Let’s Hear it for the Commodore 64!!

I had a Commodore Vic-20, mostly because I could not afford the Commodore-64. However, I assure you I was well aware of the abilities of the Commodore-64. I believe that, with some modifications, they would make good voting machines.

  1. The operating system was on ROM (Read Only Memory). You turn it off and turn it back on, it came up the same way every time, unless an application cartridge was installed. Mostly, the application was on ROM too. There was simply no way to alter it.
  2. They are inexpensive. In today’s world, they could be produced at about $200 per unit; You’d need to add maybe a C note for the application. The app, written specifically as a voting machine, would be on ROM and would not be alterable.
  3. They are small, about the size of a keyboard, including the keyboard.
  4. They use very little power, not near what the current voting machines do.
  5. They would be easy to set up. Plug them in, install the app cartridge, and turn them on. Okay. There would be a little more to it, but not much. You would need to install a printer and floppy disk.

I will admit to being a little ridiculous but the little machines have some things for us to learn. Before I go on, let me explain, Commodore actually did make serious computers which were used in thousands of businesses and no one ever hacked even one. It can’t be done without opening the case and replacing parts. Also, Radio Shack built the TRS-80, affectionately called trash 80. Thousands of them also found their way into offices. Again, they relied heavily on ROM, which is not alterable.

The thing we can learn from the above is this. All voting machines should run from a special operating system that would be on ROM, not disk. As long as you have the right ROM, your system is in tact. There are some cautions that should be made, such as recording each time the machine is restarted. Also, you would not want a modem within a mile of the thing.

For those who have not figured it out, this is a continuation of the previous post. The one big problem with all the current voting machines is that, when you open them up, they are PCs. also know as personal computers. They all use the same basic parts and they all use the same operating system, Windows XX. It is well known that Widows is easily hacked. Hence, it is easily altered. Then, if the hacker is good enough, he will cover his tracks as if he was never there.

If one and all are going to insist on using the PC based system, let’s not use the Widows OS and let’s put the OS on ROM instead of disk. That way, no one will be able to alter it. To be sure, let’s make sure the systems have no outside connections, period. No modems, no Wi-Fi and no Blue Tooth. Simply, there is no need for it.

To be sure, data does need to be transferred. That should be by CD-ROM and the serial number for the CD should be written down in two places. The CD should be enclosed in a box, sealed and the box should be locked in the presence of two deputy sheriffs. When it is open, it should be opened in the presence of two deputies and the serial number should be verified.

There is, of course, a simple alternative to the above… Paper ballots and hand counting.

And, by the way, a printer should be used to print a copy of all votes, which should be verified by the voter. Then the copy should be put in a sealed box and retained for recounts, spot checks and audits. To be sure, the copy should be on special paper and it should be serialized.

If we do nothing, then our right to vote will only be as the man said, to be determined by those who count them.

To be sure, let me add one more comment. Maybe there was no fraud, but you don’t know that. No one does. By doing the above, we could have much more confidence. By doing the above, we also keep the honest man honest, as they like to say. It removes the temptation to cheat.

Nothing to See

Immediately after the election, the FOCs started the mantra, “Nothing to see here, folks. Nothing to see. It was a fair election. The was absolutely no fraud.” Two things that they did not say was that it was legal and that it followed the law. No where did they say that all the chains of evidence were complete. Had they said that, we could have immediately proved the wrong and they knew it.

Now, they have changed their blurbs. They still say that there is nothing to see, but they have added, “By the way, do not check our offices. Do not check our safes. And for sure, don’t check the voting machines or ballots! By the way, we had nothing to do with all all the alterations. That had to be done by someone else! Not me.”

Do You Know Where your Federal Gas Taxes Go?

Neither do I. I tried to find out. From all I can figure, it was originally supposed to help build federal highways. Of course, all money is fungible and your guess is as mine. It seems to me, someone said it has gone to support Amtrak. I guess that means every time one of those folks riding the train on the east coast, I am helping to pay for it. I really don’t understand that. Why can’t they pay fare, all of it. From the 1850s the feds have helped the railroads with money and land. Then in return, they overcharged our farmers to get the product to market. Just why is it that they need my help?’

I have heard that some of it goes to airports. As I said, I may be wrong. But if we are why am I having to help pay for some rich guy flying first class on a 777. I mean, I do have bills too.

