not want a modem within a mile of the thing.

For those who have not figured it out, this is a continuation of the previous post. The one big problem with all the current voting machines is that, when you open them up, they are PCs. also know as personal computers. They all use the same basic parts and they all use the same operating system, Windows XX. It is well known that Widows is easily hacked. Hence, it is easily altered. Then, if the hacker is good enough, he will cover his tracks as if he was never there.

If one and all are going to insist on using the PC based system, let’s not use the Widows OS and let’s put the OS on ROM instead of disk. That way, no one will be able to alter it. To be sure, let’s make sure the systems have no outside connections, period. No modems, no Wi-Fi and no Blue Tooth. Simply, there is no need for it.

To be sure, data does need to be transferred. That should be by CD-ROM and the serial number for the CD should be written down in two places. The CD should be enclosed in a box, sealed and the box should be locked in the presence of two deputy sheriffs. When it is open, it should be opened in the presence of two deputies and the serial number should be verified.

There is, of course, a simple alternative to the above… Paper ballots and hand counting.

And, by the way, a printer should be used to print a copy of all votes, which should be verified by the voter. Then the copy should be put in a sealed box and retained for recounts, spot checks and audits. To be sure, the copy should be on special paper and it should be serialized.

If we do nothing, then our right to vote will only be as the man said, to be determined by those who count them.

To be sure, let me add one more comment. Maybe there was no fraud, but you don’t know that. No one does. By doing the above, we could have much more confidence. By doing the above, we also keep the honest man honest, as they like to say. It removes the temptation to cheat.

Voting Machines and the Internet

If a voting machine has a cell phone in it, it can be connected to the net. If a voting machine is Wi-Fi capable it can be connected via Wi-Fi to the net. If a cell phone is in the same room as the Wi-Fi voting machine, It has a potential Wi-Fi connection to the net.

My Kindle cannot be directly connected to the net. Put it next to my phone and, through the Wi-Fi on my phone, I can use the Kindle to surf the net. For that matter, I can and have used it for my computer.

An air gap is a good way to keep people from accessing a voting machine via the net. However, be sure of the air gap.

In the end, paper is the best. You take ten pieces of paper, let ten people vote on them, toss them in a hat and count them, you have a virtual perfect vote. However, as the number of papers increase; and as the number choices increase (For instance not just president but also governor, senator and dog catcher) the difficulty of keeping it all honest becomes more and more difficult.

For instance, going back to the hat, if you pulled out eleven votes, you would know someone was trying to cheat. And so it is that care must be taken to make sure that you don’t end with more ballots than people eligible to vote.

Also, in the case of the hat, we knew ten people were eligible. We permitted only ten ballots. When we are talking millions of ballots, it isn’t so simple. Hence, we insist that people resister and we insist that they are properly eligible before we allow them to register.

At one time, it was required to register about a month in advance, in the day before computers. To make sure voters were registered, lists of registered voters were sent to the proper precincts. Nowadays, with computers, the register can be updated more quickly so some states allow people to register the day they vote.

On the downside, it also makes it easier to cheat. For me, I don’t have much money so I am somewhat limited. However, I could easily register and vote in 5 states, maybe 6 likely without being caught. If I’m the only one, statistically, it would not be significant. On the other hand, I 2 or three thousand are involved, it can tilt the scales, especially in local races.

On the other hand if I had a private jet, who knows how many states I can register in. It is a simple matter of distance and time. With the plane, distance would become less of a problem.

By the way. I am a republican. No need checking on me. We republicans don’t do things like that, but dems do. They can do it because it doesn’t bother their consciences.

By the way, that is against the law. However, FOCs can get away with it all the time. While evidence of it has appeared in many cases, no one seems to be interested in prosecuting it. That means, IF I wanted to do such a thing, I would first need to change my party affiliation.

At any rate, I said all that to say this. “The first step in making sure you run a clean election is to make sure you have a clean registration. That means, you make sure voters live where they say they do. That means you make sure they are citizens of the US and preferably the state in which they preside. Also, that means, making make sure all other of all other requirements for the state are made, such as, not being in prison.

Of all the weaknesses in our voting system, registration is the worst and the FOCs have done all they can to insure to take advantage of it. I would suspect the result of motor-voter registration has done more to destroy our voting in this country than any other one thing. If a true investigation were made, I suspect that there are thousands who were illegally registered in that way. Get a driving license, and poof, you are a voter, even if you don’t want to be. Even if you are not even a citizen.

And, by the way, when that freshly registered voter is investigated, he would be found to be guilty of a felon, though no fault of his own.

Registration must be done with care. Else the rest matters very little. Personally, I believe everyone should be required to re-register every 4 years. Those who don’t should not be permitted to vote. Also, let’s go back to the 30 day minimum. There is no sense making it simple to break the law.

Moreover, it is a well-known fact that there are many on the current registrations who are dead. Also, there are many who have moved out of the county, out of the state, and possibly out of the country. It might still be legal for them to vote, but not in the county in which they are registered. That makes a difference in local elections, such as mayor and dog-catcher.

Then again, I am one of those folks that believes a vote matters. As the fella said, he who counts the votes, wins the election. Let’s not make it so true. Let us do our diligence to make it difficult to cheat. Moreover, when we see something suspicious, investigate it. Just because it did not change the outcome of the election, that doesn’t make it okay. It certainly does not make it right. Also, the broken window rule of Giuliani applies. The first two go to jail for cheating, the third one will decide not to cheat.

Finally, will someone please fit Fauci for an orange jump suit. He is proof positive that you can kill millions and get away with it. What I don’t understand is how he can live with himself. You might have to put me in a rubber room if I were to accidentally kill 2 or 3.

Nothing to See

Immediately after the election, the FOCs started the mantra, “Nothing to see here, folks. Nothing to see. It was a fair election. The was absolutely no fraud.” Two things that they did not say was that it was legal and that it followed the law. No where did they say that all the chains of evidence were complete. Had they said that, we could have immediately proved the wrong and they knew it.

Now, they have changed their blurbs. They still say that there is nothing to see, but they have added, “By the way, do not check our offices. Do not check our safes. And for sure, don’t check the voting machines or ballots! By the way, we had nothing to do with all all the alterations. That had to be done by someone else! Not me.”