Unbelievable News Story of the Day

Just heard an update to a shooting that occurred a couple days ago in Memphis (Whitehaven area). According to the news story, a customer “pistol whipped” a Popeye’s employee and the employee responded by shooting the customer.

Here is the unbelievable part. According to the report, it all started over condiments. Tell me that makes sense. Is this the way two people should treat each other? Are condiments in such shortage that we need to attack employees over them?

They didn’t give any details beyond that but let me use a little imagination. It doesn’t take much. I have seen customers helping themselves to packets of ketchup by the handful. I suspect over half of it went home to enhance the customer’s pantry. That does not take a stretch of imagination.

Regardless, the employee is the representative of the owner. As such, he is the authority. If he says don’t do that then don’t do it. You don’t get to assault him or her. Not only is it wrong, it is against the law. But in this case, it is also stupid.

As an aside, as a former employee of a restaurant, I am somewhat knowledgeable about them. In general, the restaurant profit margins are some of the smallest. Moreover, those ketchup packages are expensive. When one customer walks away with an abundance, the restaurant must raise their prices. Hence the rest of us pay for the thievery. Incidentally, robbery, no matter how petty, is still wrong.

It has become a fact of recent society to take whats possible and if an employee stands in the way…. As I have said many times, it’s time to teach respect in our homes and schools. This means respect for humanity, for law enforcement and, yes for those that work hard to provide our meals for us. It’s time we stop taking their hard work for granted.

I don’t know how bad the assault by the customer was, but it is possible that lethal force was justified, especially if there is any evidence that the assault would continue. I am not totally saying he or she was right in retaliation. However, to some degree, I do understand it.

But really? Over a handful or two, maybe three? What has our society come to? What matter of hate must fill the hearts of people that they consider the life of another so little?

One more small point. If the customer disliked the restaurant so much, he should have just left. Far better for everyone.

The Unanticipated Obvious

I’ve said it and said it again. I barely made it through high school. I have no college degree, though I did have a littie college. Yet it seems I anticipated something the guys with with the big degrees overlooked. At least, they chose to ignore it.

When they first started really pushing the electric autos, I actually wrote a post pointing out that the electric power grid would need some serious beefing up.

I don’t guess anyone paid any attention to me because it was only today I heard of anyone else taking note of the problem. As obvious as it was from the beginning, it seems to have taken about 4 years to realize that the grid just isn’t up to it.

Their suggestion to deal with the problem is to charge the batteries at work during the day instead of at home at night.

Guess I can’t have an electric car. Can’t plug it in at work. I’m retired.

Really Neat Invention

It’s about 3 by 4 by a quarter inch. There is a small monochrome LCD screen and it has a little microphone on it. You press a button on it and say into it the word you can’t spell and it displays the right spelling on the little screen.

There is but one big problem with it. To the best of my knowledge, it doesn’t exist. No one has made it yet. It has yet to be invented. Leastways, I can’t find it.

I looked to see if I can find an ap but couldn’t find any. Even if I found one, I’d prefer a separate device. I’d prefer no one looking over my shoulder, so-to-speak.

If properly configured, it would also display hyphenated words and differentiations for words with same or similar pronunciations. That way I’d know to use affect or effect.

Well, guess this one will have to just remain in the wishing part of my imagination ’cause I suspect it will not get into the design phase. I suppose the folks who design such things don’t figure there is a need of such things.

So, when I want to know how to spell some French word as soufflé, I will just need to try various combinations until I find the right one. Fortunately, I don’t have to use such words very often.

Last Two

Late each night when I went home from work, I passed a real estate office. The owner(s) liked to post little quips, which I must admit I enjoyed reading.

One of them said, “Why didn’t Noah swat those last two when he had the chance.”

I suppose one may fill in the missing frustration. Perhaps, it might be the fly. That would be the pest most picnickers would suggest; or would it be the ants. I think the mosquito would have my vote. While in Nam, they used to bite my feet while I tried to sleep. Hence, I woke with itchy feet. As small as their little brains were, they seemed to realize that I really had to reach for my feet. By the time I did, they were alerted and gone.

