The Unanticipated Obvious

I’ve said it and said it again. I barely made it through high school. I have no college degree, though I did have a littie college. Yet it seems I anticipated something the guys with with the big degrees overlooked. At least, they chose to ignore it.

When they first started really pushing the electric autos, I actually wrote a post pointing out that the electric power grid would need some serious beefing up.

I don’t guess anyone paid any attention to me because it was only today I heard of anyone else taking note of the problem. As obvious as it was from the beginning, it seems to have taken about 4 years to realize that the grid just isn’t up to it.

Their suggestion to deal with the problem is to charge the batteries at work during the day instead of at home at night.

Guess I can’t have an electric car. Can’t plug it in at work. I’m retired.

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