Jesus Died

It is an easy thing to take for granted. On the other hand many argue He did not not die on the cross. And yet He was fully in control of the situation. At any moment, he could have said, “Enough. I don’t want to go through it.” And it would have stopped immediately.

The Bible says that people mocked him, saying He, He Cannot save. He could and He didn’t. Some ask why. It was the plan. Before the earth was formed, it was the plan.

Jesus knew he was going to die. He knew he would go through great pain. Today we speak of it and yet hardly give Him or the event a thought.

Then, there was that moment in time when Jesus asked the Father why He had forsaken Him.

Again, we ask why did Jesus ask such a thing. We ask how such a thing can be.

Then, when we really consider it all, we again ask why?

I wish I could fully understand it. I wish I could even halfway understand how his death saveed me, but it did and it does. Moreover, it makes it possible for all of us. His death, the shedding of His blood, changed everything.

This much I do know. It was absolutely necessary for my salvation and for the salvation of everyone. There is absolutely no other way a person can enter heaven. Don’t you think Jesus would have known if there was some other way? AND if there was, don’t you think He would have avoided the pain of the cross. AND, if there was no other way for Jesus, then there is no other way for us. If you think there is you are wrong. Sooner or later, you will realize this.

It is why He died. It is also why He arose again. For us the belief in one event is as important as the other. If you choose not to believe in His death and resurrection, then death, real separation from God and heaven awaits you.

He has died for you, to give you the choice for life. To ignore the choice is to choose death.

Unlike Jesus’s death, your death will be permanent and forever. That means that it will also be without hope.

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