In the end, I put my mosquito net up and it was the end to it while sleeping. While out and about, they still dive-bombed me regularly, as well as most of us.

Naturally, those of us with homes built of wood live in fear of termites. It is amazing how those little pests can do so much damage in so little time.

Maybe you have your own choice. Regardless, many of these insects do more than bug us. While in Nam, they made us take a quinine based drugs to prevent us from contracting a very deadly disease. Much of Africa was under attack by the sleeping sickness spread by the Tsetse fly. Memphis was almost turned into a big ghost town by yellow fever, spread by mosquitos. Then, of course. We can’t overlook Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease spread by ticks.

It does make one want go back a few years before Noah, like before Adam ate the fruit. Before the fall, I’m sure Adam never felt the bite of an insect.

Hence, you just might want to remember, sometimes, seemingly small things can have devastating, long lasting results.

Afterthought: those who take salvation so lightly just might want to look at it more seriously. Forever never ends and insects will be the least concern of any of those who reject the the gift of eternal life.

Perhaps Nixon’s Greatest Mistake

I guess there are those who call out mistakes made by Richard Nixon. However, I suspect his biggest mistake was after the election in which Kennedy was declared the winner. He chose not to contest the votes in and near Chicago.

Most historians will quickly agree that had he contested the votes, he may very well have won the election. Yet he chose not to contest them because he was afraid of the national division it might cause. What he apparently overlooked was that it sent a signal to the democrats. He set the “no contest” pattern.

He basically implied that Republicans would not contest elections of future elections even when the dems cheat. Hence, every election since, the democrats have cheated, and might I say, very effectively? Since that election, there have been many dead voting. People in nursing homes voted, oddly entirely for dems, even when the voter had not even seen a ballot.

In every election since, the dems come up with new methods of putting their thumbs on the election scale. And by the way, whoa to anyone suggesting that there was any kind of voter fraud.

By the way, does not really matter. Laws were broken and people actually admit to it. The problem is that no one in the position to prosecute wants to. Anyone that wants to prosecute can’t. The dems basically control the Justice Department and many of the courts. Even more, the DC courts are critical and completely controlled by the dems. (Over 90% dems in the District of Columbia. No way to convict a dem. No way to defend a Republican.)

Few of us at the time knew, or could even imagine, the damage that was done by that one magnanimous decision made unselfishly by Richard Nixon. It just shows to go, one cannot play nice when it comes to the dems. They have no interest in doing things right. They have no interest in the good of the country or the Constitution. Their only interest is socialism and the power it will provide them.

As a sidenote, I would point out that socialism and the Constitution are mutually exclusive. They cannot co-exist. Hence, for the dems, to win, they must tear down the Constitution and the American way of life. Hence their efforts are to destroy what Americans have spent over two centuries building.

My aside: Fauci is retiring. Maybe we can arrange to put him in a prison cell for the next thousand years.

A Little Reminder Of Years Gone By

At my most recent visit to McDonald’s I had just turned in my order. As I approached my table, a woman came storming in and reminded me of language I had tolerate while going through M.C.R.D. (Marine boot camp)

She did manage to meet her goal. Within a minute or two she walked back out satisfied that she now had the food she wanted and also, I’m sure, upset the poor guy behind the counter. To be sure, such language was effective but it also spoke volumes about her. I would suspect there were a few others who took note too.

However, what she may not have known was that it also spoke volumes about her and her parents. Likely, she didn’t care, which also said something about the woman. For one thing, I instantly had no respect for the woman. Why should anyone have any respect for a woman who has no respect for herself.

More than that, she clearly had no anger management skills. She never made any attempt at resolving the problem with simple reason. I don’t know about others, but I have found that when I complain with a smile, it generally is at least as effective and I don’t upset anyone. If I do continue to have problems, I ask to speak to the manager. I don’t always get a resolution, but, believe me, they do remember me. A proper word spoken with reason can be far more effective than a bunch of profanity spoken loud enough that everyone in the place can hear it.

