Last Two

Late each night when I went home from work, I passed a real estate office. The owner(s) liked to post little quips, which I must admit I enjoyed reading.

One of them said, “Why didn’t Noah swat those last two when he had the chance.”

I suppose one may fill in the missing frustration. Perhaps, it might be the fly. That would be the pest most picnickers would suggest; or would it be the ants. I think the mosquito would have my vote. While in Nam, they used to bite my feet while I tried to sleep. Hence, I woke with itchy feet. As small as their little brains were, they seemed to realize that I really had to reach for my feet. By the time I did, they were alerted and gone.

In the end, I put my mosquito net up and it was the end to it while sleeping. While out and about, they still dive-bombed me regularly, as well as most of us.

Naturally, those of us with homes built of wood live in fear of termites. It is amazing how those little pests can do so much damage in so little time.

Maybe you have your own choice. Regardless, many of these insects do more than bug us. While in Nam, they made us take a quinine based drugs to prevent us from contracting a very deadly disease. Much of Africa was under attack by the sleeping sickness spread by the Tsetse fly. Memphis was almost turned into a big ghost town by yellow fever, spread by mosquitos. Then, of course. We can’t overlook Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease spread by ticks.

It does make one want go back a few years before Noah, like before Adam ate the fruit. Before the fall, I’m sure Adam never felt the bite of an insect.

Hence, you just might want to remember, sometimes, seemingly small things can have devastating, long lasting results.

Afterthought: those who take salvation so lightly just might want to look at it more seriously. Forever never ends and insects will be the least concern of any of those who reject the the gift of eternal life.

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