Hasn’t Anyone Noticed?

Someone, anyone becomes a key person in the conservative world and, suddenly, all sorts of people, women come out of the woodwork claiming sexual abuse and rape.

It wasn’t until Trump became president that he was accused, what by three or four women. I guess there would have been more if they could have found a few more to lie for them.

It wasn’t until Bill Cosby started telling Black men to be responsible and stop abandoning their families that he was accused. I’m not trying to say that what he did was right. It just is the accusations certainly were not immediate, were they? Just maybe the accusers were financially encouraged?

The most ridiculous one was the Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh. I mean the woman did not remember when or where. However, the dems insisted that everyone believe the woman’s story from his youth. Really. How many could ever come up with an alibi for something 10 years ago, let alone the time in this case. It’s why some crimes have time limits (statute of limitations) on them. Sometimes things can’t be remembered. Sometimes, witness are no longer living.

Let’s, please not forget Justice Clarence Thomas. According to the dems, he was guilty before they could figure anything he might be guilty of. He had a big target painted on him the instant he might be selected. I remember. I was one of those who watched the proceedings back then.

Incidentally, does anyone remember the admitted lies told by Obama about healthcare? I do. I remind others every time I get a chance. The dems would like us to forget his intentional dishonesty. (That is to say he lied to deceive.) Not illegal as it was not under oath. He just lied to us, the American folks. You know; you and me.

It would seem that any Republican thinking of running for or accepting a position in government, any person thinking of making a public conservative statement, or anyone, just anyone who might oppose the dems, maybe they should make sure they are innocent from birth. Moreover, they better be ready to prove it.

On the other hand, those wanting to support the dems, maybe not so much. Consider Teddy and the drowning of Mary Jo? Consider ol’ Bill and sex in the oval office as well as those who accused him of rape. They have Ds after their names. I mean, let’s let them do what they want. Oh, and by the way, do you happen to remember that Bill was convicted of a real current crime, lying under oath. All of us know, when someone guilty of perjury cannot be trusted on in any other point. That’s sort of a legal thing. Yet the dems are ready to believe, forgive and forget his recent past. It is sort of a memory of convenience.

Three Strikes?

Maybe the comparison is a little over used, you know, “Three strikes and you’re out.”  Maybe it is because baseball has become so popular that we like to use it to say a lot without saying a lot.  On the other hand, it might just be that it is so, well apropos.  Whatever, whichever, or for what purpose, I’d like to barrow the little phrase another time.  More accurately, I might suggest it one more time.  As the reader, it is up to you to determine if it fits.  I only suggest three historic facts along with a few other considerations.

Before I state my 3 point case, let me make this short qualifying statement.  It would seem, for whatever reasons, the Catholic Church has become synonymous with Christian Church.  Hence, any time anyone says something contrary about the Catholic Church, it is assumed he is saying something bad about Christians in general.  Nothing can be farther from the truth.

First, my statements are historic.  You make your own decision(s).  I am neither going to try to persuade you one way or the other.  The Catholic Church needs to stand or fall on its own accomplishments, good or bad.  Regardless, all should have access to the info so he or she can make an informed decision.

First, the Catholic Church went after and killed thousands of Jews at or about the third or fourth century.  Their logic was that the Jews killed Jesus.  Hard as this is to believe, it’s fact.  Look it up as I did.

Incidentally, it is this reason that the Jews are so suspicious of all Christians, Catholic or not.  It has made explaining the plan of salvation to Jews far more difficult, this, ironically in spite of the fact that Christianity started with the Jews.  There is far more to be said on this subject but I am trying to stay with three points.

During the time historians call the dark ages, (please don’t ask me to give the dates) the Catholic Church taught that the common man was not to study the Bible.

The Bible was almost totally copied in Latin and only the Catholic clergy had the proper training to read and interpret the word.  I can speak volumes on this alone, but I am going to stay to the facts.

This is totally in opposition to the bible, itself.  (2nd Tim. 2:15)  Hence, I do believe that I can say, contrary to the teaching of the Catholic Church, the church did teach things absolute opposite to scripture.  I would really like to go into many more examples, but I promised to stick to history.