Most important, when I leave, I am generally respected. Again, why should they respect me if I don’t respect myself.

I have written about respect before, but the type we have for each other. However, it would seem we also have problems with self-respect. People who respect themselves don’t get involved in the “crash and runs.” People who do such things, even according to the Bible bring shame on themselves and their parents. In a more broad sense, they bring shame on all their kinfolk. After a while, it is only natural to think badly anyone close to him.

And again, the person does not care one iota. Why should they. No one taught them any better. Many never had fathers. In some cases, it might be better if they didn’t have fathers. Those who raised them, those who were their example might be worse than they are. Nonetheless, when I see them going through a Walgreens with their arms full of loot, it speaks volumes to me about them, and those who brought them up.

Respect, all respect begins at home. If kids are not taught respect for others and themselves at home, then no one will respect them. It really isn’t a difficult thing to figure out, but it would seem the dems are having a difficult time of it.

Incidentally, respect of the law and those who enforce it is pretty important too. It just might keep a person out of prison. It just might keep a person from being killed. It’s a good thing to remember, even when you get pulled over for have something dangling from the rear-view mirror.

As usual, I have a little side note. If you speak respectfully to those behind the counter, it just might be a little less embarrassing when you find out you were wrong.

Comments on Recent Elections

It would appear to me that the dems would learn their lesson concerning CRT, mandatory vacs and mandatory masks. Certainly, intelligent people would see the error of their ways and reconsider their goals. Not the dems. Not an intelligent bone in the bunch of them. Instead, they only push on faster, harder. As near as I can tell, they want utter destruction of the US before the 2022 elections, at which time the conservatives will attempt to turn things around right. The problem is that either Biden or Kamala will still be in The White House. Well, at least we might be able to slow them down. We might even be able to bring them to stop until 2024.

One odd thing I have noticed, the mainstream media must have seen the car crash coming and they didn’t say a thing. Indeed they only offered encouragement. Now they have become a party to the event and they will not be believed again for many decades.

When I was a kid, we had a saying, “Everything you say about me bounces off me and sticks to you.” It was childish but it did serve its purpose at the time. Yet, it would seem that the media is accusing the republicans of everything the dems do. I mean, CRT is racist and is the absolute opposite of Martin Luther King’s teaching. And, weather they admit it or not, the dems teach it or something like it in every school they control.

Moreover, it is the dems that stand in the way of allowing the African-American kids to go the best schools, allowing only the elite FOCs to go to the better schools. I would say it is like the pot calling the kettle black, but it is neither accurate nor appropriate. The old saying assumes that the pot is as bad as the kettle, whereas, in this case, the dems are far worse than the republicans. Not only do they not offer a better education, they stand in the way of permitting the republicans to provide a better education. For obvious reasons, that is worse than racism. It hampers the kids from learning and it incites anger and racism. It is exactly the way communist work. First, they destroy by causing division. They create hate and discontent to the point of destroying a country. Then they build it back the way they want. It is exactly the way they did it in Cuba and Venezuela.

Now look. If things continue to go they way they are, the dems will control a much larger version of Venezuela. You think we have supply problems now. A few decades with the dems in control will teach you just how bad things can be. By the way, most of us will not need to worry about the cost of new cars. There won’t be any, unless you are one of the elite. A car wouldn’t be much good to you, anyway. You won’t be able to buy fuel or electricity for it.

Fully Automatic Assault Rifles

I don’t know but I suspect there is one aspect that few have considered as a result of the fiasco in Afghanistan. Consider: we left thousands of M16 rifles behind during the Biden retreat. Some of those just might end up being for sale to those coming up through the Mexican border.

