Cautiously Hopeful

Ever since I heard that The Court chose to review the laws on abortion, I’ve been cautiously hopeful. I do believe Roe v Wade was legislated by the Court based solely on imagination. Now, there is a real chance to limit it or maybe even overturn it.

Even now, after the recent news, I only remain hopeful. The problem is that the source is anonymous. I simply don’t believe anonymous news, especially if it good news. That way I’m seldom disappointed.

Still, I do have a couple of reasons to permit me to elevate my hopes. 1st, it is not totally good news. Family Planning and their crew of killers will sound the bugle and charge the Congress. They will twist arms and begin their bribes. There is far too much money at risk for them to just sit back and watch.

So, they will put their muscles and cash behind their willing accomplices in Congress. In a mater of a few weeks, they can pass a law making it forever legal to kill the helpless unborn.

Never mind what the people want. We are talking real money here and they want the new legislation before their dem friends get replaced by the Republicans during the midterms.

Then too, they claim the document seems plausible. Just maybe some dumb liberal clerk exposed it in hopes of turning it all south.

Then again, it just might be an invention by a libreral newspaper in hopes of putting the abortion movement in gear. Let’s face it. The abortion industry hasn’t had much going on lately.

Hopefully though, with a little help from the Lord, Planned Parenthood will have to find another way to make money.

So, as I say. I remain cautiously hopeful. A month or two, we’ll know, and so will Planned Parenthood.

What Happens When the Lights Go Out?

It’s one of those frequently asked questions, especially after the lights go out.

In the home, it means we break out the flashlights 🔦. If it goes on too long, it means we start looking for somewhere to plug in the cell phones.

In hospitals, the question becomes, how long will the generator hold up?

On the other hand some will be looking for a place to plug in their vehicles. For sure, with the load they put on the grid, they just might be the reason for the sudden darkness.

It sounds like a good reason to add to the grid, both in generating power and distribution. I mean, you just might want to get out of Dodge before your neighbors find out the grid went down when you plugged in your brand new Tesla, especially if it is in the middle of the Super Bowl.

A Show of Hands, Please

Uncle Joe is going around the country and provide support for local contests. I know I’ll never get it but I’d like to see a show of hands or those seeking ole Joe’s support. I suspect I only need my fingers to count them. I would have no need to remove my shoes. Come to think of it, I might be able to put one hand in a pocket.

As an aside, just how many would Joe be able to assist before he would have to return to Maryland for a rest. Perhaps more accurately, before he is sent back.

A Little Help for Those Raking Leaves

Maybe you already know this. If so, I wish you told me. I’ve put liners in trash cans and then tugged and tugged to get the filled liner back out. Currently, my main problem is pine needles but I’m sure it’s the same.

One day I had a very much overfilled liner and simply could not remove the liner from the trash barrel. Finally, just before giving up, I slid a rake handle down the inside of the barrel between the liner and the barrel. After turning the barrel on its side, I wiggled the liner a little and then it slid right out.

Nowadays, I have a round stick taped to the side of the barrel. Sure wished I thought of it sooner. Sure wish they had barrels with the stick, or something similar built in. It comes in handy for grass clippings too. As an aside, I can stuff more clippings or leaves in each bag.

I still have a real problem though. As an old man, I can only fill 3, sometimes 4 bags of pine needles a week. The pine trees produce close to twice that.

As an aside, I found another solution for USB plugs. Whenever I go to plug them in, I almost always get it upside down every time. When I do get it right, I make the mistake of thinking it is wrong, even worse. The problem is that the one side almost looks the same as the other. I know it is a little thing but it can become complicated by low light and cramped conditions. Now I take a little Whiteout and put it on the top of the plugs. Now I always get it right.

The trick now is finding the right plug for the right device. I figure there are at least 4 of them that are nearly the same size. I say this because I have all 4. Whose idea was that anyway? When they came out with them, the idea was standardization. Then they come out with all these different sizes.

OH NO! Sound the Alarms

it is now conceivable that Twitter just might allow the truth to get out so that one and all will be able to see and read it. This might be worse for the woke than getting the feds out of our schools. Who knows, it might get out that we have a marionette occupying the Oval Office.

Disaster, it may get out that we are being invaded on the Mexican border. Now, where will we get cheap labor? How can the FOCs steal elections? Oh,by the way, the voters just might find out about the stolen election and all those still illegally locked up from January 6 for over a year without charges.

IIt’s panic in the White House. I’m not referring Joe. He’s oblivious to all of it. The ones hitting the panic buttons are the master puppeteers.

The “Great Fauci” Speaks!

Fauci says judges should not make judgments about masks. This is spoken by a politician pretending to be the unbiased great doctor who has yet to make one right decision about the China virus.

incidentally, the man should be incarcerated for the next 10 thousand years for his part in developing the virus in the first place.

My question about him is very simple. Why is anyone paying him any mind, given his record. Come to think of it, why are we paying him so much as a dollar for his services? He’s not earning it. He never has.

Wray Says Police Under Attack!

Where has he ( FBI Director Wray ) been for the last 2 years? Did someone or something awaken him?

I would guess, most likely, it just seems it has become that his previous stance might result in mass democrat losses at the midterm. Moreover, he just might want to hold onto his position. To be sure, he will not want to suffer the disgrace of his forerunner.

Who knows? He just might want to pretend to be a good law man. I wonder if that’s even possible.

Folks Are Dying

Guess who cautioned us about people dying because of misinformation. That’s right, Obama himself, the one credited with the three whoppers of the century, which he, himself now admits to.

Remember, “you can keep your health plan ,” “you can keep your doctors,” “you’re health care will be more affordable.?” Oh, yes, let’s not forget the shovel ready projects.

Far more important, let’s not forget the lives that were lost when Obama decided to abandon Iraq. I understand it was around a million or so real deaths. Then, when speaking statistics, what’s 4 or 5 hundred lives, here or there?

Then again, Obama is speaking of misinformation costing lives when he should admit to the misinformation about the loss of lives that he caused, totally without apology, totally without empathy. In fact, he never even tried to invent an alibi as Joe would have.


Apparently, a general did. While Joe & Jill walked across one of the White House lawns, she was wearing what appeared to be some kind of form fitting leather or leatherette pants. A general off to their left was looking in the direction of the pants with a big smile, maybe even a laugh.

It was one of those few times I wish the video was accompanied with the audio. So, now all we have is the implication of a laugh. I can’t imagine anyone providing a true witness account.