Revisit of Anonymous Sources

As the man said, don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you read. Allow me to add two things to that. Don’t believe anything The Washington Post. They published a story they new was wrong. They said it was a misquote. If you ask me, it was likely not a quote at all. They had to admit they printed a lie and now their reputation has sunk like a lead sinker.

The bad thing is that it was re quoted around the world and many who read it will treat it as truth. They really ought to make sure they get their facts straight before the go to press with a story. Now they have been exposed as a paper that prints lies. Then again, have we found something new and earthshaking. After all, we all knew they published lies and distortions before. It just is that now we can prove it.

Floaters vs Controllers

In one group of books that I have written, I pit “floaters” against “controllers.” The floaters are the good guys who have some fantasy abilities. The controllers are the bad guys and are passionately and ruthlessly seeking power. They let nothing get in the way, including each other.

In truth, there are no floaters. They are from my imagination. I dreamed them up all by myself. I got the idea from all the detective shows where the bodies are discovered floating in some body of water.

On the other hand, in a sense the controllers do exist. If I were asked to point one out, I’d have to say that Cuomo is close to the perfect example of what I had in mind, about ten years ago when I started the series. Unfortunately, I could not use him as as my typecast. At that time, I hardly heard of the man, let alone all the horrible things he has done.

I must say that he does have quite a few competitors for prime example. The democrat party is full of them. Control is far more important to them than the good of The United States of America and its citizens. For that matter, their plans for the world at large are awfully bad too. I guess I should add a number of rinos to the list as well. It is easy to spot them. They are the ones without a spine. They are the ones with their fingers in the air to see which way the wind blows. They want all the glory without paying any of the price for sticking their neck out a little.

But I like Speedy Gonzales

It would seem those in charge of canceling things want to cancel Speedy Gonzales. But he was one of favorite cartoons. Besides, what may I ask is bad about a Mexican hero.

While we are on the subject, why don’t we bring back some of the old cartoons. I certainly prefer them to the likes of Spongebob Squarepants. Can someone please tell me what is funny about the modern cartoons? Maybe there was some bias in the old cartoons but they made almost all of us laugh. Also, most of the time you have to look pretty hard to find the bias. The newer cartoons are examples of lack of art, imagination and technical skill. I mean, at least Speedy Gonzales does look sort of like a mouse, though he does wear a sombrero. (Besides, he taught us some Spanish)

Cuba, Before and After

Many folks don’t remember Cuba before Castro. I do. That dates me. I was young in the day and I remember studying it all in school as current events. Batista was a horrible dictator. He treated people very badly so it did not take a lot for Castro to build himself an army under the aegis of a new free land.

Things quickly changed after Castro took the reins of the island country. Suddenly it was a communist dictatorship. Now, the question does come up from time to time, were they better under Batista or Castro. I answer the question with one observation. They didn’t like Batista. He was horrible. However, it was only after Castro that they started trying to reach the US on anything that would float. They fled the place as if their lives depended on it. In many cases, it did.

I don’t know about you, but this tells me it was worse under Castro. That tells us all something about communism that we should all take to heart. If the communists take the rein here, there will be nowhere to go, except maybe Brazil. Brazil is a lot farther away.

I think it would be better to keep the commies from taking over in the first place, and the second and third place too.

Problems in Royalty

We Americans have royalty too of course. We have little kingdoms called states and a larger kingdom called The United States of America. We don’t call them kingdoms but those who have the job of running them think of themselves as monarchs. They tell us when we can do things and when we can’t. King Biden is quite comfortable at telling us when and how we can celebrate the 4th of July.

However, it would seem there are problems with royalty these past few days.

1. King Cuomo is on the brink of being tossed out on his keester. As a matter of fact, he just might be turning those nice suits in for orange jumpsuits, or what ever they wear in New York prisons these days

2. Governor Newsom seems to be facing the real possibility of being tossed out on his ear. He will no longer be able to tell which businesses (for instants restaurants) can open and which ones must close. I suspect those running Disneyland, liberal as they may be, would be willing to buy him a one way ticket to just about anywhere, as long as they don’t have a theme park there.