May I remind one and all that the M16 is a true assault rifle. It is able to fire fully automatic with the flip of a switch. It looks very similar to an AR15, a semi automatic which the FOCs are trying to outlaw. I have fired an M16 fully automatic as part of my training. It takes a second or two to fire twenty bullets. Magazines are available that hold 70 bullets, and it takes about a second and a half to change magazines.

No truly law abiding citizen would ever try to buy something like that, but the criminal element would certainly love to get their hands on a few of those things, along with a few thousand bullets. I would say I can only imagine what the criminal type could do with something like that, but I can’t. Three or four men with these things could do things even I can’t imagine, especially if they know how to use them.

So now, we can thank our fearless leader for the possibility of the criminal element using M16s on our police or crowds or whatever they can imagine. However, it doesn’t end there. There are likely also machine guns and 50 caliber guns that can shoot through engine blocks and hit a target a mile away. I would suspect there are also a few other things in there, like anti tank weapons and M79 grenade launchers.

I am going to terminate my imagination there. It already bothers me far to much. Regardless, if these things find their way north of the border, we’ll know it. If they are used on the Mexican authorities, they will know it. If any of this makes its into Canada, they will definitely know it.

It is the sort of thing that happens when people like Biden don’t think ahead. Well, in this case, he likely was not thinking at all. YEP! This mistake will not go away with an eraser! I sure wish it could.


A number of years ago, I was stationed in Japan. While I was there, I visited Hiroshima twice. Needless to say, it is a very touchy subject for the Japanese to this day. One thing I was told, don’t visit the site of the atomic blast on the annual remembrance of the day when the bomb was dropped. I can understand that. It had to be very devastating.

Nowadays, they do more than remember the event. It seems that each year the Americans become more villainous and the Japanese more the victims. From time to time, I see specials on American TV speaking of the damage we did while leaving out the reasons… and there were reasons.

I don’t mind them going back over their memories but please let me remind one and all of the reasons for it. To me, it is far more important for us to remember the reasons for the strike than the strike. For if there were no reasons for the strike, there would no strike.

However, before I get into enumerating the reasons, let me remind everyone that if Japan had the bomb, they would have used it on us. Moreover, they would likely would not have stopped with two. Besides, they would used it to imprison, not to for freedom.

As for the reasons, let us not forget our history. We did not start the war. The US was full of pacifist, people who wanted nothing to do with war. Hence we did what we could to avoid war. However, the Japanese had started capturing land throughout the Pacific, even to the point that they became a threat to Australia. Moreover, it was well documented that anywhere the Japanese Army went, they treated the captives inhumanly even to the point of raping the women and torturing the men.

Then one day, no one really knows why, but the emperor of Japan thought it would be a good idea to attack the US. And so it was that they launched an attack on the peaceful islands of Hawaii without provication. In the process, they almost made the United States defenseless in the Pacific.

Maybe they did not kill as many Americans at Pearl Harbor as we killed Japanese at Hiroshima but it was not a sneak attack. First, we were already at war. Second, they were twice warned. May I also add that it was in retaliation. It was not a first strike.

The US lost many men in our defense. The Japanese could have stopped their aggression at any time. We had no intentions of adding the Japanese Islands to our country. Indeed, when the war was over, the Japanese way of life greatly improved. I assure you, had Japan won the war, their leaders would have lived better but not the common family. They would likely be much worse off. It was the way of Japanese before the war.

After the Japanese captured the Philippines, they started what was called the death march for the prisoners. To some degree, I can understand the low rations. They likely did not have many to spare. However the mistreatment did not end with the poor rations. They treated the prisoners badly simply because they wanted to and they could.

Then, even after they reached their destination, there are many instances of mistreatment of prisoners without reason.

As if that was not enough, they told their military and civilians that our army was going to torture them–not true. Because they believed it, thousands, perhaps millions committed suicide in preference to fall into the horrible hands of the Americans. Tragically, hundreds of these marines would have rescued women and children throwing themselves off cliffs and into the ocean, or the rocks below the cliffs.

