We Humans Take Things for Granted

There was a time when a hearing aid was a horn shaped thing that a person put to his ear. It concentrated the sound and did have limited success. I was reminded of the day when I saw a woman with a cochlear implant. It is a major advance for some who cannot hear.

It was first released a couple of decades ago and they are still experimenting with them. Every year they come out with improvements to them. Possibly, one day a person will be able to hear as well as normal. Moreover, they keep reducing the size of the external part of the device.

The first electronic hearing aid I saw was about the size of a cigarette pack and used vacuum tubes. It meant that people went through a lot of batteries and generally turned the things off when not needed. I guess the next in the evolution was the transistorized version. Because transistors don’t have filaments as tubes, the batteries lasted much longer. It allowed the size to be reduced as well, mostly half the size and smaller.

When the integrated circuits came on the scene, they often incorporated them into glasses. I had an aunt that was thrilled at that point, especially because she already needed to wear glasses. A small wire carried the audio signal to the earpiece and, unless a person looked hard, he’d not realize she had a hearing aid.

Now, of course, the whole thing fits inside the ear. And so it is that I have seen the whole evolution.

Still, the hearing aid could only do so much. Hence the cochlear implant. Up until it was invented, many were simply not able to hear at all. Moreover, the outlook was grim. The neat part about invention is that some who would not be able to speak are learning to speak very well. They will no longer be somewhat limited to society.

To me, it is the best part of the electronic evolution. One day, it just might be that the lame will walk and the blind will see, with the assistance of electronics and micro-miniature computers.

Then, on the other hand, there are those who want to use this fantastic tool for evil. They want to use it to keep track of every person, what they do and what they say. If anyone gets out of line, it will produce an exception report and that person will answer for it, even if what they are saying or doing is for mankind’s benefit.

You think this is not probable. Look how fast chloroquine got rejected because it was mentioned by President Trump. Now there is strong evidence that it might have saved thousands of lives had it been used early. It just might have been more effective at fighting off the epidemic than the vaccine.

Then again, the dems don’t care. They only have their self interest in mind. They only want to destroy Trump, his supporters and his ideas. It is the nature of evil, to destroy good and the truth and those who spread the truth. The dems prefer the dark and they prefer the lies that increase their power.

If they have to destroy true science in the process, then it is just another casualty of their assault on The Constitution.

It’s All About Him

I am not at all fond of the current governor of New York. He has done many despicable things, such as moving China virus positive people into nursing homes. That one resulted in the loss of thousands of lives. He admits it, but tries to blame it on the president. He is after all the first one to say, “He did it,” when he knows good and well, he should pronounce, “I did it,” and sincerely apologize for it.

Now I hear he is trying to corrupt Memorial Day, the day where we are to remember our fallen from the wars. It seems he suggested that we remember first responders on the Sunday before Memorial Day. For some, this might sound sort of nice; but in truth, he is only calling attention to himself. After all, he wants to consider himself one of the heroes who saved the lives of thousands.

The bad part is that it just might have worked had he chose some other day. But when he tried to desecrate Memorial Day, he angered thousands of veterans and the families of those who fought and died for us. It gave him a figurative black eye that will likely remain a while. To be sure, this is something that such a man like him would say. To him, human life matters little to him and he little appreciates the magnitude of those who fought for our freedom and his. Then again, as a dem, he likely has little respect for our freedom, only his own.

Meanwhile, let us remember his true motive. For sure, the first responders do deserve recognition but not to overwrite history; and certainly not to boaster the politician’s ego. Let us remember the first responders on another day. And if such a day is made, let us not sully it with the likes of the current New York governor. Let’s try to completely disassociate his image from that day.

Reasons Not to Work

It would appear we have a large supply of potential employees as well as a large number of job openings. I have heard a number of possible reasons for this: people getting paid for doing nothing seems to be right at the top of the list. However, there are two other possibilities that no one has talked about, leastwise to the best of my knowledge. The one that most readily comes to me are the masks. I am 73 and I find it very difficult to breathe in those things. After an hour or so I just have to take mine off regardless of any law.

I had considered taking on a part-time job to help with my Social Security income, but I know of nowhere that would hire me unless I wear a mask. Because of the requirement, I would suspect there are many that simply will not work because of the respiratory stress it causes. Maybe, now with the shots, this problem will go away. Still, I suspect there are places that will still require the masks.

Although I do not know of anyone who has the second reason, I suspect there are many. There are many these days that cut lawns for money, or simply provide landscaping services. If they are providing these services under the table, so to speak, they could have two sources of income. By the way, do not belittle landscaping as a method of income. Some people make a lot of money at it. If the truth be told, some or all of the money made doing this might not get reported to Uncle Sam. After all, many of those doing the work are not here legally.

