Informed Consent

Even though I had a 100 % blockage of one of my heart arteries, the doctor required what is called an informed consent. It means he has to tell me what he was going to do, the reasons and the risks.

Though my chest felt very badly after the 4 bypasses, he did me a great service. Considering it was over 15 years ago, I’d likely be pushing up daisies today if I did not have the procedure.

It was not the only time I had such conversations with doctors. Indeed, before a person can have a tooth filled, the dentist needs a signed consent form, technically, an informed consent form.

In addition, the doctor is responsible for maintaining a safe environment for any procedure he will undertake. Finally, all responsible doctors provide proper follow-up to make sure there are no complications.

On the other hand, none of these things were required for the abortionists. 12 and 13 year-olds were rushed to hospitals by parents not having a clue what was wrong. Then, the parents end up paying out a small fortune for complications from the abortion done a week ago.

Many of the states have recently changed this. Some have not. For those who have young daughters, I’d strongly suggest you move to a state where this sort of thing won’t happen. It would be best to avoid states that allow abortions. At least move to a state that require true informed consents and parental consent for minors. Maybe we can hope and pray for the rest of the states.

Really, you might ask yourself. Can a 12 year-old truly provide an informed consent. It is the least that should be required before an abortionist stops a beating heart. It is the least that should be required in light of true dangerous complications that are possible.

Finally, is it too much to require proper clinical environments and follow up.

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