We Humans Take Things for Granted

There was a time when a hearing aid was a horn shaped thing that a person put to his ear. It concentrated the sound and did have limited success. I was reminded of the day when I saw a woman with a cochlear implant. It is a major advance for some who cannot hear.

It was first released a couple of decades ago and they are still experimenting with them. Every year they come out with improvements to them. Possibly, one day a person will be able to hear as well as normal. Moreover, they keep reducing the size of the external part of the device.

The first electronic hearing aid I saw was about the size of a cigarette pack and used vacuum tubes. It meant that people went through a lot of batteries and generally turned the things off when not needed. I guess the next in the evolution was the transistorized version. Because transistors don’t have filaments as tubes, the batteries lasted much longer. It allowed the size to be reduced as well, mostly half the size and smaller.

When the integrated circuits came on the scene, they often incorporated them into glasses. I had an aunt that was thrilled at that point, especially because she already needed to wear glasses. A small wire carried the audio signal to the earpiece and, unless a person looked hard, he’d not realize she had a hearing aid.

Now, of course, the whole thing fits inside the ear. And so it is that I have seen the whole evolution.

Still, the hearing aid could only do so much. Hence the cochlear implant. Up until it was invented, many were simply not able to hear at all. Moreover, the outlook was grim. The neat part about invention is that some who would not be able to speak are learning to speak very well. They will no longer be somewhat limited to society.

To me, it is the best part of the electronic evolution. One day, it just might be that the lame will walk and the blind will see, with the assistance of electronics and micro-miniature computers.

Then, on the other hand, there are those who want to use this fantastic tool for evil. They want to use it to keep track of every person, what they do and what they say. If anyone gets out of line, it will produce an exception report and that person will answer for it, even if what they are saying or doing is for mankind’s benefit.

You think this is not probable. Look how fast chloroquine got rejected because it was mentioned by President Trump. Now there is strong evidence that it might have saved thousands of lives had it been used early. It just might have been more effective at fighting off the epidemic than the vaccine.

Then again, the dems don’t care. They only have their self interest in mind. They only want to destroy Trump, his supporters and his ideas. It is the nature of evil, to destroy good and the truth and those who spread the truth. The dems prefer the dark and they prefer the lies that increase their power.

If they have to destroy true science in the process, then it is just another casualty of their assault on The Constitution.

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