They would have been given food medical aid and shelter. Instead, they believed the lies of the Japanese. I suppose this is better than dying as the result of an atomic bomb, but maybe the bomb would not have been needed if the Japanese leadership didn’t go around telling lies about us.

So far, none of this is about the cost of taking the main islands. If it got to that point, it would have cost tens of thousands of American lives. However, it very likely would have cost at least ten times that for Japanese, mostly civilians. Very likely, there would not be any building of any size left. It would have taken a couple of decades to re-establish a reasonable transit system.

My guess is, that for every five left alive, one Japanese would be dead. That’s not in any one city but all over the islands.

The aftermath would be worse. There would be hunger, disease and horrible wounds. The US would not be able to help much. They would be tending with our problems.

However, that is not the half of it. The Soviets were beginning to bear down. Already they took back much of the land the Japanese forces took. Had they the time, they would have taken all the Japanese Islands. I assure you, the Soviets would not have treated the Japanese nearly as well as we did.

The point is, no other nation on the face of the earth has ever treated her enemies, even our worst enemies as well as we do. Before you go demonizing us too much, first take a quick look at your own history. Before you go complaining too much about how we treated Japan, think of how it would have been under the Ruskies. Finally, you have all your real estate back, even Okinawa. Personally, I believe we should have kept it. We paid for it with the blood of good men.

All You Have to Do Is….

Yesterday afternoon, I stopped by a fried chicken place. I’m not going to use names but it was a well known place. It had advertised that the dinning room was open but I guess, for one reason or the other, they closed it again. There was an employee there and she told me, “You have to drive around.”

I know it is a terminology, but it is one that rubs me the wrong way. Had it not been for the recent problems with the China virus and I do realize it has caused problems, I would have replied, “No, ma’am. I do not have to drive around. I do have the option of going somewhere else or I can go home and make my own dinner.”

It did remind me of a young man I was talking to on a phone. It was back in the days when most people had land lines. I don’t remember what it was but I was trying to buy something. Maybe it was a pizza. It doesn’t matter. He hit my hot button and told me, “All you have to do is….” I don’t remember the rest. It doesn’t matter. I simply told him, “No. I don’t have to do anything.” I was very emphatic and he apparently realized his mistake as he started trying to explain. He didn’t get very far.

Recently, I tried to get a plumber to come out to my house. The woman I was talking to tried to get me to sign up for one of those yearly contracts. I explicitly told her I was not interested and please send out a plumber. She continued and I warned her, “If you continue at this I will hang up.” She did; so, I did. To this day I wonder if the owner realized she cost him a regular customer. I have not gone back to him since.

I am not a business owner nor do I have a degree in business. For that matter, I do not have a degree. However, I have worked in businesses before and I always know better than to tell a customer, “All you have….” It is basic business 101, and all business owners need to tell their employees.

Unlike those of us who have to go to get a driver’s license every couple of few years, most customers are not required to do business with a certain company. Occasionally, things like that do happen, especially in the old days when there was just one store in town and the next one was a two or three days ride away. However, in the case of the chicken place, there were five restaurants around in walking distance. We did not have to go through the drive through and we didn’t.

I know what the woman meant. I know she knew I did not really HAVE to go through the drive through. Still such things irk me. As I say, they push my button. I am a potential customer. I am not in any way captive to their business. More than that, I hate drive throughs, especially after the China virus. For quite a while, I could not find anyplace where I could sit down and eat. (Makes me all the more angry at Fauci. Why isn’t that no good character in prison?) Besides, believe it or not, when I go through a drive through, it generally takes much longer and I burn up a quarter tank of gas waiting.

More than that, people that own businesses should know to tell their employees about things like that. There is far too much competition out there, and some of them don’t require to drive through. Things may yet change but there are many places that now have open dining rooms and the are doing a thriving business.

As for the business that tried to sign me up for the contract. I’m not worried about them. They obviously have more business than they can handle anyway. They clearly did not have time for me.