I understand some of it is going into something called light transit. Their object is to get us our of cars and into mass transit. By the way, I have also heard it is used to help maintain the subways of New York. From what I understand, most of them don’t even buy gas. I guess that means they are not helping to build the federal highways.

As far as the rapid system, if they would use it to build roads, we wouldn’t need the rapid transit system. The problem with so called rapid transit systems is that they have no privacy, are frequently not on time and, of course, don’t run past 9pm. So. If I get off work at 10, I walk.

They do have one advantage. I don’t have to drive. If I should want to do my knitting on the way to work, no problem, as long as I can trust those three guys sitting next to me that look like they are each packing. In addition, they have been eyeing me to decide on if they want to relieve me of the task of carrying my wallet.

Now they are coming up with electric cars. It has created a quandary for them there FOCs. If they don’t get any gas tax from them, how are they going to continue with the airports and trains and such. They will have to get the money from somewhere.

Some suggest that we pay by the mile. Might I suggest that we do away with the gas tax first (fat chance). I suppose those of us who drive the gas guzzlers will just have to pay the road tax twice.

I guess that does make sense. I pay for my drinking water and Flint, Michigan too. I am going to pay for my internet and that of four or five others too.

I think you get the picture. This infrastructure bill they are passing is just another way for those FOCs to get their hands on my money supposedly doing all kinds of good. You lift up that carpet and look under it, it really serves two purposes. It is a way for them to get rich and another way to control our lives. They want us to take public transportation while they take private planes. And by the way, their private planes guzzle our hydrocarbons.

By the way, why don’t they take that so called virus expert, Fauci and send him down to the Mexican border and put him in charge of testing, treating and vaccinating. If he succeeded down there, he just might do something good, but I don’t hold out much hope. It would probably be better to just put him in prison where he belongs.

The Truth of the Proof

The state assemblies keep trying to find the proof of the fraud in the last election.

The FOBs keep trying to hide the proof.

The fate of the nation hangs in the balance.

AND, by the way, the media is doing all they can to help the FOBs. Not even Fox News says a thing about it anymore. Whenever the subject does come up, they quickly change it. So the truth suffers.

Regardless, there has been disobedience of the law, even to the point of admission, which very few pay attention to.

Then, of course, Fauci knows he is safe from prison as long as the AG is a FOC. If and when he is ever replaced by a republican, he just might want to by a ticket for China.

New Republicans??

The dems like to import democrat voters. Maybe we need to start importing republican voters. All we need to do is send a team down to Central America, train a bunch of them about the benefits of voting republican. Then, bring them north for half the going price.

I think we could pick up a few republican voters and maybe make some money too. I think it would work. It does have one problem with it.

We don’t do things like that. The dems do– without hesitation. I guess that says something about dems and republicans.

By the way, it would have one more problem. It would take the dems vary little time to figure out how to keep our immigrants south of the border.

Something to Cheer About

With all the deaths and disease as the result of people crossing the border; with all the drugs being smuggled across the border and killing our youth; with the bottoming out of salaries as the result of illegal aliens willing to work for pennies on the dime, you’d think the dems would have nothing to cheer about with the border but they do.

First, so you will understand, none of the above means a thing to them. Look a Cuomo. He killed thousands and he has never issued anything that resembles an apology. Do you really think he feels badly. Do you really think Biden cares a whit about children being left alone in the desert or being used and abused. It is all acceptable collateral damage toward the goals of the dems- total control.

So when Biden sees those people flow over the border, he cheers, though he will not do it openly, He hides his glee within himself and just a few of his cohorts. You see the way he looks at it, every person that crosses the border is a potential vote for the FOCs and he knows it. To him, the rest matters not. It is the potential votes he cheers for. The people don’t matter. If he were convinced that they would vote republican, he would close the border tomorrow and he would be there in person to help to finish the wall.

As for those who are still en route, as for the little stranded children, he would turn them all south and tell them they are on the their own now.


In Matthew 17, Jesus told Peter to catch a fish and take a four drachma coin from its mouth. I was young the first time I heard the story. It seemed odd to me. Jesus did not need the fish. He could have made dozens of the coins with his spoken word. I suppose he could have also used many other methods as well. But, he told Peter to get the coin from the fishes mouth.

In the musical, “Fiddler on the Roof,” we could hear the whimsical song, “If I Were a Rich Man.” I totally enjoyed the song long before I saw the movie or play. To be sure I identified with it. Actually, I still do. I’m not greedy. I would be very happy with a million or two. I would not turn down five or six. It would not solve all my problems but it would solve most of them.

