Has Anyone Considered This Option?

I keep hearing complaints about guns being stolen out of cars. It would be the obvious question is… who builds cars that have a secure compartment? Does anyone offer an aftermarket solution? I haven’t seen any ads for them. I don’t know. Maybe they are available. Certainly, if I had enough money, I could go somewhere and have such a compartment built. However, can the regular John Doe have such a compartment built for a reasonable price?

Seems to me like a real good option for the auto makers to provide. I do wonder just how difficult it would be to have one built in or added. The current secure boxes lack one thing. They are not secure. Mostly, a thief will simply see the secure box and run off with it. Better to put the secure box in plain sight and hide the gun elsewhere.

The need for a secure location in a car is obvious. Sometimes, the owner must leave his gun behind, in the car, kind of unattended. In the old days, people left rifles on racks in the back windows of pickups. That doesn’t work so well anymore. Unlike in past times, the world is full of thieves that just love to steal guns. That was in a time when criminals, such as thieves were put in prisons instead of turned lose to walk the city streets… looking for things to steal.

For my aside, I wonder just how many weapons are stolen from police cars, not that I’m making any suggestions.

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