The Tenth Amendment

Many know not what it says or what it is for. Frequently, it is ignored. In some cases, methods are invented to get around it. When politicians in DC wanted to make all the states set a 55-mph speed limit, they were well aware that it would not get by the Tenth Amendment. No problem. the used the power of highway funding. Any state that would not drop the limit to 55, would lose the federal highway funding. So much for the spirit of the tenth amendment. It would seem that any time they want to nullify the amendment, they just make the appropriate threats. The feds, specifically the dems get around the tenth to control our schools. That’s a bad idea. The feds should have very limited control over schools.

Today, the Tenth Amendment has become the least effective amendment and it should be one of the most enforced. Today, our federal system is on the brink of collapse because most people just simply don’t know how important the amendment is. More and more, power is being transferred to the feds. it is just exactly what the founding fathers feared and for good reason.

For those who have no problem with the feds (effectively the dems) running everything, consider these two questions. How has it worked so far? How well will it work in the foreseeable future?

Well, let me add one more. Do we really want the feds determining how our children are being brainwashed? Do we really want our kids filled with a heap of false propaganda? (Actually, to some degree, this has already started.)

If I Were a Racist

If I were a racist there are a number of things I would do or not do.

For instance, I would do all I could to make sure that 3 out of 4 black babies were killed before they are born.

Oh!. Let’s see. The dems do that. It is called Planned Parenthood and 86% of their locations are in Black neighborhoods. Moreover three out of four of their abortions are performed on Black women. Moreover, no one dare try to talk any woman, black or white out of and abortion or they will have the law you before you can spell Oliver Wendel Holmes. Just FYI: Planned Parenthood was started by a racist, Margaret Sanger, who had hopes of eliminating the Black race in the US as well as a few other countries. Apparently, her dreams fit right in with the FOC.

For instance, if I were a racist, I would see to it that the Black children did not learn how to read and write.

There is nothing better at controlling a people than keeping them illiterate. The dems love to keep Black kids illiterate. The thought of letting them into private schools causes their blood to boil. If you don’t believe me, just mention school choice around someone in the National Education Association. They will blister your ears with reasons to keep kids out of private schools…especially the ones they have their children in.

For instance, if I were racist, I would want to keep Black people in the downtown area, the slums, the projects.

Now let’s see. President Trump did more to help the Black wager earner than any of the dem presidents. For this he was called racist by the dems. Moreover, he did more to help their education and decrease the crime… everywhere. Guess who that helps… the black neighborhoods, the slums and the projects.

For instance If I were a racist, I would encourage riots in urban areas, where many Black people live. This would help my effort in two ways. First, it would drive businesses out of the areas, many of which are owned by Black people. Second, it would make it far more difficult for those unable to leave the area. It also makes it difficult for the kids remaining to get good jobs.

Now let’s see. Do I really need to expand on this. Have we not all seen what has happened in the FOC run cities? Have we not seen the riots and fires? Does anyone realize what this does to real estate values. Think about it, really. The urban values go down and the suburban values go up. Let’s face it, everyone likes to have their home in a safe area. So the businesses shut down and those who can afford it move out of town to places the FOCs don’t control.

For instance, if I were a racist, I would want my schools to teach racism in schools, as the FOCs do.

So if you really think about it, while the FOCs are so quick to yell racist, they really ought to look in the mirror. It is also a pretty good indicator. If someone calls me a racist, it means they have nothing bad to say about me. They are simply using the attack of last resort. Anyone can call anyone a racist… this without an ounce of proof.

For you I have presented proof. The FOCs are the real racist. Truth be told, we all know it. Just is most are afraid to say it.

A Word About Education

There was a time, just a short time after I graduated high school, when society seemed to make a god of education. That is to say, it seemed that no matter what the problem was, it could be fixed by some form of education.

I remember the big one they really pushed was sex ed. With all the unwed mothers of the day, they figured all they needed to do was provide the kids with a good education on the problem and it would just go away.

It didn’t work. You ask me how I know? The answer is simple. After a few years of it, the problem became far worse. They tried to blame it on other things. As for me, it is simple. One day, the problem was bad but manageable. A few years later, it couldn’t be worse than if they were trying to. The truth is… sometimes I think failure was their goal.

Indeed, two minutes studying the courses and it made it obvious why it failed. It was little more than a “how to book.” It’s short of telling a ten year olds how to shoot a gun and never telling them anything about the safety. Oh, by the way, they were teaching the sex ed to 10 year-olds, and 8 year-olds. In cases where they could get away with it, they were teaching it to kindergartners. Common-sense tells you this won’t work. Common-sense tells us this will fail, or succeed, depending on their goals.

The truth is that education can help in many things, provided that we teach the right things in the right ways. Over the years I have come to the conclusion that reading and writing are the most important skills a person can have. I could write a small pamphlet explaining my reasons for the conclusion but it ought to be causal to the most obvious observer. Indeed, why should it be necessary to explain?

Yet every day, our schools turn out people that can’t read. Some people go through college and graduate while barely being able to sign their name.

I am convinced any elementary school that doesn’t have the vast majority of their students reading reasonably well by the third grade, the principal should be put on notice. If it continues another year, he or should be fired, no ifs ands or buts. There is no excuse. It is the primary job of the principal to get the right teachers in the job. If they can’t teach students how to read, nothing else matters.

Certainly, the second most important subject is math, basic arithmetic. I was reasonably skillful at adding, multiplying, subtracting and division by the forth grade, maybe a tad earlier. We now have high school graduates that can hardly add and subtract. I don’t understand that. I am not that smart. Just why are those teachers such failures? Could it be by design.

On the other hand, just how proficient are the same kids on the ABC’s of sex education. Could it be that the subject is given a much higher priority.

The third most important subject is history. To be sure, this should include what we called civics and economy. If an eighteen-year-old is going to vote for a president, he really ought to know something about what a president is supposed to do? If he is going to chose his senator or representative, shouldn’t he know something about The Constitution? Shouldn’t the graduate understand the downfalls of socialism?

Yet, most graduates from modern day high schools are sadly lacking in any of this. On the other hand, their heads are filled with the lies of Communism.

Indeed, education is no god. I never did like it being the fix-all. But maybe it should not be the tool of our own destruction.

I leave you with this one question. How long does it take a person to unlearn all the lies that our schools teach? Is it three years? Is it six? My guess is that it is too long.