Wouldn’t it Be Nice?

My wife, whom I lover very much, had a cataract removed. As you can imagine, we were both very apprehensive while looking forward to the procedure. Today, we found out that she now has 20-25 vision in the eye they worked on. Considering that her vision used to be in the 20-2000 range, I was ready to do cartwheels down the street. Well, almost. I never could do cartwheels. Now that I am 72, even less so. I reconsidered as I just might break something.

She still needs to go through the whole thing again for the other eye, please pray for us. Nonetheless, it sure was nice that she is able to see so well through the one eye. Even should things not go so well on the other, we are very thankful to God that it turned out this well on the one eye.

And then I got to thinking things over. Wouldn’t be nice if someone could perform an operation on Biden and his FOCs so that he and his bunch might see just how much damage he has done to this country.

Actually, I am not sure that would work. I suspect he already knows. I suspect it is exactly what they want.

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