Contesting Elections

Considering some of the things said, considering some of the accusations made during the Jan 6th so-called hearing, does that mean that the dems will no longer contest elections. I mean Gore contested his loss all the way to the Supreme Court, all the time hoping that his army of recounters destroyed all the chads they could.

Then, of course, there is ms Clinton who still thinks she beat Trump. Then there is that Georgia race for governor.

Really? Are we supposed to believe the dems never contest a contest. Are we supposed to act as if it never happened before.

By the, Clinto also tried to have her contest overturned in Congress. If it was OK for Clinton, why not for Trump.

In electronics we have a name for a component that only works one way, a diode. Mechanics have a tool that works one way, a rarcher. Those that design cities also provide us with one way streets.

Do we really need-way politicians, judges and prosecutors too? Even worse,, what about the one-way news media. I mean, now with Biden in the Oval Office, where are all those tough probing questions. If the current crowd of reporters can’t think of so much as one, i can think of a few. I’m sure some of you can too.


Whilst the FOCS spend hours investigating the false disaster of Jan 6, they ignore the fact that Joe and his cohorts have destroyed over 15 trillion dollars in stock market wealth.

I ask. Really! Just what, just which is more important?

Well,I guess that is a stupid question. To the FOCS, the distinction of Trump exceeds the importance of everything and all. Besides, wny should they care about a bunch of 401Ks. I mean it’s just the savings of thousands of little people. (And the dems claim they represent the little guys)

As an aside, it is one more reason to cut expenses by dropping cable. Out of the hundreds of possible channels, out of all the so-called news channels, at least 8 or 9 are covering that so-called Jan 6th hearing. By the way, one of those channels is FOX NEWS. I may cancel cable even should I become a millionaire.

Going Green and Socialism

Considering the way that going green is joined at the hip with socialism, one might think they are inseparable. Yet, history proves just the opposite.

When the Berlin wall came down, one of the biggest surprises about East Berlin was the tragic level of ecology in the east. West Berlin: Freedom, good economy and clean. East Berlin:suffering, failed economy and ecological disaster.

Moreover, had the socialist had their way and West Berlin were swallowed up by the east it would have become as filthy as the east. As it was the east prospered as the west. Even more, it has become much cleaner.

Let us go down the list. The Soviets, the Chinese, Venezuelan, and, oh, yes. Let’s not forget The People’s Republic of California, which actually was pretty nice when it was in the hands of Republicans. All of these shows what happens to the ecology when the socialist take the helm.

So, maybe socialism and going green aren’t nearly as compatible as some would like us think.

A Little Encouragement

A republican born in Mexico just got elected to House representative in a district heavily Hispanic. If that sort of thing happens too much more, the FOCs will seal off the border tighter than a bank vault. Also, ICE will get really busy flying illegal aliens home.

Very likely all that empathizing for all those marching north will disappear faster than a rabbit into a magician’s hat. All those dems will show their real colors like a color wheel. Oh. And by the way, they will try to convince us all that it was the way all along.


First time I went bowling, I was just a kid. My brother took me with a group from his work. As you can imagine I knew little or nothing about the game, especially the scoring. Fortunately, there were others there who knew how it was done.

I took the simple approach. I aimed straight for the center pin and tried to bowl straight down the middle of the lane. On the third frame, that was exactly what I did. I hit that head pin straight on.

Most who know a little about bowling, know that is just about the worst thing you can do. Sure enough, after the pins finished bouncing around, two pins remained up, the two that are the farthest apart.

Now that is just not right. I hit them dead center and they were supposed to fall, all of them. My brother broke out in laughter so much he could hardly stand. The rest had a little laugh too.

I faced reality. I mean I was a beginner, and a 7-10 split is difficult for even the best pro. I figured 9 pins was better than 8 so I carefully took aim at the one on the right. I almost missed it.

As I watched, I was afraid the ball was going to fall off and into the gutter. Even as a beginner, I knew gutter-balls were the worst thing. I mean, even if I’m going to miss, I did not want to face the embarrassment of a gutter-ball.

Then to my amazement, the ball barely clipped the right side of the right most pin and sent it flying across the alley and into the other pin. My brother instantly stopped laughing and his mouth dropped open. To my amazement, both the pins were down.

The others were laughing all the harder, but not at me. They all saw my brother’s expression, but they clapped and cheered for me.

I have bowled many games since, but never did I again pick up the 7-10 split. If I bowled 8 hours a day for the rest of my life, I most likely never would. If I did, it would be the same way as the first – total luck. An almost miss turned out to be my claim to fame. I guess it was my lack of skill that helped me.

However, one thing I learned that first day, you can’t score anything with gutter-balls. Even if the ball should bounce back out of the gutter and knock some of the pins over, they don’t count. Gutter-balls are the worst thing. Not only do you not knock any pins over, but they are also so, so humiliating.

I guess Joe Biden ought to know what I’m saying. Since he has taken office, he has rolled one figurative gutter-ball after the other. However, it is worse yet. He doesn’t even have the common since to be embarrassed. He just keeps on bowling and saying how wonderful he is doing. To hear him speak, he’s throwing strike after strike.

So Much for 18 Months’ Gains

Joe loved to brag about all the gains in the Stock Market because of his fantastic economic management skills. Not so much now. In fact I don’t think he’s mentioned the Market for maybe 3 or 4 months.

As I’ve said a time or two before, old Joe does like to blame others…many others. Well it is the old cause and affect. He intentionally drove the price of oil up. That in itself started the inflation. When you drive up the cost of the one most important commodities, everything else must go up…that is called inflation.

