A Thought

Most of us, even non-Christians know that the tribulation will soon follow the rapture. Some of the best known scholars have some disagreement on the timing but I do believe I’m in good company by saying that soon after Jesus removes His own, the worst 7 years on this planet will soon follow.

Personally, I suspect that it won’t be instantaneous, though it well may be. Admittedly, I’m speculating a tad.

The following question assumes that the tribulation soon follows the rapture. It is logical. Just what might happen if all of a sudden, there are no more Christians in the world? With no Godly people in the governments just what could be expected. With no Godly teachers in our schools, what would be taught? With no Godly businessmen or lawyers, what can be expected.

Don’t you suppose the criminals would run wild as criminals would be running law enforcement? What can be expected when the demon possessed are in charge? Can we really expect anything less than tribulation.

Then I look at what the dems are doing today and there is but one conclusion I can come to. It would seem we are already in pursuit of that time. The foundations are being set.

If you should be one of those left behind after the rapture, don’t be surprised if things turn very bad vary fast. It is foretold. You have been foretold. There will be no one to blame but yourselves.

Rules of the Road

My wife’s grandfather used to patrol the highways of Arkansas mainly looking for truckers who operated outside the rules of the road.

In general, he didn’t spend much time in Ft. Smith, he did occasionally write a citation there. One day, a few months before retiring, he stopped a woman for driving the wrong way on a one way street.

After very politely explaining the dangers of her actions, she pointed at a nearby by sign. It seems they changed the proper direction without notifying him. After a quick courteous apology, he tipped his hat and wished her a good day.

It all started many years ago. They made a road, painted a line down the middle of it, assigned a speed limit and expected us to follow the rules. The rules and the roads have become more complex but we are still expected to follow the rules. Certainly, we are expected to drive the right direction on a one way road.

Sometimes, in spite of all our best efforts, we make mistakes. If we are fortunate we and all others drive away safely, but not always. Sometimes, people are hurt. Sometimes vehicles and properties are damaged. Worst, sometimes people are killed.

It is why we are given warnings and tickets for running red lights. Sometimes, we get tickets. We don’t like it but we can’t imagine the alternative. Without enforced rules of the road, driving wouldn’t be safe for any person unless they are driving a tank.

It is easy to see for driving. However, it is even more so for for ordinances, laws and regulations. However, if they aren’t enforced, it is the same as highways without enforcement. There are many who would simply ignore them.

If we don’t incarnate those who steal, we encourage theft. If we don’t imprison those who hurt and kill, then we will have assaults and murders. The one thing just follows the other. It would be nice to be able to live in a world without prisons but such an effort will most certainly result in a would of fears and nightmares. It is why our founding fathers built prisons.

They figured it out a long time ago. Life is far better with the criminals behind big walls. It may or may not help the criminals but it certainly improves society.

Moreover, like the police car to the speeder, the enforced law decreases the tendency to steal or kill.

It does make a person with a brain wonder wny the FOCs, aka democrats, openly allow, even encourage the breaking of laws. Perhaps, maybe, just possibly, it is by design. If they destroy our society, they believe they can rebuild it the way they want it, which is not the way we want it.

The way we want it is the elected are the servants and we the electors rule. The way they want it is they are the royalty and we are the servants. If you listen to their speakers closely, they will actually say so.

If they have things their way, the rules, all the rules will benefit them. You notice, already, many of the rules that we live under, Congress doesn’t. They are special. They are the royalty.

Auto Safety

In the late 70s, I was driving home in the early morning. A policeman pulled me over. The city is known for strict speed law enforcement so I was driving a tad under the limit. So, as you can imagine, I was curious about the reason.

The officer told me my left headlight was out. Now, I was even more curious. I just repaced it 2 days prior. I tried to be as respectful as possible but asked if I could check for myself. He didn’t seem to mind so I checked. Apparently a rock took it out.

The old sealed beam lights went bad in a microsecond after the air gets to the filiment. Sure enough, 2 days after the light was installed, it was was useless. The officer politely issued a warning and the next day, I replaced it.

In this case, I was thankful the officer stopped me. The light needed replacing.

Even so, the manufacturers made me angry. The sealed beam light was the standard of the day. However, they were very susceptible to even very small objects. I wondered why they never put a plastic sheet over it for protection. A little 1 penny piece of clear plastic would have kept my car safe; not to mention that it would have saved me eleven dollars and the 10 minutes it took took to again make the car safe.

It would appear that safety is not so much in the forefront of the minds of auto engineers. I’m sure most all of us have some examples of poor engineering that cause safety problems on cars. I think it is intentional in some cases.

Consider running lights today on modern cars. To replace a headlight on a modern auto, it takes half a day at a local mechanic and over $100. I know. I’ve had mine replaced… 3 times. The last time, I drove the car for over 2 months with 1 headlight. I didn’t much like paying the $110, but time waa a big factor. I had to wait from 8 in the morning to 3:30 in the afternoon. It is sort-of why I waited so long.

The other running lights can be difficult to get at too. In my personal opinion, high maintenance equipment on cars should not be nearly impossible to repair, like brakes. It appears they go out of their way to make things difficult to repair. This, in a way, is a safety factor. I mean, do they really want us car owners putting off brake maintenance. Is this really what the auto makers want? Is it really what anyone wants?

One thing I do know. Light and brake maintenance is far more complex than it should be and probably not as much as the auto makers would like. Oddly, the government agencies overlooking such things don’t seem to mind it. They just don’t like it so much when I drive around with one headlight.

Jesus Died

It is an easy thing to take for granted. On the other hand many argue He did not not die on the cross. And yet He was fully in control of the situation. At any moment, he could have said, “Enough. I don’t want to go through it.” And it would have stopped immediately.

The Bible says that people mocked him, saying He, He Cannot save. He could and He didn’t. Some ask why. It was the plan. Before the earth was formed, it was the plan.

Jesus knew he was going to die. He knew he would go through great pain. Today we speak of it and yet hardly give Him or the event a thought.

Then, there was that moment in time when Jesus asked the Father why He had forsaken Him.

Again, we ask why did Jesus ask such a thing. We ask how such a thing can be.

Then, when we really consider it all, we again ask why?

I wish I could fully understand it. I wish I could even halfway understand how his death saveed me, but it did and it does. Moreover, it makes it possible for all of us. His death, the shedding of His blood, changed everything.

This much I do know. It was absolutely necessary for my salvation and for the salvation of everyone. There is absolutely no other way a person can enter heaven. Don’t you think Jesus would have known if there was some other way? AND if there was, don’t you think He would have avoided the pain of the cross. AND, if there was no other way for Jesus, then there is no other way for us. If you think there is you are wrong. Sooner or later, you will realize this.

It is why He died. It is also why He arose again. For us the belief in one event is as important as the other. If you choose not to believe in His death and resurrection, then death, real separation from God and heaven awaits you.

He has died for you, to give you the choice for life. To ignore the choice is to choose death.

Unlike Jesus’s death, your death will be permanent and forever. That means that it will also be without hope.