And so, by not going back to the legitimate job, some just might be drawing from the government and making a dollar or two on the side. Am I wrong? I can’t prove my suggestion. Then again, I doubt there is anyone that can prove me wrong either.

Let’s face it, government regulations and laws do have a tendency to create underground economies, legal or not. The hitch in this for American citizens is that much of this trade is being taken from them by illegal aliens willing to work for less money.

So it would appear that those who continue to pay them to do nothing are also the same ones making it difficult for them to make a dollar or two under the table. Who’d guess. The democrats making it hard for the poor to make a dollar or three on the side, illegal though it might be.

Sports, College, Money

I suppose the question of students in sports getting paid has been around for decades now. To be sure, I don’t think there is an easy answer. I certainly find reasons for them being paid and I find reasons for them not getting paid. However, I think the answer becomes somewhat clearer when we ask the question: Are the students going to school to learn or to play sports?

Maybe we can turn the question around. Are they students playing sports or are they athletes going to school.

If their purpose is to make money, why not let them be paid and not require them to maintain the academics. If their purpose is education, why pay them to play sports.

Currently, when you come right down to it, many are being paid to play sports, but not in cash. They get a free education as well as room and board. At today’s cost of college, that’s not bad. That is the equivalent of, maybe a hundred grand a year. That’s not bad for throwing around a ball.

On the other hand, there are hardship matters. A young guy shows up to college and gets the education while his family starves. Sure, in four years, he gets paid a million to throw that ball around, but what does he do in the meantime. To be sure a person can starve in four years.

Then too, there is the concept of earnings. The athlete earns the money, but the college collects it. Indeed, the athlete might well bring enough money into a college that he more than pays for the education. Worse, if he gets injured, he is out on his ear. He gets neither the education nor the money. Also, most college students don’t make it in the pros. Some have been known to finish four years of college, get a degree and then they weren’t able to read it. If they don’t make it in the pros, where is he then?

My brother was one who was against athletics in college altogether. I certainly disagreed with him, but he does have a point. As with my original question, why go to college, school or sports? Frequently, one gets in the way of the other. At one time, athletes were required to have a major and they had to maintain a C average in that major. Currently, if a man can throw a 97 mile an hour fastball, he will maintain the average, even if he can’t. If the one college won’t accept him, another will, regardless of his scholastic ability.

I suppose one solution would be to separate the two. You want to play for this college, you can keep 90% of your earnings, as long as you pay for your education. Instead of paying for the scholarship, the school simply pays the salary. This does, of course interfere with his amateur standings, but all of that is just a facade anyway. Athletes are already routinely paid for their talent, if nothing else, in room and board.

The truth is, I don’t know. I don’t have any answers. However, we just might start by trying to be a little more honest about it all. Regardless, the NCAA should make hardship allowances. They should be applied for and allowed on an individual basis.

Oh. One more thing. They really do need to go back to requiring an honest C grade average. Either that, or divorce the athletics from the sports. When a college gives out diplomas to those who don’t earn them, it waters down the value of the diploma.

Another Year Gone By

…and so it is that the world, spinning on its axis, made one more tour around the sun. And another year went by since the beginning of another Chinese epidemic. This time, it was a pandemic. All the time, the Chinese, the dems, the social media and news media all collaborated to suppress the truth about the origin of the Chinese virus.

So, what have they accomplished? Some say that the truth will be found out anyway. Biden has ordered his investigation and I am sure they will do a thorough job, assuming the Chinese will let them in. More likely, the investigators will never land on the Chinese shores, let alone darken the halls of the research lab. Then, after another 90 days delay, they will say, we tried but they wouldn’t let us in.

So we all shrug and hold our hands in the air and write off over six million lives.

There is a possibility, slim as it might be. If there is any evidence remaining, and I doubt it, we could force the Chinese to let us in and it would be simple. If a hundred or more countries got together and demanded our entry under threat of shutting down all trade with China, they would let us in. They would have no choice.

First, it would never happen. Too many people want the secret to remain hidden, in spite of their killing millions. You see, the Chinese have no qualms in the loss of life and the dems don’t much care either. Moreover, there is no way that they want anything uncovered.

Second, a year went by. The Chinese have had more than enough time to figuratively bury the evidence. Most of those who know are dead and everyone knows, the dead don’t talk. Therefore, even should we have another year to investigate, even if this little planet makes one more trip around the sun, we will likely know no more than we do now…maybe less.

Babe Ruth or Mickey Mantle?

Comparing the sluggers is something of a pastime. Which one was better? Some aspects of the players can be scientifically compared. Seems to me, but don’t quote me, Mantle has the record from when he hit the ball to first base. On the other hand, the Babe was also a terrific pitcher.

