A Word for Walmart.

Tonight, I went shopping at the local Walmart, which in this day and time is quite an undertaking. I’m old and I have to scan all by myself.

So! I approached the register and put my groceries on the the conveyor belt. When I was done, I was starting to huff and puff a little. After taking a few seconds to catch my breath, I reached for the first item and I set my eyes on a small sign, “Cash Only.”

My first thought was, Why was that sign so small? Why was it pointed so that I could only see as I stood right in front of the register? Then I began doing some mental calculations. It took very little time to realize that I had enough cash to pay for about half of of it all.

It was then I considered a decision: move it all back into the buggy, then to the next available register. Or just simply walk out after a short explanation.

Fortunately, one of the staff saw my expression and told me to scan and then she would take care it. When I finished, she pushed a few buttons, took me to a special register. In two minutes or less, I paid and left.

It sure was nice for the woman to come to my aid. On the other hand, it would not be necessary had someone made the sign bigger and easily seen. Moreover, I doubt anyone there realized how close they came to putting away 150 dollars of groceries.

One thought on “A Word for Walmart.

  1. I and a lot of us oldies locally here make a point of being served by a person rather than self serve as it sends a message that people are still needed in retail.

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