Dead Sea Rumer

Some time ago, I suggested pumping sea water into the Salton Sea in southern California and into the Dead Sea. It would solve multiple problems, not to mention it would make some nice recreation areas.

Well, it looks like they will take my advice with the Dead Sea. I heard rumors but I don’t think it was because of my post. It seems the sea is going dry causing sink holes and making hazards near the sea.

From what I understand several folks lost some very valuable land. Restaurants have been closed and hotels have fallen into the holes.

It wouldn’t take much pumping. Just lay the pipe and open the valve. The water flow would be mostly downhill. It is even conceivable that the water could be used to fill recreational pools along the way.

The biggest problem would be the filtering required. However, the advantages would be enormous. It would lower the oceans, which would save all all the prime real estate in New York and Florida. And it won’t hurt the real estate prices at the Dead Sea either.

Now, if we can just talk the experts into doing the same with the Salton Sea. It would drastically increase the beach front property in the area.

Wait a minute. Maybe that’s a reason that will never happen. Who wants the value of their beach front property to fall? They wouldn’t want all those millionaires moving inland. Not for a minute.

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