A short time ago I learned something about cataracts. I guess it was almost two months ago when we learned my wife had cataracts in both eyes.

I was well aware as to what cataracts are. I just had no idea of the advancements they made in the their treatment. After a few days of preparation, she went into the OR with 20-2000 vision in her right eye and came out 15 minutes later. The seml opaque lens was replaced by an artificial clear one and she could see through it well. Two weeks later, the optometrist said she has 20-25 vision in that same eye. We have hopes of the same results in the left eye.

After all these years, she will no longer live in fear of losing or breaking her glasses, that is, if they do as well on left as they did on the other.

i did not know that they could do that. Neither did my wife.

So I write this for others who might find themselves in a similar place. I still get nervous about eye surgery, in this case, maybe it is worth the risk. Remember, I say this while they still need to operate on the left eye.

The Summary of the Last 4 Dem Presidents

Obama forced Obama Care down our throats with the help of Nancy. (what a pair) Of course, being a former pres, he doesn’t need Obama Care. Isn’t he the lucky one. He can use his savings to build that sea wall he is going to need when the seas start getting deeper.

Obama forced Obama Care down our throats with the help of Nancy. (what a pair) Of course, being a former pres, he doesn’t need Obama Care. Isn’t he the lucky one. He can use his savings to build that sea wall he is going to need when the seas start getting deeper.

The only thing Jimmy Carter did was to give away the Panama Canal. Really wish we had that back.

Bill Clinton’s fame to claim is that he felt our pain. I’m pretty sure he didn’t. Regardless, he certainly doesn’t now. He’s living high on the hog and has a nice big house. If you ask me, he belongs in the big house.

Obama forced Obama Care down our throats with the help of Nancy. (what a pair) Of course, being a former pres, he doesn’t need Obama Care. Isn’t he the lucky one. He can use his savings to build that sea wall he is going to need when the seas start getting deeper.

Now Joe. I guess his main theme is that he has specialized in causing pain. The bad part is that I don’t know if he even knows it. Could someone please tell him?


On this day we call Thanksgiving, my hope is that we all give thanks to the one and only God Who made it possible. Some of us do have tendencies to take our blessings, small and great, for granted.

by the way, here is wishing y`ll a wonderful Thanksgiving, even if your team doesn’t win.


I have heard that we Americans just really don’t appreciate Joe’s accomplishments. Fine. Just maybe someone can tell me one or two things Joe did to make things better for the US or any of her citizens. On the contrary. He has messed up everything he has touched.

Then again, he has helped the Ruskies, the Chicoms and some, not all who illegally crossed our southern border. Oh, yes. Don’t let me overlook all the help Joe provided for the criminals and cartels. Indeed, it’s no help to Mexico that we helped the cartels. The cartels now virtually control all northern Mexico. Ask the Mexicans wha they think of that. You might want to check with those whose tourist businesses have or will go under due to hazardous conditions in the area. Tourism is greatly reduced by the criminal activity, you know. (Does Joe even realize that damage to these folks? I don’t think he cares.)

Accomplishments. What Accomplishments. Does anyone see any Accomplishments.

Oh, yes. He did get Americans out of Afghanistan, well most Americans. He ONLY left a few HUNDRED behind.

Looting is Looting is Looting

Suddenly, we learn that the word, Looting is racist. The fact of the matter is that the true meaning of the word has been relatively consistent since I first heard the word roughly 60 years ago.

Okay. Fine. Let’s call it something else, like outright theft and destruction. Regardless what it is called, it is taking that which doesn’t belong to them, often accompanied with assault, sometimes accompanied with personal injury.

Regardless what it is called, it’s still wrong and it is still Looting. It drives business from the area. My best guess is that the looters are far from local so they could care less if the local people have to drive 20 miles to the closest Walgreens.

Though the looters may not realize it, they are figuratively shooting themselves in the foot.

Then, why should I bother to explain. Those who will understand already know. Those who don’t understand are so simple that they will never get it. It is likely well beyond their capability of understanding.

In the end, they do the work of our enemies and cause incalculable damage to their neighbors. And by the way, they hand the police an excuse, not a reason, to use excessive force. Besides all this, they leave the world a worse place.