What does the one thing have to do with the other? Although God can make money, He rarely if ever does. On that day, when Jesus was asked about the taxes, if Jesus produced the money out of thin air, that would have been an act of counterfeiting. The money He would have made would have been produced outside the authority of the government and Jesus recognizes authority, even human authority.

I don’t know how that works completely, but had he made that coin, that would have been a sin, and Jesus does not sin. It does go beyond that. Let’s say God took pity on me, and maybe a few thousand others. He spoke the word and instantly, we would all have five million dollar bank accounts. That would not only be counterfeit in mass, but it could be very damaging to our economy.

That money represents work, skill and knowledge. When it is just given to me, it short circuits the system. It can and would likely negatively effect our economy. Suddenly, there would be millions more money in circulation and hence, each dollar would be worth less. Therefore, God would be improperly taking the representation of the work of thousands and giving it to me. I would benefit from the work of others wrongfully, as would the others.

So now, the government, in all its wisdom has decided it is okay to redistribute wealth. I get to benefit from the sweat of your brow and you get to benefit from the sweat of mine. Never mind the product of our work. Never mind my laziness. All those who have worked so hard to build those apartments. Never mind them. Let them go into debt while those who refuse to work live in the fruits of the work of their landlords.

God does not redistribute wealth because he knows it is not right. Why should the government know better.

Communism is a relatively new economic system. Capitalism is as old as trading. I will give you so many of these if you give me so many of that. I will help you build your home if you will provide food and clothing for me. If you provide me a boat, I will provide fish for you.

The coinage only made it all simpler. At first it had no government backing. However, over time, only the governments coined the money. At least that is the way it was supposed to work. Then they started taxing to pay for mutual defense and roads and such. Now it has gotten into a tangled mess, but it works the same.

The problem is that that there are a number of things that throw things out of kilter. There is, of course robbery. As mentioned a fore, counterfeiting. Then there is gambling and lotteries. In the blink of an eye, gambling can transfer the equivalent of large amounts of work from one to another. Such things throw the capitalists system out of kilter.

The man that loses all his wages cannot pay his rent. The gambling sites draw crowds of unsavory types. And then of course, those that own the “house” live on the fruits of the labor of others without adding one thing to society. Indeed, they become the “rich men” as sung of in the above song.

The work they do is a counterfeit work. But they are not alone. Those in government know how to counterfeit their contributions to society too. They tax some while they give to others… all the time skimming some off for themselves. It is the most important reason to keep government small. It is one of the most important reasons to limit the power of government. It is the biggest reason FOCs get involved in government.

It is one of the biggest reasons that governments fail.


The dems say they like compromise. I have an idea for a good one. Indeed, it would just almost be like compromising with themselves.

They are going over backwards to make sure everyone gets immunized. Let’s start with those who are coming from south of the border. The compromise is simple. Before anyone is released north of the border, they must be immunized. To be sure, that would drastically decrease those running around without being immunized.

There would be two hitches. First, they would need to wait until the shot takes effect, about 15 days. For those taking two shots, that would need to be doubled. It is not all bad tough. During the time they were being held in detention south of the border, they could be checked for other diseases too; such as TB, smallpox, measles. etc. Who knows, we just might catch a few with AIDS. This prompts the question. Do we really need someone else in this country spreading AIDS? It is one of those multiplying diseases you know. One gives it to five, five to twenty-five and so forth. You let one in with AIDS, it is sort of like letting in a few thousand.

In the end, the country would have a larger percentage of people immunized, which is just what the dems are demanding to save lives.

However, the FOCs would never permit it. Nothing is more important than getting those future democrat voters in states like Texas. When given the choice between voters and lives, getting more voters has priority. If we start immunizing, it would drastically slow down the flow and nothing but nothing can stand in the way of the flow, not even a reasonable compromise.

Besides, what would happen if they found out that some were criminals and/or terrorists. They would have to be sent back or maybe imprisoned. That would be bad news for the FOCs. After all, they are the Friends Of Criminals.

There would be one more thing the FOCs would have to admit to as well, the number of folks entering the country. Do you have any idea just how big the staff would have to be to implement the compromise at the current level of illegal immigration.