Then, to make matters worse, he started printing money. When I was in high school, I learned better than that. It’s simple. The less you there is of something, the more it’s worth. When Joe started printing dollars like Monopoly money, it started approaching the value Monopoly money.

It’s not so much that groceries have a greater value but the dollar is worth less. There are far more of them.

Finally, there is a long known pattern. As the inflation went up, it started driving stocks up. But it is a false economic growth and the stock growth is followed by massive decreases in the value of stocks. It is the big part of what caused the market crash of 1929. If you recall, there was a massive growth right before the crash.

Now the DOW Jones Industrial Average has a value lower than when Joe started ignoring his oath of office. It is a tad over 30 thousand. Worse, those are 2022 dollars, which have a real value at least 8 percent less than 2020 dollars. That means we lost even more than the apparent loss.

Of course Joe doesn’t mind. He won’t admit it but that is part of the plan. He wants to ruin this country. He is a socialist and socialism does not mix with our capitalism or our Constitution. In order to establish the socialist government he must do away with the rights and freedoms we treasured for over 2 centuries.

It is why President Trump angered them so. He just almost put a stop to their plans. I will guarantee, you will draw their anger too if you stand in their way.

Cutting Costs

Joe says it’s not his fault. He says that there’s nothing he can do about it. Yet since he occupied the Oval Office, things have been going up, fast…gas, milk, cars, rent, cable, dining out, etc, etc.

I’m retired now so I thought I was immune somewhat from the increase in gas costs. Wow! Was I wrong! I mean I only fill my 13 gallon tank every other week but it over costs twice as much to. Every time I go into the grocery store, it costs me $130 or more to get out…and we visit the local restaurants quite often.

The realization has hit me. It’s time to cut costs or our bank accounts will start shrinking. So I’ve started preparing a list of things we won’t need.

1st. Cable and internet. They are really nice but we don’t need them. Dropping them will say more $150 a month. I’ll have to rely on the old antenna for entertainment. Oddly, I’ll miss the DVR more than the stations. Other than a few news stations, I watch very little. Though I must admit I will miss watching Hannity, I can still listen to him 3 hours on the radio. Besides all this, they raise their costs every now and without my permission.

2nd. Cell phones. This one is painful for a number of reasons. Mostly I, it is a matter of emergencies. For instance, if I need to call a tow truck or I have an accident. The alternative to T-mobile is going with the cheapest company I can find.

3rd. We will need to eat at home more. I don’t mind cooking. I just don’t like the clean up. Besides, with just the two of us, we end up wasting a lot. I hate that. It rubs me the wrong way. Well, the going green folks would like it. It would cut back on my fuel usage. On the other hand, those at the local eateries wouldn’t like losing my business. On the other hand the cable company will not miss me. In Indeed, they sort of act like they want to get rid of me.

Beyond that, I guess I will have to go back to work. I’ve already considered that option. I’d already be punching time clock but my wife panics when she’s left alone. I guess if Joe keeps running things, I’ll have to figure out something.

No One’s Perfect

Ol Joe’s been in office now for about 1 1/2 years and, if you listen to him, he’s perfect. So far he’s yet to make a mistake, even a little one.

If he were to make a mistake we’d not know it. He just refuses to admit to making even a little one. While, to be sure there are problems, he has not yet claimed responsibility for any of them. In his own eyes, he’s perfect.

That would mean he’s no one. And everyone knows no one’s perfect.

The Biggest Fear of Our Forefathers

As they were froming the federal government, one fear drove them more than anything else. It is the reason for having 3 separate parts:legislative, executive and judicial. Each has its own powers and limits. That way, the hope was that no one person or group of people would exceed their authority.

In addition, they added 10 amendments. If you study them carefully, you’ll see that, while each has its purpose, collectively they have 1 purpose, to protect the individuals from the government.

Now, why did they feel the need for protection from our government. It’s because they were afraid of the tyranny of the majority.

Without the bill of rights, the majority could take control of the government. Then, ironically it could be ruled by a small minority. If you doubt the fear to be valid, look at what we have now, a one party rule.

The hope of the forefathers was that a free press would keep them in check. On the contrary, they are doing all they can to assist the overthrow of our constitution.

Now the Bill of Rights is on the verge of being trodden under the feet of socialists. They hate freedom of religion and they are destroying our rights to have our say. They want to remove our right to defend ourselves. I could go on but I’m sure you get the picture.

Still, I must add one more remark i heard lately. It would seem that the dems interpret the 10th amendment as reserving all powers not specified in the Constitution to the democrat party.

Maybe it’s a joke, but I am sure they would accept said power without a second thought.

To be sure, we just might be realizing the tyranny of the majority within the decade. It was the primary fear of the framers of our Constitution and today, the threat stands before us and it isn’t even well hidden. What a legacy to leave for our children, especially considering the freedom we inherited.

She Failed

She knew almost a week in advance but took absolutely no precautions.

She was told two days beforehand but never even suggested any preparation.

Help was offered and she flat turned it down.

Pelosi was the sole person responsible for the security of the Capitol Building and she never put anyone on alert. She never asked for the National Guard to wait in the wings in case they are needed.

She failed her responsibility and immediately started pointing to others, especially her primary political enemy, the current president. Only President Trump was not responsible for security of the building. Pelosi was and is.

She took the position that all dems do, she said, “It wasn’t my fault,” but it was. She and she alone had the authority and responsibility and no one could legally remove it from her.

So, now she puts on this big facade of a show with the sole purpose of blaming another. For anyone who truly understands authority and responsibility, that won’t work.

It appears to me, the one person who failed her responsibility will never have to answer for it. She will never have to explain her ineptitude, leastways, not until January when a republican will take the gavel. Then again, she just may decide to take some of her ill gotten gains and vacation in parts unknown.