What is the Relief

I tried looking up the legal term but I am no lawyer. I am open to suggestions. The problem is that old Joe knew noway was it legal to make everyone take that vaccine but he decided to do it anyway.

While The Supreme Court put a stop to it, there were damages done and those damages should have justice. People lost their jobs from the simple threat of huge fines for businesses and corporations. Most everyone knew the edict from on high would not succeed, but yet, in a way it did. The mere threat was enough to cause irreversible damages.

Did we hear those behind the edict say, “Oops, sorry.” Of course not. There was no apology because it worked exactly the way they wanted it to. However, he hoped that the Court would give his proclamation a few more weeks to do its damage. A few more weeks delay surly would have been devastating. It was an illegal law given by a lawless occupier of the Oval Office.

Now, where do all the businesses go to recover their losses? What happens to those who were brave enough to stick up for their rights? Joe says he is for women. Yet where is the compensation for those who were pregnant and were afraid to take the shot. Then too, what about those who had genuine religious reasons for rejecting the vaccine?

I guess the term relief is not proper in this case, yet, I am sure those whose lives were disrupted know very well what I mean. No one will need to explain it to them.

Moreover, as I mentioned before, I disagree with anyone who permits the requirement of demanding experimental vaccine, especially when it has proved so useless for youth; especially when it has proved so harmful; especially when there are so many effective meds we have that will treat the disease so quickly and reliably.

The of course, old Joe just has to have his edicts. Otherwise, how would he and his cohorts control us. Then again, is he even aware of the damage he has done.

For my side note: May those who cheated on the election to put Joe into office find justice for their deeds. And may Fauci live for a thousand years… in some prison cell to pay for the pain he has brought on this world.

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