However, mostly, it is impossible to truly compare them. They played in a different time and against different players. They both faced different pitchers and they even played on slightly different fields. There are dozens of variables. It is, to be sure a good reason to keep the game rules relatively constant. Even then, they found that some of the records need asterisks because of the use of steroids.

Also, the conditions have changed. Some say that Roger Marris didn’t deserve the home run title because they played more games in a season than during the days of Ruth. Over time, it has become somewhat moot. Seems to me a couple more have exceeded the Babes old record.

Still, things are different today in many ways. Today we have all sorts of training aids. Using video recorders, a person can examine his swing and modify it to perfection. On the other side, the pitchers have the same advantage. If I had to guess, and I have, I would suspect that both the hitting and pitching have improved over the years.

There is one other factor that few figure into it. During the days of Babe Ruth, the population of the US was much smaller. Not only that, many of today’s players come from other countries. It greatly increases the selection pool. This in itself will likely increase what I call the talent co-efficient; for both the hitters and the pitchers. It could be argued that if today’s hitters went against the pitchers of Ruth’s day, all sorts of records would be set.

To be sure, it does make comparing players of different eras impossible. Moreover, it is even difficult to compare players of the same time. The players on the Yankees don’t face Yankee pitching. The pitchers on the Dodgers don’t ever have to face the Dodger hitters. I’m quite sure the Yankee pitchers in Ruth’s day were thankful they never had to face the Great Bambino or the likes of the Iron Man, Lou Gehrig.

It simply makes it impossible to truly compare abilities of players. Yet, to some degree, we can make some comparisons. Even if I played in the days of Ruth, I would have never made it into the major league. In some cases the comparisons are obvious.

This difficulty of comparisons holds true in all the major sports. Even so, there are those who stand out and we can say they are special within their sport. So to some degree, we can make some comparisons. However, the closer their abilities, the more difficult it is to say one is better than another, even when they play at the same time.

If only it were limited to sports. One president leaves office. Another comes in. The one that comes in says the previous man left a mess and he is doing well to get things straightened out. Most times, the truth is difficult to perceive.

On the other hand, with Biden, it is simple to tell that he is lying. In almost every way, indicators show that things have nose dived since he took office. If he were trying to destroy this country, he couldn’t be much more effective. And still he has, the last I heard, a 60 percent approval rating.

Maybe he would lose favor if he invited criminals across the southern border. Wait a minute. I think he already did that.

Bum Gouge

Recent events remind me of my days when I was going through basic electronics school. Mostly, gouge was what we called hints on what might be on tests, usually by an instructor. Often the instructor would say something, stomp his foot and repeat it. At that point we knew we should write down what he said.

The instructor was not the only source of gouge. Some gouge came from other students. Moreover, gouge was not limited to school. A number of times, I was alerted to possible problems in the future. One time, I was told about a surprise inspection.

Of course, as with all information, not all gouge was accurate. When it wasn’t right, it was bum gouge.

The reason all this was brought to my memory was because of Fauci and all he has been saying about the China virus. One day he says one thing, Then a day or two later he says something else. Initially, he took the side of the WHO, which was very pro China and he said we could trust the people in China who were investigating the virus. He spoke of them as colleagues who were trustworthy. That turned out to be false and it was very bad gouge. People did die because of that mistake. (I’m not even sure it was a mistake.) Then we heard from him that it was not very contagious.

All told, I have a question, why wasn’t he fired, like yesterday?

Then, I find out that he was likely behind the financing of the creation of the virus, using $600,000 of US tax payers money to do it.

Now, I have another question. Why isn’t he in a bright orange jump suit?

Throwing Around Words

I will admit to bad word selection. It is not that I don’t know the difference between most homonyms. It just is something goes haywire between my brain and my fingers. If I am not very careful, I will use the wrong one. Actually, I sometimes use the wrong one anyway. Sorry.

I suppose before I release a book, I should do a word search on all the homonyms to make sure that none are misused. However, it is just one of many problems I have when I write. The one homonym I have the most difficult time with is wonder and wander. I always have to look that one up to refresh my memory.

There are, however people who like to intentionally throw words around incorrectly. Take, for instance, literally, virtually and figuratively. They all have distinctly different meanings. For instance, “The man was so scared that he left literally at the speed of light.” We all know that is impossible. Yet, recently two reporters used the word in a situation which was, literally, incorrect. In these cases they likely should have used ‘virtually,’ and even that was questionable.

There are many other words and combinations of words that have meanings that are similar, such as similar, as, like, and so forth. I would urge anyone reading this to make sure you are familiar with these words as when you misuse them, it is not just a grammar mistake, but it changes the complete meaning of the sentence. On the other hand, when you see someone misuse the words, you just might want to reconsider the source.

If they are so careless in the use such simple words improperly, what do they knew about the more complex. They just might be trying to mislead you with an almost lie, especially if the carelessness is intentional.

