A Matter of Priorities?

We all know where the dems interests are. They want investigation after investigation of Jan 6 and the overrunning of the Capital Building. (Only four people died.)

On the other hand, when it comes to the millions that died in the pandemic, they want to turn their eyes from those most likely culpable. This is especially true when it just might involve one of their heroes, Fauci. (Why is he not in an orange jumpsuit?) This is also because it involves their hero nation, China. (Why are we still doing business with them?) And by the way, why is it that we were giving them money for virus research?

I guess it is all just a matter of priorities. We now know where the dem’s heart is. Those who like to experiment with dangerous viruses and then blame others for the results. As for the millions who died, they are just statistics, as Joseph Stalin liked to put it. They used the stats on their primary opponent, President Trump.

To my way of thinking such experiments should take place on barges far out to sea. Better yet, they ought not take place at all. Most of all, we don’t need to help our enemies develop such horrid things… for any reason… certainly not for weapons.

It’s All About Him

I am not at all fond of the current governor of New York. He has done many despicable things, such as moving China virus positive people into nursing homes. That one resulted in the loss of thousands of lives. He admits it, but tries to blame it on the president. He is after all the first one to say, “He did it,” when he knows good and well, he should pronounce, “I did it,” and sincerely apologize for it.

Now I hear he is trying to corrupt Memorial Day, the day where we are to remember our fallen from the wars. It seems he suggested that we remember first responders on the Sunday before Memorial Day. For some, this might sound sort of nice; but in truth, he is only calling attention to himself. After all, he wants to consider himself one of the heroes who saved the lives of thousands.

The bad part is that it just might have worked had he chose some other day. But when he tried to desecrate Memorial Day, he angered thousands of veterans and the families of those who fought and died for us. It gave him a figurative black eye that will likely remain a while. To be sure, this is something that such a man like him would say. To him, human life matters little to him and he little appreciates the magnitude of those who fought for our freedom and his. Then again, as a dem, he likely has little respect for our freedom, only his own.

Meanwhile, let us remember his true motive. For sure, the first responders do deserve recognition but not to overwrite history; and certainly not to boaster the politician’s ego. Let us remember the first responders on another day. And if such a day is made, let us not sully it with the likes of the current New York governor. Let’s try to completely disassociate his image from that day.


Many of us learn fear from our youth. For some people the fear is not natural. Some people refuse to leave their homes. Others, like me, fear heights. Fortunately, my fear of heights is more-or-less under control. Still, I refuse to go up in those rides where all they do is lift you to great heights. Some, let you rapidly descend and slow you just before you reach the ground.

I guess my fear of heights does have some basis. To be sure, the height won’t cause any harm. In general most people survive the fall. It’s that sudden stop I fear.

Some have great fear of the dark while most of us know that it isn’t the dark that can cause us harm. Now on the other hand, all those treacherous gremlin that hide in the dark….

Most of us, to some degree, fear the IRS. If you don’t believe me, just tell someone that the IRS is going to audit his last five years of returns. I suppose, to some degree, this is a good fear. It keeps most of us honest. On the other hand, the not so honest have more fear than most of us. Sometimes it nags at such people. It is the ol’ “What if” question that comes to mind, at least once or twice a day.

Often times we try to destroy what we fear. Sometimes, this is without reason. Sometimes we have a reason.

Take for instance the dems, the general news media, and especially those who have lied to the public. In general, they fear the truth and as such they try to destroy it.

This speaks well of President Trump. Those that have lied, cheated and stolen, or those who have aided and abetted those who have, have a good reason to fear the former president. He represents the truth. And, if there is one thing these folks have to fear is the truth, or those who speak the truth. It is no wonder there are so many trying to destroy President Trump and those who support him.

If they don’t fear the truth, then why won’t they let him speak? Why did they take him down from all the social sites?

It looks to me as if they are running scared. Because they fear him, they try to destroy him.

Moreover, it is a pattern. Anywhere you see someone trying to destroy the truth, it is a sign that they have something to hide. Remember Ms. Clinton and her E-mails. She feared the truth getting out more than she feared the penalty of the law. Then again, she does have a D after her name. She did know she had a good chance of getting away with it. So she successfully broke the law and hid the truth. As such, we, the public will never know what she hid.

Floaters vs Controllers

In one group of books that I have written, I pit “floaters” against “controllers.” The floaters are the good guys who have some fantasy abilities. The controllers are the bad guys and are passionately and ruthlessly seeking power. They let nothing get in the way, including each other.

In truth, there are no floaters. They are from my imagination. I dreamed them up all by myself. I got the idea from all the detective shows where the bodies are discovered floating in some body of water.

