Wouldn’t it be Nice

Lately, with all that is going on, I started thinking about how nice it would be if things were a little different. Such as:

  1. Wouldn’t be nice if we could live in a place where there were no thieves, no murderers?
  2. Wouldn’t it be nice if we were in a place without bullies?
  3. The farmer may think, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I could just grow my crops and the politicians would just leave me alone. For that matter, it would be a little nice if the rain at the right time, and not to much.
  4. The woman may wish for a place where she could go from point A to point B without being in fear of being assaulted on the way.
  5. The soldier might think, “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could live in a world without war?”
  6. Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world without the need for lawyers and judges?
  7. Wouldn’t it be nice to live in world without cruel and inhumane leaders, like Putin and Xi? Wouldn’t it be nice to be in a world without dictators, such as Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, etc?
  8. Wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in a world without growing old, or sick, or feeble of mind?
  9. Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world without cancer, A.L.S. or any other such thing?
  10. Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world without starvation or lack of water?
  11. To be sure, it would be nice to live in a world without death, ours or our loved ones.
  12. Then, of course, wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world without fear, from man, beast, weather or earthquake.

For sure, such a place does not exist. Well, to some degree, it does exist in the minds of communists partially. They have no cure for disease, but they want to turn the world into the perfect place on earth and they are willing to lie, deceive and kill anyone and everyone in their way.

In fact, they justify lying, cheating, killing – even to the point of mass murder to reach their goals. Then, they will have their perfect world, as long as they get to run it the way they want to. (I think that is called a dictatorship)

At any rate, it is nice to know there is such a place. To be sure, God makes sure of it. He will not allow such people in, which does create a dilemma. If no such people (1st. Corr. 6:9 & 10) will have access to the place he created, what good will it do any of us. I know I can’t go. I have told a lie or two. I have even stolen a few things. Sometimes I have gotten nearly angry enough to kill, which would disallow me. Then again, I have an inside track. I know Jesus. He is my savior.

Actually, none of us can goes to heaven based on what we have done and not done. Sorry. We can’t make it. It is impossible. God will not let people into heaven who is a sinner.

First let me digress. If such a place exists and it does, then it would no longer be perfect if God were to allow one person who told one lye into the place. Certainly, it would not exist, if God would allow a killer or thief in.

There in lies the paradox. God creates heaven, and then, if he lets anyone in, it is no longer heaven.

Therefore, He came up with a solution, one that only He can. When we accept Jesus as our savior, He changes us. He immediately changes us so that we through Jesus can enter His Kingdom. He continues to change us, making us better day by day, week by week. Finally, when we die, He changes us so that we become as Jesus, no sin nor the desire to sin.

When we enter his kingdom, there is no more war, no more stealing, no more killing, no more death, and no more pain.

Note: the way to heaven is through Jesus, not communism. And that will be nice…forever, but only if you accept Jesus as your savior and Lord. If you haven’t done that maybe you should now…before you find yourself, in the other place, forever, without God and in constant pain. And, also, wishing you did accept Jesus. The memory just might have gone to heaven just might be nearly as pad as the pain.

One thought on “Wouldn’t it be Nice

  1. It would be nice if the temperature was a constant level and rain was nightly between 12 and 2 and just the right amount. Then again I’m still pissed that the easter bunny was a myth. Don’t get me started on the Cadbury rainbow ads from the 70’s and 80’s.

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