The third historic point is the teaching of purgatory.  It is one of the results of the previous point.  The Catholics used the above logic to convince the common people of a place called purgatory, a place for souls to remain until their descendants pay to have them moved on up into heaven.

Today, most of us consider the idea ridiculous, but it went on for, I guess, a couple of hundred years.  Incidentally, the Catholic Church did profit immensely and I don’t believe there is one Catholic clergyman that will stand and deny it.  It was during this time that the huge cathedrals were built while the common man went hungry to make sure grandpa or grandma could go to heaven.

It is a historic fact.  The Catholics dare not outright deny it, but I assure you, they don’t brag about it.  They outright lied to the congregation for purely self-serving purposes.

As an aside.  I would be completely amiss to ignore the fact that, for years, the Catholic Church was the only major church that spoke out against abortion.  It is likely one of the reasons they managed to get Rowe past on The Supreme Court.  Had a few of the major faiths spoke out as much against abortion, there just might not have been the mass slaughter of innocent babies.  I am sorry to say, I was slow getting on that wagon too.  The blood of some of those little ones belongs on my hands, too.  It is something I will not be able to explain when I face Jesus, face to face.

Also, I would like to say this to one and all that The Catholic Church is not the Church.  Perhaps, after you read this, you will agree with me that it is a church instead of the Christian Church.  Just maybe, they have made three mighty swings at the ball and didn’t even come close.  Do we really want to search out a religion that intentionally lies and deceives to their congregation?

More important, is this really the type of religion God wants for us?

Please give it a little thought.

Oh, pardon me.  I just have to say three more things.  It was a Roman cross where Jesus died under the supervision of Roman soldiers.  If Jesus had not died, none of us would have any hope of salvation.  Even the Catholics must admit that.  Finally, it was God’s plan that Jesus die.  It was all laid out before the foundation of the earth was laid.  Let’s try to keep a little of the truth in there, okay?  We all have our part in nailing Jesus to that cross.  Yet, He went willingly, because of His love and because of His mercy for us individually as well as collectively.  They really ought not to try to pin their own sins on the shoulder’s other men, as the Catholic Church attempted.

Frequently Asked Questions

On the subject of Frequently Asked Questions, I have this to say.  Are they truly frequently asked?  Out of all the times I have ever consulted frequently asked questions, I never found the one for which I needed an answer.  Worse yet, I could never find a category.  They always list 4, 5 or 6 categories, then “Other.”  Then when I look under other, I can’t find my question there either.  Not a thing comes close.

I guess that either makes me weird or their questions aren’t as inclusive as they would like to imply.  Moreover, it would seem that I am mostly on my own.  Frequently, I actually figure things out, though it takes some time.  On the other hand, I just tried to install a product that should have not taken over 3 hours to install.  I gave up after 16.  I don’t need any piece of software that I can’t install after 16 hours.  Moreover, it was also difficult to de-install.  Moreover, it was difficult to use.

Taught me a lesson or two.  Next time I am going to install something, I will make sure to mark the spot so I can return to whence I came.  Even that brings me angst.  I have not yet established much trust in the ability of the software that can restore that well.

Be that as I may, the whole thing prompted a thought.  Maybe the US government could establish a frequently asked question web site.  I’m not suggesting it would help much but it would be interesting just what questions they would post and what kind of answers they would concoct, for instance, “What is a woman?”

God’s law was clear, “Though shalt not murder.”  Simple.  Requires little in the way of explanation.  On the other hand, the government at every level has pages and pages on the subject.  Can you imagine querying murder on frequently asked questions?  Did you say you have a day or two to read the reply?

How about something on the subject of abortion.  No problem for the dems…any time, any place, by someone with an MD after his name.  No follow-up exam necessary.

Then, there is the matter of theft.  All you can get away with as long it has a value of less than a grand.  And, by the way, if someone stops you, you can sue their socks off, and get them too.

Contrary to the commandment, we are not to honor our parents.  The job of parenting has been turned over to the daycares, schools and colleges.  In short the government.  By the way, we’d better not forget it or the FBI will be after us.

