If I Am Wrong, Please Tell Me

I heard a reason as to why the minimum wage was started. I looked on the Internet and could find nothing denying or confirming it. Yet, right or wrong, it has an element in it that does somewhat ring true. More accurately, if I were to verify it, I’d not be surprised.

I have heard a number of reasons for the minimum wage. Most folks say it was to help level the wages in the depression. That may very well be. Yet it neither leveled the wages nor did it help those at the lower wrung of the ladder. Mostly, it caused those on the lowest wrung to lose their jobs.

That, indeed is the reason given, true or false. It is also the reason it wrung true. Stop and think of it. When the employer must lay off personnel, who does he lay off? If it were me, I would lay off those who are least productive, those least talented and those who turn out the least or lowest quality work.

In the days they started minimum wage, those who were most productive were those who were white. It was not because they were any better, just better educated. More than that, I hate to say it, but the prejudices were worse back then. Also, those who were pushing minimum wage were democrats, those who were more prejudice.

If the purpose was there or not, it had the same result. Tragically, those who had black skin were more likely to lose their jobs.

Wouldn’t it be a horrible thing if it served the same purpose today? If it is the purpose or not, it still has the same result. Surely those who want the increase in minimum wage know that. It would be a horrible deception. Under the guise of helping the Africa-Americans, they are destroying their means of making a living.

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