I know it seems odd that I would suggest that one is greater than five hundred seventy-four, but it would seem to be true. After 574 riots, which resulted in deaths and over a billion dollars in damages, there was absolutely no desire for investigation. On the other hand, a few people go in and wonder about the Capital and we need an immediate Congressional investigation. And, by the way, before the investigation is truly begun, we find that it was as bad as the attack on Pearl Harbor and the one on the the trade center.

The concept is as believable as 1 being greater than 574. However it does show where the FOCS are.

Equivalence ?

In the last part of 8th grade math, I began learning about algebra. I learned about expressions and factors. I learned about constants, variables and rules on how to work with it all. Finally, I learned about equations.

On 9/11, along with unknown other millions, I saw two big jet planes fly into two huge buildings. After, while still watching, I could hear faint thuds coming from the TV. In a while they explained that it was the sound of people hitting the ground. They jumped knowing they would die. They preferred it over the fire.

A short time later, I saw those buildings collapse.

Now, Kamala wants us to put an equal sign between 9/11 and 1/6, the break in of Capital Building. No equal sign should ever be between the two events. Anyone trying to assign such an equivalence needs her head examined.

Let me correct that. There’s no need for an examination. She is already certifiable. I think most of us are well aware of it.

By the way, as usual, I have a side note. It would seem Nancy Pelosi wants to investigate 1/6, just not too closely. Certainly not her part in securing the premises. She did not want the security and certainly doesn’t want it becoming common knowledge. Could it be that she expected it. If so, she must have been behind it. Just a wild guess. Yet, who can prove me wrong? Nancy won’t release the documents that would prove me wrong.

Moreover, Nancy and her cohorts have taken maximum advantage of the entire thing.

A Brief Word on Fairness

I have two dogs. Suzie-Q is a mix lab and Chinese Sharpe. Misty is some kind of hunting dog, I guess. Both are rescues but they don’t know it. They both figure they are part of the family.

They have something of a sense of fairness. When I give one a treat, the other one knows she is going to get one too. If I walk one, the other expects she will have her chance as well. If I pet one, the other comes over and reminds me that she needs attention too. I had to buy each of them a bed. If I hadn’t you can imagine what that would be like.

The point is, they both know that fair is fair. That appears to be more than some people know. Expecting men and women to compete against each other in most sports events is just wrong. Then again maybe I am the one who is wrong. Maybe these people know it isn’t fair. In fact, I think they do. Certainly, if a dog understands fairness, certainly people who have letters following their name know something of fairness.

It sort makes things worse; doesn’t it?

A Word for Those Who Don’t Know the Difference Between Men and Women

It would seem there are those who simply cannot tell the difference between men and women. It sort of exposes their lack of basic intelligence. Now let me think about it a little. I’m pretty sure I had a good idea about it all by the time I was 4, certainly by 5.

I don’t remember anyone saying anything. I’m not sure but maybe I figured it out all by myself. Now, it would seem we have people who hold college degrees who can’t tell the difference. It seems they want to allow men in women’s rooms and let men compete with women. Now! Tell me that makes sense!

If they really need help, I will be glad to help them. Though I barely made it through high school, I do believe I know that much about biology.

Then again, I don’t think biology is their problem but politics. It would seem that they are biased by their desires to destroy our way of life.

As for my guess as to how to set them straight, let them compete… by themselves. After going to a few swim meets without competition, they just might decide they’ve had enough of an ego trip. Also those who have forgotten the differences between the sexes might regain their memory, although I don’t have much faith in that happening. We just might have to wait for a conservative to take up residence in the White House. It would seem only Republicans have knowledge about that part of biology.

A Little Reminder Of Years Gone By

At my most recent visit to McDonald’s I had just turned in my order. As I approached my table, a woman came storming in and reminded me of language I had tolerate while going through M.C.R.D. (Marine boot camp)

She did manage to meet her goal. Within a minute or two she walked back out satisfied that she now had the food she wanted and also, I’m sure, upset the poor guy behind the counter. To be sure, such language was effective but it also spoke volumes about her. I would suspect there were a few others who took note too.

However, what she may not have known was that it also spoke volumes about her and her parents. Likely, she didn’t care, which also said something about the woman. For one thing, I instantly had no respect for the woman. Why should anyone have any respect for a woman who has no respect for herself.

More than that, she clearly had no anger management skills. She never made any attempt at resolving the problem with simple reason. I don’t know about others, but I have found that when I complain with a smile, it generally is at least as effective and I don’t upset anyone. If I do continue to have problems, I ask to speak to the manager. I don’t always get a resolution, but, believe me, they do remember me. A proper word spoken with reason can be far more effective than a bunch of profanity spoken loud enough that everyone in the place can hear it.

