A Gamble?

Every day men and women walk into casinos in hopes of leaving as millionaires. It very rarely happens and it doesn’t seem to dim their hopes. Some drop the better part of a paycheck and call it fun.

However, not all gambling is done in casinos. Those that purchase lottery tickets are not the only ones to take chances. Everyday, people gamble with their lives in an effort to improve things. Those in the military, law enforcement and firemen risk their lives so as to make us safer and more secure.

Then, there are those who face decisions day-to-day. We might not want to decide but sometimes we decide by not deciding. It happens to all of us, even those of us who despise gambling; even those of us who don’t like decisions.

Take for instance a case with my father. He hated insurance companies. They are the same as casinos. The odds are always in their favor. Their purpose is to make a profit.

Let me clarify that. All insurance companies have expenses, that is, besides paying claims. Thousands draw their paycheck from one of the thousands of insurance companies. I have no idea what their overhead is nor do I have any idea what percentage of the premiums are paid in claims, but one day, one time my father beat big insurance.

One day a sales rep. showed up on his doorstep with the desire to sell him an insurance policy. He made him an offer. It was 10 dollars for the the first month and it would go up to the regular rate after that. Then if he dies, they pay for the funeral.

I don’t recall all the numbers but essentially my father paid but ten dollars for a funeral that was over 2 grand. What a way to win?

Nonetheless, that rep. likely sold dozens of those policies. I would guess far more of those policies made money than lost. It’s a gamble. In the end, the insurance companies win. If they don’t, they go broke. It is their purpose to make a profit.

Sometimes, people buy insurance for varied reasons. Sometimes, it is a must. Car owners are required to carry it. I carry homeowner`s insurance. It would be foolish not to.

On TV, they keep trying to sell me life insurance, as with my father, for final expenses. If I paid for their insurance and put the same money in an account since I was sixty, I would have nothing from the insurance company and I am sure I would have more than enough for the final expenses in my account.

I have made the statement before, and I will likely repeat it many more times. Those folks doing all that advertising on TV have but one goal: to separate us from our money. Sometimes, what they offer in return is worth it. On the other hand, what they offer in return is frequently not worth what ask. And they know it.

I would suggest, remember where their interest is. Also, consider, insurance companies only remain viable when they take in more than they pay out. This is true in all forms of insurance, including health insurance.

We all gamble, even those of us who don’t like it.

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