Rev. 3:20

Most of us within the borders of the USA are familiar with the passage from the last book in the Bible. Moreover, we know John quoted the Lord Jesus Himself.

To jar a few memories, let me quote the first verse of the familiar translation, “Behold, I stand at the door and knock.” I will not quote the full passage here. My hope is that you all will read it from your own Bible and maybe a little more.

The reason I bring it up is that I heard a sermon on it recently. Now let me see. The first time I heard the passage I think was in the first grade. I have read and heard it many times since. Every time, I think I completely understand it. Yet, every time, it seems I understand it a little more.

Consider if a pastor were to invite himself to my house for diner. Many would be glad at the chance. They may have large impressive homes and they would love the chance to show off their “humble abode.”

Me. Not so much. My abode really is humble. It is small and not well kept. He and his wife would have difficulty finding a place to turn around. Moreover, our little 900 sq ft house has but two chairs in the small living room.

Needless-to-say, I would quickly suggest a nice restaurant instead. Naturally, I’d pick up the tab. It would be better for him; much better for me.

Then again, with good weather, maybe we could eat in the back yard. The hitch there is that he just might not care for my cooking.

Now. What does this have to do with Rev. 3:20. To me, it should be obvious. Yet, I just realized it. I feel the same way about the Lord Jesus as about the pastor.

I don’t want Jesus in my heart. Look at the mess He would see. I would be so, so embarrassed! Yet, He spoke those words and when Jesus speaks, his words are intentionally and with full understanding. He knows the mess in my heart. He even knew what it would be before He spoke those words known now throughout the world.

Oddly, when he did, he did not exclude me…or you. NOW THAT’S AMAZING! When he spoke He included me. Now just why would the most most powerful and most notable person ever to walk the earth want to dine with me? Why would he prefer the filth of my heart to the finest restaurant?

As unreasonable as that seems, it’s true. The Lord Jesus does not lie.

I guess I should get used to His seeing the worst part of me. Maybe better, I need to let him start cleaning things up. That would better, far better.

Now, as for inviting the preacher to dine. I wonder if he likes the Outback Restaurant. I ate there a few times. I suspect a pastor, as most, would prefer it to my little table.

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