You ever notice the businesses in the bad parts of town put steal bars on the windows and employ armed guards. Does anybody really want to live in a neighborhood where the bars are used to keep the criminals out.

Bottom line, after all is said and done, the dictionary meaning likely will never change. The looters will still be looters no matter what they are called.

To expect anything different is crazy nuts and contains more fantasy than my book by that title, “Crazy Nuts. “

Chemical is the C In NBC

One of the first things I learned about in the Marines was the meaning of NBC symbols I saw here and there. When I asked, I was told it stands for nuclear, biological and chemical… as in warfare.

To be sure we should be diligent about the nuclear aspect, but we ought not ignore the other two.

Lately, there is the new fear of the hypersonic missiles while most want to ignore the biological weapon China just released on us. I am not writing about that — as it would be redundant. I already did that.

On the other hand I want to consider the C, chemical warfare. To be sure, we are under chemical attack by China. They decided to use drugs, especially fentanyl.

They don’t release it into our water or food supplies as has been feared. With our safeguards, that would be too difficult and risky. I mean, what if they were caught. The world would instantly condemn them and, as a nation, they would quickly become insignificant.

So they provide it to the Mexican cartels and allow them to get rich whilst we, mostly our precious youth, take the poison willingly, or rather eagerly.

This they do whilst we and the world stand by and watch. To be sure, the FOCs outright cheer it on. (And they claim they are the party of the commoner)

Indeed it is far more effective than poisoning our food or water. It doesn’t just kill the one who takes it; but also it destroys the primary building blocks of all civilizations, the families. To be sure, it is also decimating our justice system. Half of all law enforcement endeavors involve drugs in one way or another. It has clogged our courts.

If we could stop drug abuse, this country would become far better overnight, if not sooner. That means one of the primary goals should be to stop the inflow of the poison. This would include but not limited to, an ultimatum to the Chinese. After all, they are the primary source of the poison and they are the nation waging the chemical warfare on us. It might also be a good idea to send some troops south to deal with those cartels. We need to teach them them the cost of crime.

Most important during a war. Don’t help the enemy. It is sort-of common sense.

When Straight Isn’t Straight

In the old days, they took a reading as to where they were on a map. Then they looked at the place they wanted to go. Then they took out a straight edge and drew a line between the two. Using a protractor, the measured the direction from magnetic north and that determined their course.

In general, on the old sailing ships, they took new readings at least once a day, sometimes three of four. The ships were susceptible to drift because of wind and tides. Hence, the more often they pulled out the sextant and took readings, the more accurate their journey.

In my mind, I figured that was sort of the way they do it today. However, when I started flying my MS flight simulator, did I get a surprise. I set my plane to make a flight from one point to another and put it on autopilot, using GPS. As I watched the compass, I realized the autopilot was making small changes on a regular basis.

That didn’t make sense to me. I mean, everyone knows that the shortest distance between to points is a straight line, not curved.

I did a little research into it. If you use a flat map to do the navigation, the straight line does appear to be the shortest distance. However, if you work with a globe, instead of a flat map, you can easily see that the shortest distance line will be a curve, at least in most cases.

Hence, when a pilot takes off from San Fran to the City of Lights, he will likely start off flying north-east instead of east. He will gradually change his course to eastward until flying east. Then he will start turning southward. His final course will likely be south-east. If you draw the course on a flat map, it will look like an arc. If you draw the course on a globe, it will make perfect sense.

For shorter distances, it will make no measurable difference. However, ignoring roads, the shortest route to the store you regularly make, would be curved. You are going just a little farther by going straight. Ideally, you would be making course changes about every second. I wouldn’t suggest trying it though. First you need to stay on the roads and, of course, neither of us will be able to tell the difference.

However, the fact that we navigate a globe instead of a plane does create some oddities. For instance, if you go 50 miles north, 100 miles east, 100 miles south, 100 miles west, and finally 50 north, the assumption would be that you traveled in a square. As such, you should end up in the same place as you started. However, that would only happen if you start on the equator.

Sometimes, I Get it Right

A short time after I suggested electric car races, they started having them. I don’t think I had anything to do with it. It was sort of inevitable, which was what I was thinking of as a title for this post. I mean, it just had to be. It wasn’t so much that I suggested it as I just saw it coming.

