Ignore the Future

A look at priorities

Any halfway decent chess player will tell you that it is the long sighted player who is does well.  The good players will normally think at least 8 moves ahead.

Currently, I play games of Free Space on my computer and I have been playing it for years.  Again, I have found, if you want to win consistently, you need to plan far ahead.  If don’t you will frequently lose.  Indeed, the moves that appear the most obvious will frequently lead you to a dead end.  Those moves that seem the least redeeming open up into wins.

The same can be said about many things.  Certainly, none of us really wants to put our shoulder to grindstone and study in school.  Yet, consistently, those who study the most frequently get the best paying jobs.

Yet, it surprises me as I look out into society today and see all those who have spent their lives studying and accumulating knowledge making very short sighted decisions.

They put a super priority on global warming when there are far more important things.  I assure you, if China takes control of this world, going green will be the least of anyone’s concerns.  Yet businesses make nice with China, knowing that, in the long run, it will end in disaster.


Why is it that China sells steel and aluminum at a loss?  Why do they go into backward countries and set up infrastructure systems and provide low interest and no interest loans?

The answer is simple.  They want world domination.  And today, guess what?  They have American, so-called geniuses helping them, willingly, even gladly.  Some of them even are taking part in the takeover.  Some of the American multi-billionaires help in financing the takeover.

That’s stupid.  In a real communist society, there are no millionaires, let alone billionaires.  In theory no one gets any more; no one gets any less regardless of what they do or don’t do.

It would seem, very few geniuses these days want to look past the next few days.  So, like the beginner chess player, we don’t ever look past the next move.  Like the novice politician, we never look past the next month, let alone the next year.  The businessman never looks past his profits.  Tomorrow is everything and we ignore the future.

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