Incidentally, if we ask who should be in control, it’s the dems.  We best not forget that either or we will be tossed in the hoosegow and we’ll not see the light of day for years, if ever.

I guess it would be a bad idea to look for that on the FAQ list.  They will look for you and prohibit you from publishing a book, being on TV or radio.  Your name will instantly be mud, perhaps literally.

Incidentally, lest I forget, bribes too are wrong, even the ones that are completely legal. The Bible does make that perfectly clear. You wouldn’t doubt what this had you read the entire Bible. It really is in there, plain and simple to see for all. It says something about the way bribes cloud judgement. I am sure that is indisputable, even if you do not believe what is written.

Wrong Strategy

I don’t know why the bunch trying to prove fraud used the strategy. It was all wrong. The world was busy covering it up before the election was over. The approach should have been an attempt to prove they did not obey the law. Now only could it easily be proved but some of the guilty outright admitted it.

Now we have a big, awful settlement, likely settled for convenience and appearance than for any wrongdoing. Many good lawyers suggested that FOX might have beat it. I don’t know. I’m not a lawyer. However, now FOX will be far more careful of what they say and about whom. It only gave the dems more encouragement.

On the other hand, if they had said they did not follow the law, the dems would not have sued and it would have been much worse for the dems.

As an aside, we might have done better in 2022 and Fauci might be in prison for the next thousand years.

Yesteryear and Now

In the 1950s and 1960s, if my memory serves me correctly, there were more guns per capita than now. Moreover, the so-called assault rifle, the AR15 more easily purchased then than now. Yet, it is only in the last couple of decades that the gun started being used as now. What do you suppose the reason is.

Well, let’s see. Back then people respected life. The respected law. And, of course, they spent much more time praying. They spent a lot more time in church. Abortion was not available on demand. Most children had both mothers and fathers. Divorce was not nearly as easy or as prevalent as now.

People can deny it all day long but I do believe the evidence is before us.

Oh yes. One more thing. Back then, you commit a crime, especially with a weapon, you generally went behind the big walls. It was something of a foregone conclusion. Now, you shot someone in NY, NY, you’re out on the street the next day, without having to pay a penny in bail. Sort of negates the teeth in the law, doesn’t it? It does advertise, crime without punishment.

Then again, it is that way because it is the way Joe and the dems like it.

Socialists Kill

There are several forms of socialism. Central and South America have had a number of socialists leaders. Cuba had and has had a socialists leaders. Germany had a socialist leader who called himself a nazi. (Nazi is a form of socialistism.)

The Soviet Union had socialists leaders. China has had socialist leaders. AND, AND, they all have and had two things in common. They killed and they kill without hesitation. Hitler is known for killing his 6 million. Stalin and Lenin each killed over twice that. I don’t know how many Mao killed, but I suspect he holds the record.

There are more, many more. If they are socialists, they kill or they stand aside as others kill. Obama abandoned Iraq and, without conscience, permitted over a million to be killed. We all know about Afghanistan and Biden’s horrid disaster. There are still those who were abandoned. As we all know, there are unknown numbers left by Biden to die.

The truth is that it all started with Darwin and his idea that we evolved rather than being created. Hence, we are all soulless. Other than intelligence and civilization, we are no better than a chimp. He also came up with the concept of “survival of the fitist.”

That, of course makes us all mere struggling animals, which removes any moral barrier to harm or killing, if you can get away with it. It is a concept dispersed world wide now. It has become especially popular after the Scopex trial, making it legal to teach Darwinism. Suddenly the US was no longer a nation of people, but intelligent animals who can communicate through speech and writing.

Then Marx decided he was an expert on humanity. It was something of a combination of Darwin and scopes. Suddenly, we were nothing but a bunch of animals to be managed by a highly intelligent government. If people died by the millions, it was simply a way to reduce the world population.

Hitler and Stalin saw it as a fantastic opportunity to set up a personal dictatorships. They both saw it as a chance to take over the world under the lie of establishing a utopia for the poor and the mistreated.