To be sure, I don’t think electric cars will be used in the Indianapolis speedway tomorrow, but soon. By the way, if that green new deal group had anything to do with it, it would be the day after tomorrow. The only reason they would consider that long is that it does take a while to come up with the cars.

A couple of years ago, I bought an electric mower. I really like it to this day. My front lawn was covered with leaves a day ago. I ran the mower over it and now all the leaves are in plastic bags. Well, maybe I exaggerate. The mower did leave some leaves behind. And those pine needles; only thing that will get those things up is a rake. Even blowers won’t work on them. It takes sort of a two man team. One rakes to set them up while the other goes over them with the mower. That will get about 80% of them.

At the time I got the mower, I suggested in one of my post that they make electric riding mowers. For quite a while, I got the impression that no one was listening. Maybe they did, but no one did anything about it.

Now they will have to. It is inevitable. It will have to come to be. California is outlawing gas powered mowers. Now that might work for those who have manageable sized lawns like me, but some of these mansions have a lot of lawn. Walk behind mowers just won’t get it. Many of those with big lots will be up in arms, so to speak. On the other hand, they just might do a lot of paving instead.

Then too, there are golf courses. Can you imagine trying to maintain an eighteen hole golf course with electric push mowers. Sorry, the gov just won’t allow gas powered ones, the type that speed around an acre in minutes, not days.

Then too, we might be underestimating the new green deal outfit. They just might want us to go back to the old mechanical push mowers. That will keep those gardeners in shape. On the other hand, it might cause a run on AstroTurf.

In the meantime, while they still allow electric mowers, I think there just might be a few of those engineers that will figure our how to drive those rider mowers with electricity. Who knows? Just maybe they will figure out a way to power them with nuclear energy.

Now that is ridiculous. Then again, who would have ever thought about having to mow the golf courses with with electricity. Incidentally, my battery on my mower last about an hour. If you plan on mowing eight hours a day, you will need 8 batteries, which will be far bigger than mine. And, of course, they will all have to be recharged daily. Maybe people could just recharge them with gasoline powered generators. Somehow, I don’t think the current electrical grid in California would provide that much power. The California grid is having trouble handling the load now.

My Opinion; They Got it Right

As near as I can tell, they got the Rittenhouse decision right. To me, it looked pretty obvious. More than that, I don’t think it should have even gone to trial, though there is one advantage to it being presented to a jury as well as to anyone who would watch it on the TV. He proved his innocence high and wide throughout the country.

On the other hand, we all learned an important lesson. If we are going to exorcise our right to self-defense, try not to use a gun, especially a big one. If you do use a gun, make sure to never shoot anyone more than once.

There are many alternatives to guns. For instance, you can use a butcher knife or even a rock. By staying away from using a gun, you avoid being convicted before the man dies. However, I would not suggest you follow that prosecutor’s advice and use your fist. If you do, they will have you coming and going. If you are not skilled, you will likely end up dead. If you are skilled, you will be accused of using your fists like deadly weapons.

As I watched the verdicts come down, I thought about the fortune that was paid for his defense. Now he and his mother are about destitute. It makes me wonder about ever putting up a defense under these conditions.

On the other hand, he just might have a few cases he can level on the media. He could actually end up being a billionaire like the one that sued that one news outfit. My guess is he is already a billionaire. Not bad for standing and looking an Indian face to face for a few minutes.

Then, I had another thought. That lawyer that only sues people with money might want to represent Rittenhouse. He could make a small fortune for he and his client. However, I thought better of it. The man is a hopeless liberal. He would never represent Rittenhouse for any amount of money. After all, the boy did use a gun for his defense and no self-respecting lib would ever represent a man who used a gun to shoot someone, even though his life was at risk.

Actually, that was sort of the way the prosecutor looked at it. He seemed to think Rittenhouse should have used his fist instead. He certainly talked of it enough.

Incidentally, how many want to suggest that Biden will offer an apology. Certainly not going to happen in this century.

One more thing. So you suppose they will ever have those trials for those imprisoned for Jan. 6?