3. Poor Biden is just trying to understand where he is and what is going on. Every time he looks over his shoulder, he sees Kamala eyeing his current home.

4. Then there is Kamala. She just keeps reexamining the 25th amendment. She knows that if Biden is removed from office, resigns or dies, she gets to occupy the Oval Office. She knows it will happen. She just isn’t certain which one or when. Another thing she knows. She will be the first woman president, her greatest qualification, of course. Naturally, it only enhances her impatience. Then again, we all know, instead of being president, she will be queen. Then she and her pen will be able to issue edicts throughout the land. We, her faithful servants will have to live by them, even if they are ridiculously horrible. (When Kamala ran for Vice President, did anyone ever bother asking her if she had any real experience running anything in the real world?)

Overdoing Royalty

Sorry. I am not impressed with royalty. If I saw the Queen, I’d likely say hi, but that is about it. I mean she did put in her part on the war effort, but then so did a few other men and women. Let’s keep things real, not Royal. One couple gets an interview, makes a few utterances which may or may not be true and the whole world is in a tizzy.

Just a while ago, I sat and watched the “NEWS” for about 15-20 minutes and it was all about the interview and the royal family. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!! They aren’t even our royal family. The queen isn’t our queen and the so called royal couple are not our royal couple. Last time I checked, we are not permitted to have royal titles in this country, though I must admit we are moving in that direction.

Can’t the media find some real news. Isn’t there something actually happening in this world of over 7 billion people. Isn’t there something of importance happening in this country of over 230 million. I would suspect so, but it is all getting ignored because the royal family may or may not have treated a royal couple wrong.

And, oh yes. Pardon me for not giving them any sympathy. Most of the people in this world would jump at the chance to trade places with them, regardless of how they were treated. As far as I am concerned, that is all that needs to be said on the matter. Maybe, if the queen threatened such a thing, the couple just might learn a very important lesson, one which I wrote on before… Keep the most important things the most important things. Also, we all might learn to keep the trivia, trivia.

The New Royalty

After The Revolutionary War, almost immediately, they offered the throne of the new nation to George Washington. He refused it and suggested that the idea of a throne for the new country was a bad idea. He said something to the effect that they had just fought to free themselves from a throne.

It was totally unprecedented. Always before, those who led their nation to victory assumed the throne. Throughout history it was the pattern. In fact, I cannot ever recall it ever happening any other way, certainly in the major countries.

Perhaps it came close in Greece and Rome, but, in the end, they both had their tyrants, their kings. Though they were not known as such, it amounted to the same thing. Throughout Europe kings rose up and fell. Some kingdoms simply disintegrated, others were conquered, or a combination of the two as with Rome.

The news spread all around the world and it shocked those who heard of it. Then, Washington was voted to be president of the new nation. After serving two terms, he left though they wanted him to stay. He said that no on man should ever serve more than two terms. It again rocked the world. Washington not only turned down the power once, but twice.

To be sure, he likely didn’t want it. More than that, he likely felt he should set a good example for those who followed. Apparently, Roosevelt didn’t feel the same. He was elected 4 times. I don’t know if he would have run for a fifth term had he lived. It is one answer we will never know this side of eternity.

Nonetheless, he established some patterns. Since that time, people sought power. To be sure, they sought power before, but it was on a new scale and it was for far different reasons. Before, people sought the power for the good they could do. Now, they just seek the power. It is now a race for royalty and it has become far more noticeable after President Trump took office. You see, he was not one of the royalty. He was not supposed to ascend to the highest office in the land. He was an outsider. It was not his turn to rule. Besides he graduated from U Penn, not Harvard or Yale. Even more, his degree was in business, not law or politics.

He rolled over all the royalty like a steam roller. More than that, he had the audacity to try to do the will of the people who elected him. He had the nerve to do what was good for American citizenry, not the one world order. He called out the other leaders who were taking the US for ride, which the rinos did not like. After all, they liked their business deals with China and the cheap labor from illegal immigrants. The dems didn’t like him building the wall either. He stopped the future potential democrat voters. After all, they plan was to turn Texas blue as they did California.

