Armed Insurrection?

I do love the way these democrats and media, mostly same thing, carelessly throw their words around. Every one of them said it was an armed insurrection. Yet, according to Jill Sanborn, Assistant Director of the Counterterroism Division of the FBI, not one weapon was found in the entirety of those that rushed the Capitol Building. Moreover, the only gun that was fired was by one by the Capitol Policeman… the one that killed the unarmed woman.

As a side note, we still do not know what killed the policeman, not a fire-extinguisher as first reported by the media. More false news. The other three that died apparently were not killed by weapons. However, they were apparently all President Trump supporters. That means, other than the policeman, all those who died were Trump supporters. (We don’t know about the policeman)

If it was an armed insurrection, it must have been poorly planned and executed worse. It would seem no one remembered to bring the arms (weapons).

Firstly, I really don’t think it was suggested by President Trump. However, at this point, we can positively drop the word “Armed,” because no one was. Secondly, it only goes to prove the lies the democrats will go in order to ruin the reputation of a man with an R after his name. Finally, it only helps to prove the link between the dems and the media. Not only did they all say the same thing, they all used the same vocabulary to say it, sort of as if it were all prearranged. Surely they didn’t do that, did they?

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