The First Assault Weapon

Well, there was another killing, 10 people. It was horrible. I’m not going to try to figure out the reason or the method. It just is, immediately, the liberals are no doubt going to declare that they have the perfect law to stop such things. It isn’t true. If you read the law they have drawn up and compare it to the killing, guess what. It wouldn’t have stopped a thing. It would not have altered it at all. In all probability, it would not alter future killings either.

It is always their pattern. They keep using tragedy to destroy the Second Amendment. They always like to use tragedy. It is their means and their method. They don’t really care about the deaths. Their guys cause deaths all the time and they don’t care. As a matter of fact, as they expression goes, they move heaven and earth to cover it up. There are four governors that are presently guilty of thousands of deaths and, I assure you, it does not bother their consciences one bit.

However, as long as we are talking about weapons, please allow me to take advantage of the situation to speak about the Bible. Right near the front of it, you will find the first use of an assault weapon, a rock. With it Cain killed Able. By the way, it is a very effective weapon. David used his sling to hurl one at a giant. All he needed was one to bring down the man who was wearing armor and carried a couple of weapons of his own.

Even today, a rock can be a vicious weapon. They are using them in Israel and they are just as dangerous today as then. If one of those Arabs manages to hit an Israeli, it could kill him. This while many Americans watch the news and do not feel the police are justified at shooting back.

The fact is that a sling in the right hands can be more dangerous than a bow and arrow. Moreover, it is far easier to conceal. Even more, they are not serialized. If the rock is recovered there is no way to determine from which sling it came or who used it. As such, in a way, the oldest weapon just might be one of the most dangerous.

At least, if a killer uses a gun to kill someone, there is a way to prove it.

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