Maybe I should clarify my title. There are billions of cubic square light-years of universe out there. Perhaps on one of those distant planets, there is a form of communism, but not on this planet and not now. China is a dictatorship where some people own things and some don’t… not communism. The government that Castro set up in Cuba might have been communist in his mind, but it was not and is not communism. It is an island of haves and have-nots, not the utopia Marx preached of in his manifesto. Vietnam is drifting toward capitalism so fast that the leaders can hardly control it.

Actually, the closest thing to communism this world has ever known was in this country and long before Karl Marx. The first year the Pilgrims lived in the New World was under the idealistic thought that everyone could share and share alike. They almost died as a result of it. No one worked and everyone expected to live from the common supply of goods, which by the way were quickly depleted.

With the help of the Indians (Native Americans if you prefer) they manged to recover. The following year, they went to capitalism and reaped enormous proceeds, to the extent that they share with the Indians.

Every place communism has been tried, even before there was communism, it has either failed or was transformed into something else. Had the USSR not transformed into something else, the people would have died of starvation. They would have anyway had the US not come to their help. After the Bolshevik Revolution, the Ruskies were starving. The government owned the farms and they had no idea how to run them. The US felt sorry for the people so they sent in tons of wheat. The problem was that it also helped the Bolsheviks. Something similar happened in China, hence Mao went south to the Indochinese Peninsula for food as well as expansion. That is how we ended up with the mess we called the Vietnam War. Mao needed rice and Indochina had a lot of it.

Nonetheless, Mao’s Communism morphed too. The Utopia that Mao promised never arrived. The world he did provide for the Chinese is one that no one wanted but a few elite. The rest will run at the first chance but the elite won’t let them. They would not like it if they had to work the farms themselves.

And so it is, many have promised it, but none have delivered. The Utopia promised by Marx has never come about. Those with a brain in their heads know it never will. Yet, the promise and temptation draw many into its clutches. Those who rush into the dream only find out it is a nightmare, one that is inescapably.

To be sure, it is nothing more than more than a tool for tyrants… tyrants who kill by the millions and tell all what to do and think.

Going Slow

Came up with an idea the other that would save untold lives. We need to never exceed 20 mph in a motor vehicle. In general, we have over 35 thousand deaths attributed to auto-accidents each year in this country. Driving at the top limit of 20 mph might not save all these lives, but it would save the vast majority of them.

Also, we need houses with one foot walls of steel reinforced concrete. It would be expensive, but think of all those who die yearly, in their own houses. This would vastly decrease the lost of lives due to fire, falling trees, tornadoes and hurricanes. By the way, we would want to make sure those houses are ten or fifteen feet above the ground to avoid deaths by flood.

All highways and public buildings should be built to withstand 12 on the Richter Scale. This would virtual save all lives from earthquakes.

Okay. I’m being flippant. Certainly you have figured that out. Yet, almost daily, we hear the phrase, safety first. In truth we really don’t mean that. If we did, our lives would be radically different. Every day, we make compromises. Because we don’t want to spend an hour or two going to work each day, we go at speeds of 55 to 65 mph. To be sure, it is an unnecessary chance. However, those of us with families would like to see them now and then so we travel at the higher speed.

The house idea would save lives. However, it would like cost 4 or 5 times more. Again we compromise. Most of us don’t sustain house damage so we have learned to take the risk. If buildings had to be built to withstand all earthquakes, we would certainly be better off but hardly anyone would be able to live in them.

Every day, we make life/death decisions. Sometimes people do die.

I had heart surgery. They did four bypasses on me. They put an IV in my arm and the next thing I knew I woke up with a horrible pain in my chest. I made a life/death decision. The doctor that worked on me knew what he was doing and he had a very good reputation. He obviously did it right, because that was about twelve years ago.

It took some time after they came up with the vaccine that I had the opportunity to get it. But I did get it. That too was a life and death decision. None of the vaccines are fully approved. We, as people with brains, made decisions knowing this. If it were safety first, very few of us would have the vaccinations. That does not give the government or anyone the right to chose for us. It is a life/death decision which we mush make for ourselves, just as I did when I decided for the bypass surgery.

Well, actually, there is a difference. The surgery was totally accepted. It was not experimental and I was still given the choice.

To be sure, maybe it is time for government and media to stop telling us what to do or not do. They can give me the pros and cons, but I still had to sign that paper before they could put me under. Should it be any different for an experimental shot.