On the other hand, in a sense the controllers do exist. If I were asked to point one out, I’d have to say that Cuomo is close to the perfect example of what I had in mind, about ten years ago when I started the series. Unfortunately, I could not use him as as my typecast. At that time, I hardly heard of the man, let alone all the horrible things he has done.

I must say that he does have quite a few competitors for prime example. The democrat party is full of them. Control is far more important to them than the good of The United States of America and its citizens. For that matter, their plans for the world at large are awfully bad too. I guess I should add a number of rinos to the list as well. It is easy to spot them. They are the ones without a spine. They are the ones with their fingers in the air to see which way the wind blows. They want all the glory without paying any of the price for sticking their neck out a little.

Problems in Royalty

We Americans have royalty too of course. We have little kingdoms called states and a larger kingdom called The United States of America. We don’t call them kingdoms but those who have the job of running them think of themselves as monarchs. They tell us when we can do things and when we can’t. King Biden is quite comfortable at telling us when and how we can celebrate the 4th of July.

However, it would seem there are problems with royalty these past few days.

1. King Cuomo is on the brink of being tossed out on his keester. As a matter of fact, he just might be turning those nice suits in for orange jumpsuits, or what ever they wear in New York prisons these days

2. Governor Newsom seems to be facing the real possibility of being tossed out on his ear. He will no longer be able to tell which businesses (for instants restaurants) can open and which ones must close. I suspect those running Disneyland, liberal as they may be, would be willing to buy him a one way ticket to just about anywhere, as long as they don’t have a theme park there.

3. Poor Biden is just trying to understand where he is and what is going on. Every time he looks over his shoulder, he sees Kamala eyeing his current home.

4. Then there is Kamala. She just keeps reexamining the 25th amendment. She knows that if Biden is removed from office, resigns or dies, she gets to occupy the Oval Office. She knows it will happen. She just isn’t certain which one or when. Another thing she knows. She will be the first woman president, her greatest qualification, of course. Naturally, it only enhances her impatience. Then again, we all know, instead of being president, she will be queen. Then she and her pen will be able to issue edicts throughout the land. We, her faithful servants will have to live by them, even if they are ridiculously horrible. (When Kamala ran for Vice President, did anyone ever bother asking her if she had any real experience running anything in the real world?)

The New Royalty

After The Revolutionary War, almost immediately, they offered the throne of the new nation to George Washington. He refused it and suggested that the idea of a throne for the new country was a bad idea. He said something to the effect that they had just fought to free themselves from a throne.

It was totally unprecedented. Always before, those who led their nation to victory assumed the throne. Throughout history it was the pattern. In fact, I cannot ever recall it ever happening any other way, certainly in the major countries.

Perhaps it came close in Greece and Rome, but, in the end, they both had their tyrants, their kings. Though they were not known as such, it amounted to the same thing. Throughout Europe kings rose up and fell. Some kingdoms simply disintegrated, others were conquered, or a combination of the two as with Rome.

The news spread all around the world and it shocked those who heard of it. Then, Washington was voted to be president of the new nation. After serving two terms, he left though they wanted him to stay. He said that no on man should ever serve more than two terms. It again rocked the world. Washington not only turned down the power once, but twice.

To be sure, he likely didn’t want it. More than that, he likely felt he should set a good example for those who followed. Apparently, Roosevelt didn’t feel the same. He was elected 4 times. I don’t know if he would have run for a fifth term had he lived. It is one answer we will never know this side of eternity.

Nonetheless, he established some patterns. Since that time, people sought power. To be sure, they sought power before, but it was on a new scale and it was for far different reasons. Before, people sought the power for the good they could do. Now, they just seek the power. It is now a race for royalty and it has become far more noticeable after President Trump took office. You see, he was not one of the royalty. He was not supposed to ascend to the highest office in the land. He was an outsider. It was not his turn to rule. Besides he graduated from U Penn, not Harvard or Yale. Even more, his degree was in business, not law or politics.

He rolled over all the royalty like a steam roller. More than that, he had the audacity to try to do the will of the people who elected him. He had the nerve to do what was good for American citizenry, not the one world order. He called out the other leaders who were taking the US for ride, which the rinos did not like. After all, they liked their business deals with China and the cheap labor from illegal immigrants. The dems didn’t like him building the wall either. He stopped the future potential democrat voters. After all, they plan was to turn Texas blue as they did California.

There was no doubt it. Something had to be done. Both the republican and democrat royalty had to get him out of office and it did not much how, even if they had to resort to illegal methods. Moreover, they had to discredit the movement he created. It was destroying all the progress they made in establishing their royalty.

