Why Dems Are Utter Failures

To be sure dems can run governments well. The problem arises when they need to deal with businesses or run a fighting force. They simply cannot comprehend profits. They do not realize the importance of destroying the opponent’s will to fight.

I think they lack the reality that businesses that don’t make a profit don’t survive. They honestly beleave that the purpose of a business is to supply jobs and distribute paychecks.

The concept that an army exists to kill and destroy the enemy before they kill or capture us is totally foreign them. They seem to think it’s purpose is to provide social engineering. When they make rules for the military, they pay little or no attention to how it will affect their ability to fight.

Moreover, the thought that any country might want to take us over seems oblivious to them.

This is all likely due to their never running a business or held a command under combat or even under training. Then again, they just might have slept through their history classes. Let’s face it;history is full of stuff like that.

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