There was no doubt it. Something had to be done. Both the republican and democrat royalty had to get him out of office and it did not much how, even if they had to resort to illegal methods. Moreover, they had to discredit the movement he created. It was destroying all the progress they made in establishing their royalty.

I know not what all this royalty has in mind for us, but I do know what they have in mind for themselves. They want to set up a kingdom and they want to rule it. To be part of that kingdom, as with all royalty, there are qualifications. That means you must graduate from Yale or Harvard and you must come from the right family. If not, forget it. You will be as the rest of us. Now let me see. What did they used to call them? I think the word is peasants. I think they called them serfs. I think they called some of them slaves.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter the word they use. The result is the same. They will live like royalty. They will tell you what to do and you will do it. They will tell you what to think and you will think it. Mostly, don’t expect them to give up their thrones as Washington did. That is not going to happen. They will be fighting among themselves to see who will be “king of the mountain,” or in this case, ruler of the world.

It was what Alexander the Great wanted. It is what the Caesars wanted. It is what the English kings and Napoleon were after. It was the goal of all three of the axis nations as well as the Soviets. It is not knew. It is only disguised in a new container.

Armed Insurrection?

I do love the way these democrats and media, mostly same thing, carelessly throw their words around. Every one of them said it was an armed insurrection. Yet, according to Jill Sanborn, Assistant Director of the Counterterroism Division of the FBI, not one weapon was found in the entirety of those that rushed the Capitol Building. Moreover, the only gun that was fired was by one by the Capitol Policeman… the one that killed the unarmed woman.

As a side note, we still do not know what killed the policeman, not a fire-extinguisher as first reported by the media. More false news. The other three that died apparently were not killed by weapons. However, they were apparently all President Trump supporters. That means, other than the policeman, all those who died were Trump supporters. (We don’t know about the policeman)

If it was an armed insurrection, it must have been poorly planned and executed worse. It would seem no one remembered to bring the arms (weapons).

Firstly, I really don’t think it was suggested by President Trump. However, at this point, we can positively drop the word “Armed,” because no one was. Secondly, it only goes to prove the lies the democrats will go in order to ruin the reputation of a man with an R after his name. Finally, it only helps to prove the link between the dems and the media. Not only did they all say the same thing, they all used the same vocabulary to say it, sort of as if it were all prearranged. Surely they didn’t do that, did they?

If I Am Wrong, Please Tell Me

I heard a reason as to why the minimum wage was started. I looked on the Internet and could find nothing denying or confirming it. Yet, right or wrong, it has an element in it that does somewhat ring true. More accurately, if I were to verify it, I’d not be surprised.

I have heard a number of reasons for the minimum wage. Most folks say it was to help level the wages in the depression. That may very well be. Yet it neither leveled the wages nor did it help those at the lower wrung of the ladder. Mostly, it caused those on the lowest wrung to lose their jobs.

That, indeed is the reason given, true or false. It is also the reason it wrung true. Stop and think of it. When the employer must lay off personnel, who does he lay off? If it were me, I would lay off those who are least productive, those least talented and those who turn out the least or lowest quality work.

In the days they started minimum wage, those who were most productive were those who were white. It was not because they were any better, just better educated. More than that, I hate to say it, but the prejudices were worse back then. Also, those who were pushing minimum wage were democrats, those who were more prejudice.

If the purpose was there or not, it had the same result. Tragically, those who had black skin were more likely to lose their jobs.

Wouldn’t it be a horrible thing if it served the same purpose today? If it is the purpose or not, it still has the same result. Surely those who want the increase in minimum wage know that. It would be a horrible deception. Under the guise of helping the Africa-Americans, they are destroying their means of making a living.

A Little Irony

It appears that Cuomo just might be forced to resign over the three women he sexually abused. The irony is that he may never have to answer for killing 15,000 people. It would seem that Russian had it right. He said, if you kill one it is murder. If you kill a million, it is a statistic. Well, now Cuomo has his stats, though not a million. On the other hand, Obama did and he got off without so much as a slap on the wrist. Moreover, I don’t think either of them suffer a loss of sleep.

I guess the lesson of this story is that if you want to kill a bunch of people, make sure you hold and important government position and make sure you kill a lot more than one. You might not sleep at night, but you’ll avoid any punishment.