I know not what all this royalty has in mind for us, but I do know what they have in mind for themselves. They want to set up a kingdom and they want to rule it. To be part of that kingdom, as with all royalty, there are qualifications. That means you must graduate from Yale or Harvard and you must come from the right family. If not, forget it. You will be as the rest of us. Now let me see. What did they used to call them? I think the word is peasants. I think they called them serfs. I think they called some of them slaves.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter the word they use. The result is the same. They will live like royalty. They will tell you what to do and you will do it. They will tell you what to think and you will think it. Mostly, don’t expect them to give up their thrones as Washington did. That is not going to happen. They will be fighting among themselves to see who will be “king of the mountain,” or in this case, ruler of the world.

It was what Alexander the Great wanted. It is what the Caesars wanted. It is what the English kings and Napoleon were after. It was the goal of all three of the axis nations as well as the Soviets. It is not knew. It is only disguised in a new container.

The Apology

When an apology is immediate, it is likely heartfelt. The person likely means it.

On the other hand, when it takes weeks, or even months, maybe not so much. In Cuomo’s case, the apologies were likely months late, and then only after being confronted. It would appear that the apology was dragged out of him while he kicked and screamed all the way. It reminds me of my childhood when I was told, you will apologize or…. It would seem that he has considered the consequences and then, after speaking with his lawyers, decided it was the lessor of the consequences. Then, of course, he had to consult with others to make sure it was worded right.

Moreover, the apology was proceeded with the words “If I….” Somehow, I wonder if Cuomo ever has admitted to himself that he really did something wrong. Actually, I don’t think he has actually admitted it to others.

Most important, had he not been confronted, I doubt that he would have apologized at all. It does make me wonder just how many other women he treated this way. I mean, one is a problem. Two is a disgrace. Three is a pattern. And, by the way, we know he did it. He admitted it. It is called a confession. The confession, too was extracted by long great efforts.

He lied about the first woman. He told stories about the second woman. But for the photo, he would have lied about the third woman. That too, establishes a pattern. I’ll bet you 50 cents that he lied about the nursing homes too. I would guess he lied about those 1500 people too. Moreover, I doubt he will ever drag an apology out of him for that. The man flat has no conscience. I think psychiatrist have a name that.

Why the Marines?

A number of times, people have asked me why I joined the Marines. I am sure I was qualified for any of the services, though I may not have finished Navy boot camp. I am a mediocre swimmer at best. At any rate the reason is simple. The basic training in the Marines is very tough. I know. I went through it. The physical part was very difficult. However, it was easy compared to the mental part.

Bottom line, the reason is simple. If I am stuck in a fox hole with another man and my life depends on him, I would really like to know he went through the same training as I did. No offense, Army, Navy and Air Force, but when my life depends on the man next to me, I prefer that he earned the right to wear the eagle, globe and anchor.

There were other things I learned in the Marines, things I never figured on. One of them was simple but it was drilled into my mind from the time I put my feet on those yellow foot prints to the time I finished Infantry Training Regiment. No excuses. They had a saying for it. However, I will not repeat it here. Needless to say, the meaning was simple, all people have excuses. Everyone has someone else to blame. No one wants to accept responsibility.

Maybe Gov. Cuomo should have joined the Marines. Maybe they could have taught him that lesson. It seems all he knows how to do is blame others and invent excuses. I definitely would not have wanted to share a fox hole with the likes of him.

By the way, he just might have learned a few other things too.

Playing the Scarecrow

Now that the governor is being confronted about the lives lost, he has decided to play scarecrow. Remember when the scarecrow in the wizard of Oz pointed this way and that way. When Cuomo was asked whose fault it was, he pointed this way and that way. In the end he even blamed God.

…. Note, for those unaware he might want to be be careful about blaming God. Mr. Trump might not be able to fight back much but God can. He can make it so you wished you were never born.

The important thing is this, good leaders don’t look around to blame others. Only bad leaders do that. Now it is too late. He has his back against the wall. An apology at this point means nothing. An apology would say he is sorry that he was caught, not that he was sorry about the his decision and its results. Because he is a dummycrat, I would guess that at this point, he might avoid jail time, but he will likely never ever get elected to any office again. I suspect endorsements would be very difficult to come by at this point.

By the way, it was his fault. He made the decisions and signed the paper. To the best of my knowledge, in the entire country, there were but four governors that made that mistake, all ending in tragedy. They were all democrats. It is why I call them dummycrats. It would seem all the other governors were smarter.

I love those who like to say that of all the nations the US had the worst covid19 numbers. If that would make President Trump bad, what does it make the Cuomo of New York. His state had the worst numbers of all the states. The next four states also had democrat governors. In fact, if we disregard the states run by dummycrats, the US looks pretty good.

But then, as Cuomo says, what difference does it make? A few lives here a few there. What does it matter…unless one of those lives was in your family.