It’s All About Him

I am not at all fond of the current governor of New York. He has done many despicable things, such as moving China virus positive people into nursing homes. That one resulted in the loss of thousands of lives. He admits it, but tries to blame it on the president. He is after all the first one to say, “He did it,” when he knows good and well, he should pronounce, “I did it,” and sincerely apologize for it.

Now I hear he is trying to corrupt Memorial Day, the day where we are to remember our fallen from the wars. It seems he suggested that we remember first responders on the Sunday before Memorial Day. For some, this might sound sort of nice; but in truth, he is only calling attention to himself. After all, he wants to consider himself one of the heroes who saved the lives of thousands.

The bad part is that it just might have worked had he chose some other day. But when he tried to desecrate Memorial Day, he angered thousands of veterans and the families of those who fought and died for us. It gave him a figurative black eye that will likely remain a while. To be sure, this is something that such a man like him would say. To him, human life matters little to him and he little appreciates the magnitude of those who fought for our freedom and his. Then again, as a dem, he likely has little respect for our freedom, only his own.

Meanwhile, let us remember his true motive. For sure, the first responders do deserve recognition but not to overwrite history; and certainly not to boaster the politician’s ego. Let us remember the first responders on another day. And if such a day is made, let us not sully it with the likes of the current New York governor. Let’s try to completely disassociate his image from that day.

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