Confidence Games

Normally I don’t watch Bonanza. I wasn’t much of a fan even when they were first run. I must admit they did have some very picturesque scenes in a world where color TV was really coming into its own.

I did watch a rerun today about a big confidence ring trying to pull off a confidence game concerning a salted gold mine. I found it especially interesting when they broke for an advertisement that was clearly a scam, aka confidence scheme.

I had to let out a small laugh knowing that they wouldn’t fool many with their tricks. Then, I became more thoughtful as I realized just a few would be enough for the scammers to succeed. As for me, that’s too many.

Then, I considered it again. I guess most commercials are scams. Yet, for the advertisers, they call it success when they make a few dollars by deception.

We would all do well to remember most advertising has the purpose of getting our money, no matter how convincing it may be.

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