Something to Remember

Some things cannot always be counted on. However, it will be a good idea to remember that there is one thing that will never fail you. It cannot be seen. It has no taste or smell. It cannot be removed or stopped, stolen or removed. It can be denied, but it does nothing to decrease its effectiveness.

Scientists and mathematicians have spent countless hours trying to understand it. Some have actually tried to explain it. It needs neither air nor water nor mass through which to travel. No matter what, it just seems to be there, doing what it does.

How is it that gravity, under any name, exist. Without being seen or really even felt, we all should keep in mind that it does exists.

Now, let’s see. It seems that there are folks that say they don’t believe in God because we can’t see or hear him. Yet, God is more real than gravity. He and He alone created it. He controls it. All would do well to remember that God, the sole creator, is real. It is a bad thing to discover it after you see Him, face to face.

A Real Friend?

You have an accident and dozens of lawyers are instantly your friend. They tell you how they will sue the other guy and make you a fortune. Then those barristers find out how little money the other guy has, and suddenly you’re on your own.

It’s the way the real world works.

Therefore, if someone is going to hit that car of yours, make sure he has a lot of money or insurance. I speak from experience. There are those out there driving old cars without insurance. That’s why we carry uninsured motorists.

On the other hand, if both parties have money, look out. That is how lawyers become rich.

Walkathon to Help Victims of Human Trafficking

Sounds good. Appears to be a wonderful endeavor.

However, it’s empty. It provides little help.

You think I’m heartless? Think again. The heartless people are those who, by plan, have encouraged the masses to leave their own country to come to America. It has established excellent opportunities for those who traffic in humans, the children, the young as well as adults.

By the way, the open border has also greatly increased the power of the criminals, drug smuggling (which has caused drug deaths), importing of disease (TB, AIDS, the China virus, and who knows something not yet named), and annihilated national defense.

You really want to cut down human trafficking, close the border. It will do more good than you’ll ever know. By the way, the cartels would be the ones most hurt by a closed border with a tall fence. Leave the border open and you’ll hurt those you are saying you want to help.

We’re not just talking pain and suffering, but in many cases death.

The Good Guys Always Win!

I was brought up in the era of Roy Rodgers, Gene Autry and The Cisco Kid. The good guy always won; the bad guys were caught and thrown into jail always. Naturally, the guy wearing a white hat eventually won the fight, though the bad guys never fought fair.

You can imagine my disappointment when my idealism faded over the years. I started seeing bad guys pick on good guys and they even started winning the fights. Indeed, fairness did not always prevail. Repeatedly, I saw big bully types win.

Many a time, I saw and heard of evil winning the day. Can you believe it, I have even heard of babies, 2 or 3 getting killed by stray bullets or sometimes by their own parents. Then there are the respected women who pay doctors to have their unborn children torn into pieces for convenience or little more.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were someone, somebody who is really good who could set it all straight? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was someone around who can and will take vengeance against those who wear black hats and force their will on those of us not as strong.

It would be oh so horrible if the ruler of the universe wore a black hat, figuratively. We certainly don’t need a villain in charge of everything.

Isn’t it a good thing that God is perfectly good, perfectly merciful and loves us all enough to send His Son to die for us.

What a shame it is that we ignore him.

However, in the end, there will be a judgment. The villains and the bullies, the Hitlers, the Stalins and the Maos will stand and be given one last chance to defend their actions. Most of us know what will happen to them then.

THEN, THE GOOD GUYS WILL WIN AND THE BAD GUYS WILL LOSE. The bad guys will wish that they were going to jail. The conditions in American prisons are far more bearable.

I would like to say that, forewarned, the bad guys will change their ways. However, experience has taught me otherwise.

As an aside, I wonder what Joe’s defense will be. I wonder what Obama will have to say about hope and change. I wonder if Adam Schiff will still be saying he has proof of collusion.

What Scares Me About Last Election

I could go on tirades about all the lies told by the dems. I could go on and on about the foolishness of open borders and giveaway programs. I might even remind everybody about the stupidity of putting mentally challenged people into office.

The thing is, it’s all pointless. I can shout it from the highest hilltops; distribute it throughout the valleys.

It simply won’t do any good while the vast majority prefer the lies after they hear the truth. It serves no purpose to throw a life preserver to people who prefer to drown.

What scares me is when the people are tossed flashlights, they prefer to live in the dark. No amount of truth will help those who actively prefer to believe the lies.

It is no wonder the dems lie. It is no wonder the great darkness is closing in. It is no wonder that life is leaving when the masses prefer the death.

To be sure, John, in the first chapter of John, tells us that about people preferring the dark. I understood what he said. I believed what he said. I just never before realized just to what degree.

California Tax Collectors

Me tthins the mouths are watering of the tax collectors in the nation’s most populated state. Someone won the lotto out there and he will be paying more in taxes than most of us will see.

He is going to wish he moved to the Lone Star State before he purchased that ticket. THAT will be a very expensive lesson for him.

Then again, he never expected to win it.