Most important, when I leave, I am generally respected. Again, why should they respect me if I don’t respect myself.

I have written about respect before, but the type we have for each other. However, it would seem we also have problems with self-respect. People who respect themselves don’t get involved in the “crash and runs.” People who do such things, even according to the Bible bring shame on themselves and their parents. In a more broad sense, they bring shame on all their kinfolk. After a while, it is only natural to think badly anyone close to him.

And again, the person does not care one iota. Why should they. No one taught them any better. Many never had fathers. In some cases, it might be better if they didn’t have fathers. Those who raised them, those who were their example might be worse than they are. Nonetheless, when I see them going through a Walgreens with their arms full of loot, it speaks volumes to me about them, and those who brought them up.

Respect, all respect begins at home. If kids are not taught respect for others and themselves at home, then no one will respect them. It really isn’t a difficult thing to figure out, but it would seem the dems are having a difficult time of it.

Incidentally, respect of the law and those who enforce it is pretty important too. It just might keep a person out of prison. It just might keep a person from being killed. It’s a good thing to remember, even when you get pulled over for have something dangling from the rear-view mirror.

As usual, I have a little side note. If you speak respectfully to those behind the counter, it just might be a little less embarrassing when you find out you were wrong.

Perfect Advice

I understand Kamala is looking for advice from Hillary.

You may think this odd but this just might be a great idea. All Hillary needs to say is “Just think of how I would do things. Then, do the exact opposite. ” That would work well for her. Then again, if Kamala were smart enough to follow the reverse of the advice, she might regret that, being as that would be the reverse of the reverse.

Maybe it would be better to ask a person who actually has some real common sense. Thing is, you and I know that’s not going to happen.


No, this is not one of those posts where I go back… well maybe it is, but not as usual.

You see, when I was still in junior high, I can remember about memories, that is computer memories. At that time, most computers used the doughnut shaped pieces of iron called ferrite cores. Each core could store one bit. To store 4 bits, the equivalent of one digit took 4 cores — though they generally organized them differently.

At the time, the frustration was packing as many of those doughnuts into as small a space as possible and still make them useful. The last successful core memory I saw provided about 512 million bits (64 million bytes) in a cabinet 6’x4’x2′ and it weighed, with power supply, roughly 6 or 7 hundred pounds.

Since that time, they came out with what they call IC memory, which has a history all of its own. It is enough to confuse all but the most avid computer geek. The first ones weren’t all that impressive… 4 flip-flops inside one computer chip. Before they were of any real use it took thousands of them. Moreover, they required a lot of electricity to power them.

Over time, they put hundreds, then thousands of the flip-flops in one chip and they called it static RAM. They were static in that as long as they had power, the info in the memory remained in tact. They were Random Access because any one flip-flop could be accessed as quickly as any other. I am not going to go into how they did this. If you want to know, simply do a search on Static RAM memory and I am sure you will find far more than you want to know.

Now, if there is going to be a static RAM, there really ought to be a dynamic RAM as well and there is. Dynamic RAM has 3 advantages. It is smaller, uses less power and generates less heat. There are trade offs. It is slightly slower and it requires more complex circuits to support it.

One of the problems with the prior types of RAM is that, when you turn off the power, anything stored is gone. Hence they came up with ROM, Read only memory. It is set once and forever. This is neat but for one thing. It can never be altered. If you need to change what is in the memory, you have to change the memory, that is the chips themselves.

Then someone came up with PROM, EPROM and EEPROM. I told you it gets complicated. PROM is ROM that can be written, that is programed once. As with ROM, if you need to change it, you have to toss it and replace it. EPROM is the same as PROM but it can be erased by using ultraviolet light to erase it. Hence, it can be reused. Finally, EEPROM is Electronically Erasable PROM. That is to say, it can be erased by sending it a signal to erase it. Then it can be re-written as if it were a new PROM.

Now they have a new type that can be rewritten thousands, maybe millions of times. They put them in computers and use them to replace the Hard-drive. (incidentally, Hard-drives have a history all their own. Being as I want to finish this some time today, I’ll skip that for now.)

The modern computer has at least 3 types of memory. There is at least some form of ROM used to store what is BIOS. It contains enough to get the computer started and a little more. The instant the computer is turned on, the microprocessor fetches its first instruction from ROM and performs what is called a bootstrap, or boot for short.

The second form of memory is dynamic RAM. Generally, most of the memory is dynamic RAM. Many if not most computers don’t use ROM once the computer is fully booted. ROM is far slower than RAM. Finally, the computer starts using the static RAM which is faster than dynamic RAM. The two types of RAM are used in combination for high storage and speed.