Ping Pong

In my younger days, I played quite a bit of Ping Pong. During my few off hours in Vietnam I practiced my abilities quite a bit. There were a few that could regularly beat me but not many. I used a lot of spin, or what some call English, though I have no idea why.

I had not one but five very mean serves. After the ball bounced on the other side of the table, it generally came up not much more than two inches before dropping off the other end. Mostly, the best way to handle it was to put the paddle under the ball and almost scoop it up in the process of returning it.

The trick was, I often put side spin as well as back spin on the ball, so, if my opponent did didn’t compensate for that, the ball went off the side of the table. Then too, even if he returned the ball, he usually hit it high enough that I could hit so hard that he’d have a hard time seeing it, let alone hit it.

Of course, this worked only half the time. My opponent did get his chances to serve too. Even so, I was generally able to put quite a spin on my return, though I didn’t have nearly the control.

I know I’ve lost a step or two at the game, which also call table tennis. However, give me a chance to practice and I think I could still give most a run for their money. Though I am not as fast, the knowledge and basic skills are still there.

A few months after leaving the Marines, I met a guy who played tennis, the real game as some might say. I had seen him play and he was good. Though I dabbled at it a little, there was no way that I was a match for him.

He was friendly and asked if I played the game. I explained that the only tennis I played was on a small table. Still, he suggested we play a few sets.

Believe it or not, the game is governed by many of the same laws of physics. The big difference is the serve. If you want to have any luck at it, you really need to put some top spin on the ball. It causes the ball to curve down, which allows you to hit it harder and still get it inside the lines. In ping pong, I almost always used back spin as mentioned earlier. However, I did have an effective top-spin serve.

Surprisingly, I did beat him but I felt awful about it. No matter how hard I tried, I went back to my spin methods. Surprisingly, the spin has a big effect on tennis balls, more for the bounce than the flight. He would rare back and hit one of his serves and it was all I could do to hit it back. As I said, he was good.

However, my reactions would take over and I gave the ball a hard spin one way or the other. The ball almost seemed to float to the other side and he’d set up… ready to return the ball with vigor. His problem was that once the ball hit the ground, it went off in a direction he didn’t expect.

In some cases, he swung and missed. In other cases, he didn’t bother trying.

I felt horrible about it. To make matters worse, in spite of every effort not to, I laughed. I understand that sort of thing is bad etiquette for tennis. I don’t know. As I said, I never got serious at the game. It was rare I could find an opponent.

At any rate, after it was done, I apologized and told him that by all rights, he was the better player, which of course he was.

Since that day, I haven’t played tennis and I rarely played ping pong. It’s not that I didn’t like the game, I just don’t have an area or any opponents as I did. However, if I continued to play tennis as I did that day, they would likely bar me from the courts.

As any aside, I did prove some physics. A ball when flying through the air with a lot of spin will curve. I know. I’ve seen it. It is far more noticeable with a ping pong ball than a baseball but they all do curve. It is not some kind of optical allusion.

Also, the spin I put on a ping pong ball falls far short to the spin the dems put on the truth. It’s not even close. They are experts at throwing curve balls. REALLY!! CAN YOU BELIEVE BIDEN IS TRYING TO TAKE CREDIT FOR THE CEASE FIRE?!! Now that’s spinning it.

The Ultimate Coward

One thing any marine learns early in boot camp is that no one can tell who will be the cowards and who will be the heroes. Sometimes the big strong man will cower, not because he wants to but because, no matter how much training he gets, in his heart, he’s a coward. In such cases, the only way to tell is to expose the man to enemy fire.

On the the other hand, some men are cowards by design. When the shooting starts, he grabs the nearest child and hides behind him, knowing that a good soldier will not kill the child in an effort to kill the kid.

Then there is the ultimate coward. That is when the so-called soldier builds his shield and defenses based on the civilian population. And when children get killed, all the better. It makes his enemy appear horrible… killing babies, destroying hospitals and annihilating schools, All the time, it is the ultimate coward that causes that death and destruction. When he stands before God he will have to give his account, not the one who fired the weapon. God will know him for what he is, the ultimate coward, no matter what the media has to say on the matter.

Also a suggestion. It is suggested that we rebuild Gaza. Fine. Sounds like a good idea but on three conditions. First, an official apology from the Palestinians to Israel. Second, an official recognition of Israel as a nation. Third, that they will never again hide behind the children.

I’m not so sure that any of it will work, especially the third item, but at least it would put it on record as to who they are, both as aggressors and cowards. For sure, if they are not willing to meet these conditions, then they don’t need their country rebuilt with our tax dollars.

If they refuse to meet the requirements, this tells us something about them too. To be sure, if they don’t need or want our help then why should we offer it? Maybe it will be good that they fully suffer for their foolish and cowardly attacks.