As an aside, I wonder if it’s not too late. Maybe, conceivably, he can wait until after he moves to colect. Those folks out there in the Golden State certainly would not like that at all. It would mean someone would hold onto a bunch more of his money insteadof relinquishing to the big Grizzly.

Wonderful, Wonderful Lottos

I turned on the TV this morning in hopes of news but expecting nothing more than the usual sports, weather and traffic. Well, there was that but also at least 4 minutes about the lottery.

Two things bother me about that. First, that those so-called news anchors would think that the lottery is the most important news of the day. And two, that the great masses actually do have that much interest in such a thing.

I’ve come to the conclusion people have their priorities totally topsy-turvy. And I have just presented a primafacia case that what I say is true.

And, by the way, it is very much encouraged by the main stream media.

Work in Progress

For those who have been wondering, I am still writing. The problem lately is that I have been impeded. You see, I have a cat on my case.

The cat’s name is Goldie and he is doing his best to slow me.

In reality, I am in the process of writing two more in the Floater series. The real hindrance is a broken computer. The demand the cats have for my attention isn’t helping much either. This one in particular likes to jump up on the keyboard of my laptop and dance on the keys. I have no idea who taught him that. Maybe my wife. I told her we didn’t need any cats.

A Five Word Search

Perhaps one of the greatest side benefits of the internet is the way we can search out songs, some that are long forgotten. Last night I was watching a segment of an episode and the character was sitting at a piano playing a toon. I said to myself, “self, I know that tune. I’ve heard it a time or two.

The problem is that I couldn’t remember the words, or hardly. I couldn’t even remember who recorded it. I certainly didn’t know the title of the tune. As I started to search, I had no success. I have heard that a search can be recognized if I can hum the melody. I suppose that might be possible, that is if I can hum the tune. The problem with that is that I couldn’t hum any tune if my life depended on it. I might manage to whistle a bar or two but no more.

Finally, after four tries, I managed to remember 5 words… sort of. It was kind of a guess of a guess. The words I searched were, “Wedding bells will ring so merrily.” To my surprise the song appeared. Even more, i could hear Doris Day sing it. I suspect the song, “Till We Meet Again,” seemed to be written for Doris Day. It brought back some very nice memories, and I played it several times, some by other singers. I still think Doris played the best, but they were all good rendering.

I don’t think those who built the internet such a thing in mind. But I am very grateful that someone put together the feature. If they hadn’t helped me find the tune, I’d still be going nuts with the five words still going through my mind and trying to figure out the title. Do you have a hint how bothersome such a thing can a thing can be?

Oh, and by the way, I’d not be able to pass such a nice, pleasant thing along to others. And by the way, it would likely make a very wonderful song for a wedding…that along with “True Love.” [I think first sung by Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly in the movie, “High Society”]

A Gamble?

Every day men and women walk into casinos in hopes of leaving as millionaires. It very rarely happens and it doesn’t seem to dim their hopes. Some drop the better part of a paycheck and call it fun.

However, not all gambling is done in casinos. Those that purchase lottery tickets are not the only ones to take chances. Everyday, people gamble with their lives in an effort to improve things. Those in the military, law enforcement and firemen risk their lives so as to make us safer and more secure.

Then, there are those who face decisions day-to-day. We might not want to decide but sometimes we decide by not deciding. It happens to all of us, even those of us who despise gambling; even those of us who don’t like decisions.

Take for instance a case with my father. He hated insurance companies. They are the same as casinos. The odds are always in their favor. Their purpose is to make a profit.

Let me clarify that. All insurance companies have expenses, that is, besides paying claims. Thousands draw their paycheck from one of the thousands of insurance companies. I have no idea what their overhead is nor do I have any idea what percentage of the premiums are paid in claims, but one day, one time my father beat big insurance.

One day a sales rep. showed up on his doorstep with the desire to sell him an insurance policy. He made him an offer. It was 10 dollars for the the first month and it would go up to the regular rate after that. Then if he dies, they pay for the funeral.

I don’t recall all the numbers but essentially my father paid but ten dollars for a funeral that was over 2 grand. What a way to win?

Nonetheless, that rep. likely sold dozens of those policies. I would guess far more of those policies made money than lost. It’s a gamble. In the end, the insurance companies win. If they don’t, they go broke. It is their purpose to make a profit.

Sometimes, people buy insurance for varied reasons. Sometimes, it is a must. Car owners are required to carry it. I carry homeowner`s insurance. It would be foolish not to.

On TV, they keep trying to sell me life insurance, as with my father, for final expenses. If I paid for their insurance and put the same money in an account since I was sixty, I would have nothing from the insurance company and I am sure I would have more than enough for the final expenses in my account.

I have made the statement before, and I will likely repeat it many more times. Those folks doing all that advertising on TV have but one goal: to separate us from our money. Sometimes, what they offer in return is worth it. On the other hand, what they offer in return is frequently not worth what ask. And they know it.

I would suggest, remember where their interest is. Also, consider, insurance companies only remain viable when they take in more than they pay out. This is true in all forms of insurance, including health insurance.

We all gamble, even those of us who don’t like it.