Having said all this, it would seem there are those types of memory that fail. I am one of those who has become well aware of it. Alzheimer’s disease just kind of sneaks up on us and it can get so frustrating. I can feel it sneaking up on me and I have seen it in others around me. It is just too bad we can’t come up with an answer for that.

There was a paper I saw one time. It was a farce about WOM, write only memory. It was said that a professor cam up with the idea as he saw his students taking notes he knew they would never look at. However, the idea is not that new. Egyptians wrote inside pyramids and never intended for anyone to read it.

Here lately, I get this feeling that my memory is becoming a WOM. More and more I misplace things. I can search for words, maybe an hour… words I have used all my life. I am starting to get an idea of what it is like to lose my memory. I am beginning to get a feel for what it is like for others.

Supplying Our Needs

Some folks seem to think that Old Joe Biden just doesn’t know how to manage supplying things. They point to all the ships waiting to dock in Los Angeles and Long Beach harbors. I guess they do have something of a point.

However, he is really good at supplying the important things. I understand he just almost managed to get a terrorist into the US the other day. No telling how many he managed to bring in before. Then of course there are the drugs. He is bringing drugs into the country in record quantities. It is a shame they are causing record death instead of the help that President Trump managed.

Then there is the disease he has managed to bring into the US. While he pretends to care about reducing the China Virus, he has brought thousands of cases north, just so he fire people who don’t want the vaccine. (Maybe he could reduce the cases more by testing those entering by the border.)

By the way, he just almost brought two people in who had TB. They tested positive at the border. I wonder just how many people would just love an epidemic of TB right in the middle of everything else. Perhaps he would just love to see TB or some similar disease break out in some big major hospital.

I don’t think I like this occupier of the oval office, him or his cohort. What’s his name now? Oh, yes. Fauci. He seems to be the one who managed to help him win the election without speaking hardly a word to the public. Both of them ought to be in prison.

Speaking of prison, it would seem that he also brought a few of his friends north, the type who belong in prison. This of course he does while saying we commoners have no need of guns. The police will protect us, the police who he and his friends virtually destroyed.

B. M. S

The letters stand for Basic Military Strategy. Though I only attained the rank of S/Sgt, I did learn something about military subjects, namely strategies. However, the first thing on the subject I learned as a boy, I think about 7th grade when I watched the movie, “Bataan.”

In the movie, one of the American soldiers was killed and the bugler started playing taps. It did not take long for the one in charge to put a stop to that. The bugler complained, “I was just…” If my memory serves me correctly, that was about as far as he got. The one in command said, “You just let the Japs know they killed one of us.” (Sorry. They used language like that back then.)

It seems a small thing but it is important. I remembered that lesson, though I never had reason to use it. Still, if had the reason, I would have known better than alert the enemy to any successes or failures he had. Indeed, to throw them off, I might have had the bugler blow taps ten times. It is called intelligence and during any war, it is very important. It did make me wonder why we reported our wounded, killed and missing in action during Vietnam. We gave them a lot of free info. I assure you, they were not about to do the same for us. At most, any such reports should have been delayed and vague. Much better to keep them in the dark as much as possible.

Another thing I found odd, then and to this day, we do telegraph troop movements. Frequently, it is reported, “We are sending 10,000 into Afghanistan.” Better that they find out the hard way. We don’t need to tell them. If anything, let’s over or under report it. Also, no need telling them when they are going to arrive. Better we should surprise them.

On the other hand, maybe we should we over report the number. Better to set them back on their heels a little until they find out different. It might be a good thing to find out we lie. That way, it will keep them even more in the dark. On the other hand, moving them in quietly works well too. No need having the reporters waiting as we go ashore. Better to have a good beachhead established before they know we’re there.

Lately, Joe really messed up with Ukraine. Basically he said he was not going to send any troops in to help them. That was kind of dumb. Wouldn’t it have been better to keep him guessing? Maybe he should have said he’d not do anything. That would sort of send in the signal that Putin could just march in and take over.

Joe spent, what..? three hours in conference with Putin trying to say what he should have said in a few seconds. “You stay out of Ukraine now.” That is all he needed to say. Then simply let Putin’s imagination run wild.

He didn’t need to make any threats. He certainly should not have said what he would or would not do. Better to let him guess. Let him spin his wheels trying to find out what might or might not happen.

Instead, he spent three hours telling Putin, “Don’t worry. We won’t fire a shot.” That sort of tells Putin, “Just march right on in. It’s all yours.”

That is certainly one bad B. M. S. Joe. If you’re listening. Here’s a hint. You didn’t scare him. The fact of the matter is, the more you talk, the less you scare your opponent. The more you talk, the more you are telling him you would really rather not fight.

One more little word. Don’t count on help from any other nations. Remember how you treated them in the Afghan retreat. Germany, France and Brittan are far less likely to want to join the party.