Nullifying Advertising

It’s crazy nuts. Big corporations, mostly restaurants spend fortunes on advertising to draw customers in. Then they let their staff stand around and chat while we, the hungry customers wait.

I know it happens because I have seen it. I don’t expect to be treated as royalty, but when I stand and wait a full 3 or 4 minutes and watch, it does make me suspect they’d just as soon I visit some other establishment.

In one case, I waited five minutes for the food and another five minutes for the drinks. Still trying to figure out that one. Then there’s the nice big restaurant (used to be my favorite). I waited close to 1/2 an hour for the food. Then, twice I asked for a knife and fork. The nice hot food was lukewarm by the time I was able begin eating.

Why do they do things like that. How long does it take to draw 2 drinks. Why should it take 30 minutes to fetch forks and knives. I was even willing to give the waitress a break. If she’d have gotten me something to eat with right away, I would have ignored it. However, the wife and I had to remind her twice and it would have been nice to have a good hot meal. I mean the cook did make it.

There are dozens of times this sort of thing happened. I don’t wonder why the employees act this way. Given the chance most employees have a tendency to be slack. My question is, why do the employees think they can get away with it. I suspect the managers are sending the wrong signals.

The restaurants have a lot of competition. They ought not treat customers like that. It sort of nullifies all their expensive ads. I mean, do we believe our eyes or the ads?

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