Sometimes I Wonder About Ads Actors & Models

I was waiting in a doctor’s office many winters ago and looking in magazine. I came across a large photo ad of a woman. The ad had little in the way of words and the woman had little in the way of clothing.

I laughed and covered the few words and showed the photo to my wife. Then, I asked her what she thought the ad was about. She shrugged and I uncovered the few words. She laughed too when she realized the ad was about shoes.

Nowadays, I think back over the ad. I wonder how many shoes it sold, how much the ad costs, and how much the model was paid. Then again, I look at things in ways no one else does. My wife will attest to it. My biggest question was and is, did the woman even know what she was advertising?

Such is the case in many modern day ads with scantily dressed women striking well-planned posses. Sometimes they act as if they are trying to lose what little clothing they have. The question comes to my mind, does the woman really know that she’s advertising a little magic pill?

Sometimes I wonder, if you ask the woman what the ad is for, could she say? For that matter can the photographer?

It is amazing what these ad people can do. Coca-Cola put a bunch of people on the side of a mountain and convinced the world that they would like teach the world to sing. The ad became reqested causing a problem for the stations. If they just played the ad on request, they would provide free advertising. Wonder if anyone foresaw that.

Here’s the real kicker. Only a small handful of people were recorded the song. We never got to hear all those folks on the hill. I wonder if they knew it. I wonder if they even knew the words, though I imagine they did.

Such is the case from time to time. I imagine the director of a new commercial finds a good looking dancer to jump around and mouth the words as we never see the real singers.

Maybe we need a truth in advertising law. Any time the models aren’t the ones we hear, a disclaimer should be flashed on the screen. Also all models should be told ahead of time what they will be advertising. It’s only fair. If they are going to put words in their mouths, they really should know what the words are.

Moreover, if we are to believe the words, or the poses, at least those presenting them should know what they are advertising, even if they don’t believe them…that is even if they know them to be false…that is…even if they know them to be lies.

Or, in the case of the one selling shoes, no matter how little clothing she is wearing.

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