The fact was that it was nothing but a ruse. They had no desire set up a utopia. All they wanted was what all dictators want, absolute control,,, as with the Pharoahs, as with tsars, and as with Ceasars. They all wanted to be kings and make all us their servants.

Regardless of the terminology, they wanted to be dictators and they want us to be the servants. Moreover, they don’t care how many of us angry animals lose our lives in their undertaking, or, would it be more appropriate to use the term, overtaking.

Decisions, Decisions

There was a time when kings had to make earth-shaking decisions. Not so much now. It would seem that the big decision of the month for the King of England is, who will or will not be invited to his coronation? Of course, that is a tough decision. It just may be that the king would prefer earth-shaking decisions. Those family squabbles can get serious.

Nonetheless, I won’t be there, literally or figuratively. Even though I am retired, I have more important things to do. Let/s see. This afternoon, I did have to repair a screen door closer. Don’t want those bugs getting in the house.

My interest in kings ended when George Washington turned down his chance at the throne. I think it’s a good idea for the rest of us to keep our heads on straight. We don’t need controllers or kings heading our nation, like Joe.

Makes a Person Want to Shake His Head

A preacher (Bishop Woods) caught my attention a while ago.  He knew what he was talking about.  Then he mentioned roughly that he went into a Walgreens and picked up a package of masks.  On the reverse side, he saw the disclaimer “Will not prevent corona disease.”

Now that just makes a person want to shake his head.  It causes me no end of confusion.  Just what is the purpose of the masks?  Just why is it that we were required to wear masks that the manufacturer admits won’t work?  What is it that Fauci knows that we don’t?  Just why does he want us to wear masks that he knows don’t work?

I mean, if the manufacturer knows they don’t work, I’m sure Fauci is well aware of it.  Does he like the discomfort they cause?  Does he like it when we all walk into banks looking like bank robbers?  Does he enjoy the fact that he has made it impossible to eat, drink, or play the oboe.  Does he like all the commotion he created on airplanes from 2-year-olds?

Let us take this just a little farther.  What about the shots.  Properly, the shots should have been marked, “Will not prevent corona virus.”  You do realize it had nearly zero affect.  On the other hand, they did cause problems, especially with younger people.  Some had heart problems.  I suspect there were deaths from it.

Yet, even today, the boosters are still encouraged.

Guess what?  They don’t work.  It’s time to stop pretending they work.  It’s time we start using different means, something that might actually work.  You know.  Things like those meds that actually showed signs of working that the government and social media mocked so devastatingly.

Just shows to go, the government, especially one run by Joe doesn’t know best.  Oh! And by the way.  Those social media outfits have a lot of apologizing to do.  Some folks lost their jobs.  Some were forced from the military and lost their retirement.  Some folks went to jail for their the stupidity of a few who had not an inkling of knowledge on the subject.  Best to let real doctors, real researchers do the job.  We need to keep the politicians and social idiots out of it.

Oh! By the way, many unmasked diseased were welcomed into this country by the government with diseases far worse than the corona virus.

Just makes a person want to shake his head.

Foolish Me!

Foolish me. I always thought it was black mail to threaten to reveal something unless the victim pays the black mailer something of value. I guess not.

Foolish me, I thought black mailers were supposed to be imprisoned. I thought it was known legally as extortion. I guess not.

Two known extortionists (black mailers) have never been charged. They have never been arrested for it. They have never been indicted.

On the other hand, their victim was. I suspect that as long as the dems have their way, they are immune to the charges.

It sort-of discourages Republicans from running for office. Most don’t have the money with which to fight the extortionists and no-good prosecutors too, not to mention the time and reputations involved. Something tells me that it’s exactly the way the dems want it. Me thinks it’s the plan of the dirty, low-down controllers.

In a sense, the prosecutor said as much during his campaign. It’s not surprise he got it all upside-down.


If you don’t want you retirement going toward the environmentalists, socialists, or governmentals, you might want to determine something about the acronym, ESG. You just might want to write your congressman. You might think again before voting democrat in 2024.