A Fascinating Question

The other day I heard a comedian tell a joke that prompted a question that I found fascinating, though I must admit most would not.

Suppose the house next to you just became vacant and you just found out that God was going to move into it. Of course, the question is ludicrous. Yet, the question still intrigues me. It launched me into hours of thought.

The comedian suggested that most would be horrified at the idea. To be sure, He would be close enough to observe everything that is done and overhear all arguments. How embarrassing that would be.

The thing that actually makes the question so ludicrous is that God does not need to be standing next to us to know our every thought. Actually, he’d not be surprised by anything we say or do. He knew them before the earth was.

I would like to think that I would be thrilled, though I can’t say that with any surety. I mean, wouldn’t it be nice to visit my neighbor once or twice a day and converse with the person who made everything.

Then again, we really can do that anyway. He is everywhere and He can carry on a conversation with any of us any time He wants. To some, I suppose it’s comforting. To others, maybe frightening.

It’s what makes the question fascinating.

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