Running & Hiding

After Adam & Eve ate the fruit, they ran and hid from God. When I first heard the story as a child, I thought that was dumb. I mean who can hide from God.

Yet, to this day, men think they can run from God. We seek darkness in hopes that He can’t see what we do. One well-known prophet even tried to escape into the depths of sea. Can you believe an adult would try such a thing?

It is the nature of man to run from God as we seek safety from his wrath. What we should do; the right thing to do; the thing most beneficial for us is to run toward God as fast as we can. He is our provider and he is our protector. He has promised us love and mercy. Why then do we run. Why do we hide.

Whatever the reason, we have had millenia of practice. In every case it has not worked out well for us. Do you suppose it might be time for us to learn and rush to Him for a change. It seems us humans must always learn the hard way.

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