Million Dollar Lawsuits

Over my lifetime, I’ve seen a lawsuit or two. Most generally they go after the outfit with the money. Just look at all the money they got from the big tobacco corporations. They also got a dollar or two from those that made and used asbestos.

Just look up lawsuit on the internet and you’ll find them by the dozens. However, you will find two things common with almost all of them. Those individuals guilty of intentional wrong rarely pay. In general their bank accounts remain in tact and they hardly ever spend a day behind bars.

Also, those that benefit the most are the lawyers, ironically on both sides of the suit. Moreover, the big corporations generally keep lawyers on staff or at least on retainer. Few harmed by tobacco ever saw a dollar from the $billion lawsuit. It went to lawyers, states, cities, etc.

Where’s the justice in that? Where’s the national benefit from such laws?

Sort of makes me think lawyers write laws to benefit lawyers.

Just an afterthought, a rhetoric question–just how many of those tobacco executives ever got charged with a crime though they knew their products harmed and killed? Just which of them was convicted of encouraging the youth into what is likely a lifelong deadly habit with ads aiming right at kids?

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