Something I’d Like

Are you always looking for your remote. Do you lose remotes for things you rarely use, like those battery powered candles. Sometimes the things just become unusable, as when the dog eats it or when you drop it in the water.

What if all these things can be controlled from one device? I like the idea. I have a couple remotes that advertise they control everything and I can’t get them to control anything.

I have an idea that, when fully implemented, will resolve all the above problems at very little cost.

Overall, the best long-term solution is Bluetooth built into the TV and apps downloaded into smart phones and computers. As long as you know where your phone is, you can control your

TV, cable…or whatever else the phone is paired with. Moreover, when you are in the kitchen when that annoying commercial comes on, you can just pull out your phone and silence the irritant.

Mostly, the same thing can be done with wifi but I suspect not as easily. Not all homes have wifi.

There are many advantages that are not readily apparent. For instance, upgrading would be possible and easy. New devices could be added and removed easily. Stealing such a TV would be of no benefit as the pairing could be password protected.

The only temporary solution I foresee until TVS are equipped, is to build a temporary box, an interface equipped with IR for the TV, or whatever, and Bluetooth for the phone. Eventually, the IR would no longer be needed.

I have no means to further this idea beyond those of you who read my posts. Maybe, if you agree, you can pass my idea onto others. Maybe, hopefully, 1 or 2 of you are in a position to get it going. Maybe you can just suggest it to your phone carriers. I don’t care if others get the money but it would be nice if I could get a little credit for the idea.

To be sure, there is an alternate approach. Smart phones can be equipped with IR and the aps could be downloaded for specific devices. This could be done more quickly but I think Bluetooth is better long-term. Perhaps a combination is plausible.

Finally, if you like the idea, make a comment. If I get enough responses, maybe I can get the right person to listen to me.

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