A Tale of Two Governors

When I first considered this post, I also considered the title a tale of two states. Obviously, I borrowed the concept, “A Tale of Two Cities” and choosing the two state idea would fit the old title better but not the circumstance so much.

To be sure, both states are suffering but, on the other hand, the governors are in deep trouble. I’m sure that you have figured it out, that is, to whom and to which states I am referring. It would appear both governors have been disasters to their states and they love to blame it on others. At this point, it would appear that Newsom will soon be removed from being governor and will likely suffer a political death. Much the same can be said about Gov. Cuomo, but more so. He just might end up trading his expensive suits for a very plain and common orange jumpsuit.

To be truthful, I don’t think Cuomo will ever get convicted of anything, not with a democrat president, though the state just might find something for which to convict him. Now that would be a trial to be seen, a real trial in a real court. It would bear little resemblance to the mock trial held in The Senate recently.

I like the question a man asked the news-person today, “Is it really okay to invent evidence.” as they did against Trump. Well, if Cuomo is tried, the evidence will not be invented and if he is convicted, he will not just be removed from office, but he would, as they say, “…go directly to jail.”

As for Newsom, he will likely just find some big mansion to retire to and live out his life in disgrace. What real useful purpose would he serve. Naturally, he would want all his servants to wear space suits. He wouldn’t want to catch anything from them.

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